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Private Accompanists

Name Location Musicians Union Member Child Protection Training Qualifications Verified Memberships Training
Premium Members
Mrs Jean Pocock Yorkshire (North)
Miss Anna C Smith Durham
Piano, Violin, Singing
Standard Members
Dr Elaine Horner Darlington, Durham
Piano, flute, theory, composition
Classical, Anything apart from improvised jazz
Mr Mark Millman Melsonby, Richmond
DL10 5PQ
Euphonium, Brass, Clarinet, Saxophone (All kinds), Piano
Miss Jessica Peacock Durham
DL13 5HU
Vocals , Music Performance
Musical Theatre , Jazz, Soul , Pop, Blues, Folk, Progressive Rock
Dr Antonina Lax Durham
DL17 0EX
Piano, Music Theory
Baroque, Classical, Romantic Period
Mr Stuart Davidson Durham
Rock, Pop, Blues, Reggae, Jazz, Funk, Psychedelic Guitar Effects, Folk, Country, Bluegrass
Mrs Elizabeth Edwards Yorkshire (North)
Piano, Electronic Keyboard ( esp. Yamaha, with a special interest in top of range models)), Singing, Music Theory - all grades and Grade 5 courses, Aural Tests
Mainly classical, but many other styles taught.
Mr Martin Offord Yorkshire (North)
Piano., Keyboard., Music GCSE.
Mr colin exley Durham
pianoforte, brass
examination standard requirements
Mr Eduardo Niebla Sutton Howgrave, North Yorkshire Musicians Union Member
Spanish Guitar
Spanish stile , bossa, jazz.etc.
Mr Andrew Middleton Durham
DL15 0DS
Grade 8 Flute, Grade 8 Piano, Grade 8 Music Theory
All styles ranging from Classical to Modern, Jazz and Contemporary music., , Composition: Traditional harmony (Bach chorales) Neo-Romanticism, 20th century compositional techniques: serialism, minimalism, post-minimalism, etc
Mrs Christina Ryan Durham
Violin, Piano, Music Theory, Exam Preparation (aurals, accompaniment, sight reading, general advice), Classical Music Appreciation (Groups welcome)
Mr Andrew Pitt Staindrop
Mr Ian Jackson Durham
DL15 0BW
Electric Guitar , Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar
Rock, Blues, Celtic/Folk
Mr Adrian Bramley North Yorkshire, Yorkshire (North)
DL10 5DU
Guitar - Classical, Acoustic, Electric, Piano - Classical, Pop, Jazz, Theory Grades , ABRSM, Rock School, GCSE, A Level Music/Music Technology, Aural training, Sight reading
Guitar - Classical, Acoustic, Electric, Piano - Classical, Pop, Jazz
Ms Eleanor Gill BMus(Hons) LRSM North Yorkshire, Yorkshire (North)
Classical piano
Ms Lada Khazanovych Durham
Mr Dan Kilford Durham
blues, rock, funk, country and pop
Mr Alexander Chisholm-Loxley Bishop Auckland, Durham
DL13 3PT
Piano, Theory
Mr Dean Rose Durham
DL14 6BP
Prog Rock, Classic Rock, Pop, Psychedelic
Mr Thomas Tattersall Ferryhill, Durham
DL17 9BN
Blues, Rock, Country , Bluegrass, Electronica, Hip hop, Jazz, Classical
Mr Peter Smith Bishop Auckland, County Durham
DL13 2DB
Guitar, Bass guitar. electric and acoustic
Tuition of all styles of playing on electric and acoustic guitar and bass guitar. also setup and repairs of guitars and basses at very low rates, tuition rates are £10-£17 per hour (depending on distance when call out required to location of student) For tuition and instrument set-ups/repairs e-mail [email protected] or call 0n 01388 517775 or 07522119894
Mr Ian Jackson Durham
DL15 0BW
Electric guitar (plec style), Acoustic guitar (plec or finger), Bass Guitar
Rock, Blues, Celtic/Folk
Mr Christopher Denton RICHMOND, Yorkshire (North)
DL11 7TT
Piano, Church Organ, Home Organ
Mr Adam Rollo Durham
Drums , Latin Percussion
Rock, Pop, Blues, Punk, Funk, Jazz, etc.
Miss Amy Baker Butterknowle, BP Auckland
DL13 5JT
Piano,, Theory,, Accompaniment,, Flute,, Music composition.
Lessons to suit all styles and abilities. Work towards exams or lean for fun.
Miss Amy Jessett Durham
Previously played the flute, looking to learn the piano