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Private Accompanists

Name Location Musicians Union Member Child Protection Training Qualifications Verified Memberships Training
Premium Members
Mrs Carol Maynard Lincolnshire
Flute, Piano, Theory
Mr Karl Lenton BMus(Hons) DPS(Mus Perf) LRSM(Mus Perf) Lincoln, Lincolnshire
Piano, Cello, Keyboard, Music Theory, Composition, Aural
Classical, Pop, Jazz
Ms Jenny Terras Prof.Cert.RAM (Hons); LRAM; Member EPTA Scamblesby, Louth
LN11 9XG
Piano, Theory
Classically trained at The Royal Academy of Music in London. , I am willing to work with students on various genres of music., Visit
Mr John Finley Lincolnshire
LN12 1HT
Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Country, Pop, Rock, Blues
Standard Members
Mr Steven Billinger BMus (Hons) DipABRSM Lincolnshire
Classical (Other genres accepted.) Music Theory., Diploma level welcome., Professional musician/teacher/accompanist. 25 years experience. Proven exam record.
Mr Andy Terry Lincoln, Lincolnshire Child Protection Training
Trumpet, Piano, Acoustic/Electric Guitar, Drums
Classical, Pop, Rock
Mr Martin Collins Lincolnshire
Rock , funk , blues , pop
Mrs Rebecca Smith Lincolnshire
Piano, Keyboard, Music Theory
All styles, Exam entry or playing for enjoyment , Music theory groups
Mr John Michael Illingworth Lincolnshire Musicians Union Member
Acoustic Guitar, Electric guitar, Electric bass guitar
Blues, Jazz , Gypsy Swing, Rock, Folk, Fingerstyle (ragtime)
Dr Marc Naylor Lincolnshire
Clarinet, Saxophone, Oboe, Bassoon, Organ
Classical, Jazz
Mrs KAREN BEER Market Rasen
Piano, Singing, Oboe, Recorder, Theory, Conducting, Accompanying
Classical, Musical Theatre
Miss Fenella Paris Lincolnshire
Classical, Early Jazz
Mr Daniel Fuller Leadenham, Lincoln
Mr Sami Latif block B, the gateway, ruston way
Ms Justyna Posluszna Lincolnshire
organ, piano, hapsichord
Mrs Lesley Cullen Lincoln, Lincolnshire
Piano, Singing
All genres covered.
Ms Deborah Pollard Lincolnshire
Piano, Keyboard
Classical, Jazz, Pop
Ms Emma Howick BMus(Hons), ALCM Lincolnshire
Piano, Recorders
Classically trained pianist, Covers all styles and periods from Baroque to contemporary , Development of aural skills, sight reading and music theory
Mrs Diane Durbin Lincoln, Lincolnshire
Piano , Theory of Music
All styles taught.
Mr Benjamin Willetts BA Music Hons ARCM Dip Mus. Lincolnshire
Guitar (Classical, Steel, Electric), Voice, Bass Guitar
Classical, Jazz, Rock, Blues
Mr Jude Waites Lincolnshire
Drums, Piano, Guitar
Miss Grace Trinnaman MMus LRAM Greater London
Voice - Singing, Voice - Speech, Acting, Music Theory, Piano
Classical/Opera/Early Music, Music Theatre, Pop/Rock, Jazz, Music Theory, Acting
Dr Marc Naylor Lincolnshire
Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Saxophone, Bassoon, Piano, Organ
Classical, Light Music, Jazz
Mr Can (John) Akdogan Lincolnshire
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
All contemporary styles.
Mr Mateusz Wywrocki Lincoln, Lincolnshire
Classical, Jazz, Blues, Funky.