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Acle, NR13 Alby Hill, NR11 Aldborough, NR11 Aldeby, NR34 Alderford, NR9 Alpington, NR14 Antingham, NR28 Arminghall, NR14 Ashby St Mary, NR14 Ashmanhaugh, NR12 Ashwellthorpe, NR16 Aslacton, NR15 Attleborough, NR17 Attlebridge, NR9 Aylmerton, NR11 Aylsham, NR11 Baconsthorpe, NR25 Bacton, NR12 Bale, NR21 Banham, NR16 Banningham, NR11 Barford, NR9 Barnby, NR34 Barney, NR21 Barnham Broom, NR9 Barsham, NR34 Barton Common, NR12 Barton Turf, NR12 Bastwick, NR29 Bawburgh, NR9 Bawdeswell, NR20 Beccles, NR34 Beeston Regis, NR26 Beeston St Lawrence, NR12 Beetley, NR20 Beighton, NR13 Belaugh, NR12 Belton, NR31 Benacre, NR34 Bengate, NR28 Bergh Apton, NR15 Bessingham, NR11 Besthorpe, NR17 Billingford, NR20 Billockby, NR29 Binham, NR21 Bintree, NR20 Bittering, NR19 Blakeney, NR25 Blickling, NR11 Blofield, NR13 Blundeston, NR32 Bodham Street, NR25 Booton, NR10 Bowthorpe, NR5 Bracon Ash, NR14 Bradfield, NR28 Bradwell, NR31 Bramerton, NR14 Brampton, NR10 Brampton, NR34 Brandiston, NR10 Brandon Parva, NR9 Breckles, NR17 Bridgham, NR16 Briningham, NR24 Brinton, NR24 Brisley, NR20 Briston, NR24 Brooke, NR15 Broome, NR35 Brundall, NR13 Buckenham, NR13 Bungay, NR35 Bunwell, NR16 Bunwell Street, NR16 Burgh Castle, NR31 Burgh next Aylsham, NR11 Burgh St Margaret, NR29 Burgh St Peter, NR34 Buxton, NR10 Buxton Heath, NR10 Caister-on-Sea, NR30 Caistor St Edmund, NR14 Cake Street, NR17 California, NR29 Calthorpe, NR11 Camps Heath, NR32 Cantley, NR13 Carleton Forehoe, NR9 Carleton Rode, NR16 Carlton Colville, NR33 Caston, NR17 Catfield, NR29 Catton, NR6 Cawston, NR10 Chedgrave, NR14 Claxton, NR14 Clay Common, NR34 Cley next the Sea, NR25 Clint Green, NR19 Clippesby, NR29 Cockthorpe, NR23 Colby, NR11 Colkirk, NR21 Colney, NR4 Coltishall, NR12 Colton, NR9 Corpusty, NR11 Corton, NR32 Costessey, NR8 Coston, NR9 Covehithe, NR34 Cringleford, NR4 Cromer, NR27 Crossdale Street, NR27 Crostwick, NR12 Crostwight, NR28 Crownthorpe, NR18 Damgate, NR13 Deopham, NR18 Deopham Green, NR18 Dilham, NR28 Ditchingham, NR35 Drayton, NR8 Dunston, NR14 Dunton, NR21 Earlham, NR4 Earsham, NR35 East Barsham, NR22 East Beckham, NR11 East Bilney, NR20 East Carleton, NR14 East Dereham, NR19 East Harling, NR16 East Poringland, NR14 East Raynham, NR21 East Runton, NR27 East Ruston, NR12 East Somerton, NR29 East Tuddenham, NR20 Eastgate, NR10 Easton, NR9 Eaton, NR2 Eccles Road, NR16 Edgefield, NR24 Edingthorpe, NR28 Egmere, NR22 Ellingham, NR35 Ellough, NR34 Elsing, NR20 Erpingham, NR11 Fairstead, NR10 Fakenham, NR21 Felbrigg, NR11 Felmingham, NR28 Felthorpe, NR10 Field Dalling, NR25 Filby, NR29 Flixton, NR35 Flordon, NR15 Forncett End, NR16 Forncett St Mary, NR16 Forncett St Peter, NR16 Foulsham, NR20 Foxley, NR20 Framingham Earl, NR14 Framingham Pigot, NR14 Freethorpe, NR13 Freethorpe Common, NR13 Frettenham, NR12 Fritton, NR15 Fritton, NR31 Frostenden, NR34 Fulmodeston, NR21 Fundenhall, NR16 Garvestone, NR9 Gateley, NR20 Geldeston, NR34 Gillingham, NR34 Gimingham, NR11 Gisleham, NR33 Glandford, NR25 Gorleston on Sea, NR31 Great