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Aberscross, KW10 Abune-the-Hill, KW17 Achargary, KW11 Achavanich, KW5 Achentoul, KW11 Achiemore, KW13 Achies, KW12 Achina, KW14 Achingills, KW12 Achnabourin, KW14 Achnaclyth, KW6 Achorn, KW6 Achreamie, KW14 Achrimsdale, KW9 Achtoty, KW14 Achvarasdal, KW14 Ackergill, KW1 Aikerness, KW17 Aikers, KW17 Aimster, KW14 Aith, KW16 Aith, KW17 Altanduin, KW11 Alterwall, KW1 Armadale, KW14 Auckengill, KW1 Aultiphurst, KW14 Backaland, KW17 Backaskaill, KW17 Backies, KW10 Backlass, KW1 Badanloch Lodge, KW11 Badbea, KW7 Badlipster, KW1 Badnagie, KW6 Balfour, KW17 Baligill, KW14 Barrock, KW14 Beaquoy, KW17 Berriedale, KW7 Berstane, KW15 Bettyhill, KW14 Bighouse, KW14 Bilbster, KW1 Bimbister, KW17 Birsay, KW17 Blackness, KW3 Borgie, KW14 Borgue, KW7 Bow, KW16 Bowermadden, KW1 Bowertower, KW1 Bowside Lodge, KW14 Braal Castle, KW12 Brabster, KW1 Braehead, KW17 Braemore, KW6 Braeswick, KW17 Brawl, KW14 Brawlbin, KW12 Bridge of Forss, KW14 Brinian, KW17 Brora, KW9 Broubster, KW14 Brough, KW14 Brough, KW17 Broughton, KW17 Broughtown, KW17 Bruan, KW2 Buckies, KW14 Buldoo, KW14 Burness, KW17 Burnfoot, KW11 Burwick, KW17 Calder Mains, KW12 Calfsound, KW17 Canisbay, KW1 Carrol, KW9 Carsgoe, KW12 Castletown, KW14 Clardon, KW14 Clayock, KW12 Cleat, KW17 Clestrain, KW17 Clouston, KW16 Clynelish, KW9 Corbiegoe, KW1 Cornquoy, KW17 Corsback, KW12 Costa, KW17 Craggie, KW8 Craigtown, KW13 Crofts of Benachielt, KW5 Croick, KW13 Crosskirk, KW14 Culgower, KW8 Culmaily, KW10 Dalchalm, KW9 Dalganachan, KW12 Dalhalvaig, KW13 Deerness, KW17 Dishes, KW17 Doll, KW9 Dorrery, KW12 Dounby, KW17 Dounreay, KW14 Duible, KW8 Dunbeath, KW6 Dunnet, KW14 Durran, KW14 East Brora, KW9 East Clyth, KW3 East Helmsdale, KW8 East Mey, KW14 Eastside, KW17 Edmonstone, KW17 Everbay, KW17 Everley, KW1 Evie, KW17 Farr, KW14 Finstown, KW17 Forse, KW5 Forsie, KW14 Forsinain, KW13 Forsinard, KW13 Foubister, KW17 Fresgoe, KW14 Freswick, KW1 Gartymore, KW8 Gearnsary, KW11 Gerston, KW12 Gillivoan, KW5 Gillock, KW1 Gills, KW1 Glengolly, KW14 Gobernuisgeach, KW12 Golspie, KW10 Golval, KW13 Gordonbush, KW9 Gorseness, KW17 Greenhill, KW9 Greenigo, KW15 Greenland, KW14 Grimness, KW17 Gritley, KW17 Grobister, KW17 Guith, KW17 Gyre, KW17 Hackland, KW17 Hackness, KW16 Haimer, KW14 Halcro, KW1 Halkirk, KW12 Ham, KW14 Harpsdale, KW12 Harrow, KW14 Haster, KW1 Hastigrow, KW1 Hayfield, KW14 Heddle, KW17 Helmsdale, KW8 Hempriggs House, KW1 Herston, KW17 Hilliclay, KW14 Hobbister, KW17 Holland, KW17 Hollandstoun, KW17 Houstry, KW6 Houstry of Dunn, KW1 Houton, KW17 Howe, KW1 Hoxa, KW17 Huna, KW1 Hunspow, KW14 Hurliness, KW16 Inkstack, KW14 Inver, KW6 Invernaver, KW14 Ireland, KW16 Isauld, KW14 Isbister, KW17 Janetstown, KW14 John o'Groats, KW1 Keiss, KW1 Kettletoft, KW17 Kilbraur, KW9 Kildonan Lodge, KW8 Killimster, KW1 Killin, KW9 Kilmote, KW8 Kilphedir, KW8 Kinbrace, KW11 Kintradwell, KW9 Kirbister, KW16 Kirbister, KW17 Kirbuster, KW17 Kirk, KW1 Kirkton, KW10 Kirkton, KW13 Kirkwall, KW15 Kirtomy, KW14 Knockally, KW6 Knockdee, KW12 Langskaill, KW17 Latheron, KW5 Latheronwheel, KW5 Leckfurin, KW14 Lednagullin, KW14 Liddel, KW17 Lieurary, KW14 Linklater, KW17 Linksness, KW16 Littleferry, KW10 Loch Coire Lodge, KW11 