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We promote best practice through accredited online training.
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Accredited child protection training
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We offer our teachers a free, independent verification service for their qualifications. We are committed to building a community of trust and respect for our professional members.
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Get ready for your exams with our sophisticated training software. Practise your aural tests with our unique pitch recognition and score tracking engine.
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Our groundbreaking Art of Teaching project, supported by the Musicians' Union, is a YouTube channel dedicated to the brightest and best in today's teaching.
Art of Teaching Project
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_blank is a free service which aims to support musicians in every aspect of education and performance. We are the leading online service of its kind for UK music teachers, and we help thousands of people every week find a music teacher and music lessons which are right for them.

Music teachers and pupils alike will find our music education resources extremely helpful - these include free music games online, A-Level music revision, printable manuscript paper, and loads more.

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