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Name Location Musicians Union Member Child Protection Training Qualifications Verified Memberships Training
Mrs Josephine Jones Orkney Isles
KW17 2JZ
Piano, Aural, Theory, Voice
Classically trained with over 45 years' experience in playing, accompanying and teaching all ages 3 to 80+! Regular accompanist for exams (all standards & boards).
Miss Virginia Crow Highland
Piano, Singing, 'Cello, Beginner Violin
Singing - all genres, Piano - all genres, 'Cello - Classical, Violin - beginners only
Miss Virginia Crow Highland
Voice / Singing, Piano, 'Cello, Violin, Music Theory
All covered and encouraged:, Classical, Jazz, Religious, Folk, Contemporary
Ms Kate Fletcher Orkney Isles Musicians Union Member
KW16 3LR
Voice, Recorder, Oboe & medieval double reeds, Guitar, Kantele, Harp
Folk, Pop, Early
Mr George Sutherland Central
Guitar, Classical Guitar, Mandolin, Bass Guitar, Vocals
Rock, Classical, Jazz, Folk, Funk, Blues