Ellingham, NR17 Great Fransham, NR19 Great Melton, NR9 Great Moulton, NR15 Great Plumstead, NR13 Great Ryburgh, NR21 Great Snoring, NR21 Great Walsingham, NR22 Great Yarmouth, NR30 Gresham, NR11 Gressenhall, NR20 Guestwick, NR20 Guist, NR20 Gunthorpe, NR24 Hackford, NR18 Haddiscoe, NR14 Hainford, NR10 Hales, NR14 Halvergate, NR13 Hanworth, NR11 Happisburgh, NR12 Happisburgh Common, NR12 Hapton, NR15 Hardingham, NR9 Hardley Street, NR14 Hardwick, NR15 Hargate, NR16 Hassingham, NR13 Heckingham, NR14 Hedenham, NR35 Helhoughton, NR21 Hellesdon, NR6 Hellington, NR14 Hemblington, NR13 Hempnall, NR15 Hempnall Green, NR15 Hempstead, NR12 Hempstead, NR25 Hempton, NR21 Hemsby, NR29 Henstead, NR34 Herringfleet, NR32 Hethersett, NR9 Hevingham, NR10 Heydon, NR11 Hickling, NR12 Hickling Green, NR12 Hickling Heath, NR12 High Green, NR9 Hindolveston, NR20 Hindringham, NR21 Hingham, NR9 Hockering, NR20 Hoe, NR20 Holkham, NR23 Holt, NR25 Honing, NR28 Honingham, NR9 Hopton, NR31 Horning, NR12 Horningtoft, NR20 Horsey, NR29 Horsford, NR10 Horsham St Faith, NR10 Horstead, NR12 Houghton St Giles, NR22 Hoveton, NR12 Howe, NR15 Hulver Street, NR34 Hunworth, NR24 Ilketshall St Andrew, NR34 Ilketshall St Lawrence, NR34 Ilketshall St Margaret, NR35 Ingham, NR12 Ingworth, NR11 Intwood, NR4 Irstead, NR12 Itteringham, NR11 Kelling, NR25 Kenninghall, NR16 Kessingland, NR33 Kessingland Beach, NR33 Keswick, NR12 Keswick, NR4 Ketteringham, NR18 Kettlestone, NR21 Kimberley, NR18 Kirby Bedon, NR14 Kirby Cane, NR35 Kirby Row, NR35 Kirkley, NR33 Kirstead Green, NR15 Knapton, NR28 Lakenham, NR1 Lamas, NR10 Langham, NR25 Langley Street, NR14 Larling, NR16 Lenwade, NR9 Lessingham, NR12 Letheringsett, NR25 Limpenhoe, NR13 Lingwood, NR13 Little Barningham, NR11 Little Ellingham, NR17 Little Fransham, NR19 Little Hautbois, NR12 Little Melton, NR9 Little Plumstead, NR13 Little Ryburgh, NR21 Little Snoring, NR21 Little Walsingham, NR22 Loddon, NR14 Long Stratton, NR15 Longham, NR19 Lound, NR32 Low Street, NR12 Lower Green, NR21 Lower Thurlton, NR14 Lowestoft, NR32 Lowestoft End, NR32 Ludham, NR29 Lyng, NR9 Market Street, NR12 Marlingford, NR9 Marsham, NR10 Martham, NR29 Matlaske, NR11 Mattishall, NR20 Mattishall Burgh, NR20 Mautby, NR29 Maypole Green, NR14 Melton Constable, NR24 Mettingham, NR35 Metton, NR11 Middle Harling, NR16 Mill Street, NR20 Morley St Botolph, NR18 Morningthorpe, NR15 Morston, NR25 Morton, NR9 Moulton St Mary, NR13 Mulbarton, NR14 Mundesley, NR11 Mundham, NR14 Mutford, NR34 Neatishead, NR12 New Buckenham, NR16 New Costessey, NR5 New Rackheath, NR13 Newgate, NR25 Newport, NR29 Newton Flotman, NR15 Newton St Faith, NR10 North Barsham, NR22 North Burlingham, NR13 North Cove, NR34 North Creake, NR21 North Elmham, NR20 North End, NR16 North Tuddenham, NR20 North Walsham, NR28 Northacre, NR17 Northall Green, NR20 Northrepps, NR27 Norton Subcourse, NR14 Norwich, NR2 Old Buckenham, NR17 Ormesby St Margaret, NR29 Ormesby St Michael, NR29 Oulton, NR11 Oulton, NR32 Oulton Broad, NR33 Oulton Street, NR11 Overstrand, NR27 Oxnead, NR10 Oxwick, NR21 Pakefield, NR33 