Lochend, KW14 Lochside, KW11 Lochside, KW14 Longhope, KW16 Loth, KW17 Lothbeg, KW8 Lothmore, KW8 Lybster, KW14 Lybster, KW3 Lynegar, KW1 Lyness, KW16 Lyth, KW1 Lythes, KW17 Lythmore, KW14 Mains of Watten, KW1 Marrel, KW8 Marwick, KW17 Melsetter, KW16 Melvich, KW14 Mey, KW14 Mid Clyth, KW3 Midbea, KW17 Millbounds, KW17 Milton, KW1 Mirbister, KW17 Mireland, KW1 Modsarie, KW14 Murkle, KW14 Murra, KW16 Mybster, KW1 Navidale, KW8 Ness of Tenston, KW16 Netherbrough, KW17 Nethertown, KW1 Newark, KW17 Newlands of Geise, KW14 Newport, KW7 Newton, KW1 North Dawn, KW17 North Watten, KW1 Northdyke, KW16 Northfield, KW1 Northtown, KW17 Nottingham, KW5 Nybster, KW1 Occumster, KW3 Oil Terminal, KW16 Oldhall, KW1 Olgrinmore, KW12 Ormwe, KW14 Orphir, KW17 Ousdale, KW7 Outertown, KW16 Overbister, KW17 Pan, KW16 Pierowall, KW17 Portgower, KW8 Portskerra, KW14 Puldagon, KW1 Quindry, KW17 Quoyloo, KW16 Quoys of Reiss, KW1 Rackwick, KW16 Rackwick, KW17 Ramscraigs, KW6 Rapness, KW17 Rattar, KW14 Reaster, KW1 Reay, KW14 Redland, KW17 Reisgill, KW3 Reiss, KW1 Rhifail, KW11 Rinnigill, KW16 Roadside, KW12 Roadside, KW17 Roster, KW3 Rothiesholm, KW17 Sandgarth, KW17 Sandquoy, KW17 Sarclet, KW1 Scapa, KW15 Scar, KW17 Scarfskerry, KW14 Scrabster, KW14 Settiscarth, KW17 Shalmstry, KW14 Shebster, KW14 Sheppardstown, KW3 Shurrery, KW14 Sibster, KW1 Skail, KW11 Skaill, KW16 Skaill, KW17 Skeabrae, KW17 Skelwick, KW17 Skerray, KW14 Skinnet, KW12 Skirza, KW1 Slickly, KW1 Smerral, KW5 Sordale, KW12 Sortat, KW1 Sourin, KW17 Southtown, KW17 Spittal, KW1 St Margaret's Hope, KW17 St Mary's, KW17 Stain, KW1 Staxigoe, KW1 Stemster, KW12 Stemster, KW5 Stirkoke House, KW1 Stove, KW17 Strath, KW1 Strathy, KW14 Stromness, KW16 Swiney, KW3 Swordly, KW14 Syre, KW11 Tacher, KW5 Tain, KW14 Tankerness, KW17 Tannach, KW1 Thrumster, KW1 Thurdistoft, KW14 Thurso, KW14 Thuster, KW1 Tingwall, KW17 Tister, KW12 Toab, KW17 Toftcarl, KW1 Tofts, KW1 Toremore, KW6 Tormsdale, KW12 Torrisdale, KW14 Torrish, KW8 Totegan, KW14 Tradespark, KW15 Trantlebeg, KW13 Trantlemore, KW13 Twatt, KW17 Ulbster, KW2 Upper Bighouse, KW13 Upper Camster, KW3 Upper Gills, KW1 Upper Lybster, KW3 Upper Sanday, KW17 Uppertown, KW1 Viewfield, KW14 Voy, KW16 Wasbister, KW17 Watten, KW1 West Clyne, KW9 West Helmsdale, KW8 Westerdale, KW12 Westfield, KW14 Westness, KW17 Weydale, KW14 Whaligoe, KW2 Whitebridge, KW14 Whitefield, KW1 Whitehall, KW17 Whiteleen, KW2 Whiterow, KW1 Wick, KW1 Widewall, KW17 Winless, KW1 Work, KW15 Yesnaby, KW16


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Name Location Musicians Union Member Child Protection Training Qualifications Verified Memberships Training
Mr Addie Harper Highland
Violin / Fiddle, Piano Accordion / Button Accordion, Guitar / Banjo, Keyboard, Music Theory
Basics and various styles of music
Ms Katrina Gordon Highland Musicians Union Member
KW14 8AE
Woodwind, Brass, Piano, Violin, Theory
Orchestral, Classical, Swing, Big Band
Miss Virginia Crow Highland
Piano, Singing, 'Cello, Beginner Violin
Singing - all genres, Piano - all genres, 'Cello - Classical, Violin - beginners only
Miss Virginia Crow Highland
Voice / Singing, Piano, 'Cello, Violin, Music Theory
All covered and encouraged:, Classical, Jazz, Religious, Folk, Contemporary