Panxworth, NR13 Paston, NR28 Plumstead, NR11 Postwick, NR13 Potter Heigham, NR29 Primrose Green, NR9 Puddledock, NR17 Quidenham, NR16 Rackheath, NR13 Ramsgate Street, NR24 Ranworth, NR13 Raveningham, NR14 Redisham, NR34 Reedham, NR13 Reepham, NR10 Repps, NR29 Reymerston, NR9 Ridlington, NR28 Ringland, NR8 Ringsfield, NR34 Ringsfield Corner, NR34 Rockland All Saints, NR17 Rockland St Mary, NR14 Rockland St Peter, NR17 Rollesby, NR29 Roudham, NR16 Roughton, NR11 Runhall, NR9 Runham, NR29 Rushmere, NR33 Salhouse, NR13 Sall, NR10 Salthouse, NR25 Saxlingham, NR25 Saxlingham Green, NR15 Saxlingham Nethergate, NR15 Saxlingham Thorpe, NR15 Saxthorpe, NR11 Scarning, NR19 Sco Ruston, NR12 Scottow, NR10 Scoulton, NR9 Scratby, NR29 Sculthorpe, NR21 Sea Palling, NR12 Seething, NR15 Shadingfield, NR34 Sharrington, NR24 Shelton, NR15 Shelton Green, NR15 Shereford, NR21 Sheringham, NR26 Shipmeadow, NR34 Shotesham, NR15 Shropham, NR17 Sidestrand, NR27 Silfield, NR18 Sisland, NR14 Skeyton, NR10 Sloley, NR12 Smallburgh, NR12 Snetterton, NR16 Somerleyton, NR32 Sotterly, NR34 South Burlingham, NR13 South Cove, NR34 South Creake, NR21 South Green, NR20 South Raynham, NR21 South Walsham, NR13 Southgate, NR10 Southrepps, NR11 Southtown, NR31 Southwood, NR13 Spa Common, NR28 Sparham, NR9 Spixworth, NR10 Spooner Row, NR18 Sprowston, NR7 St Helena, NR10 St Michael South Elmham, NR35 Stalham, NR12 Stalham Green, NR12 Stanfield, NR20 Stibbard, NR21 Stiffkey, NR23 Stockton, NR34 Stody, NR24 Stoke Holy Cross, NR14 Stokesby, NR29 Stoven, NR34 Stow Bedon, NR17 Stratton St Michael, NR15 Stratton Strawless, NR10 Strumpshaw, NR13 Suffield, NR11 Surlingham, NR14 Sustead, NR11 Suton, NR18 Sutton, NR12 Swafield, NR28 Swainsthorpe, NR14 Swannington, NR9 Swanton Abbot, NR10 Swanton Morley, NR20 Swanton Novers, NR24 Swardeston, NR14 Tacolneston, NR16 Tasburgh, NR15 Tatterford, NR21 Taverham, NR8 Tharston, NR15 The Laurels, NR14 Themelthorpe, NR20 Thornage, NR25 Thorpe, NR14 Thorpe End Garden Village, NR13 Thorpe Market, NR11 Thorpe St Andrew, NR7 Thrigby, NR29 Thurgarton, NR11 Thurlton, NR14 Thurne, NR29 Thurning, NR20 Thursford, NR21 Thurton, NR14 Thuxton, NR9 Thwaite St Mary, NR35 Tibenham, NR16 Tivetshall St Margaret, NR15 Tivetshall St Mary, NR15 Toft Monks, NR34 Toftrees, NR21 Toftwood, NR19 Topcroft, NR35 Topcroft Street, NR35 Trimingham, NR27 Trowse Newton, NR14 Trunch, NR28 Tunstall, NR13 Tunstead, NR12 Tuttington, NR11 Twyford, NR20 Uggeshall, NR34 Upper Sheringham, NR26 Upper Street, NR12 Upton, NR13 Upton Green, NR13 Wacton, NR15 Walcott, NR12 Wangford, NR34 Warham, NR23 Waterloo, NR10 Waxham, NR12 Welborne, NR20 Wells-next-the-Sea, NR23 Wendling, NR19 West Barsham, NR21 West Beckham, NR25 West Caister, NR30 West End, NR30 West End, NR34 West Raynham, NR21 West Runton, NR27 West Somerton, NR29 Westfield, NR19 Westgate, NR21 Weston Green, NR9 Weston Longville, NR9 Westwick, NR10 Weybourne, NR25 Wheatacre, NR34 Whimpwell Green, NR12 Whinburgh, NR19 Whissonsett, NR20 Whitwell, NR10 Wickhampton, NR13 Wicklewood, NR18 Wickmere, NR11 Wighton, NR23 Wilby, NR16 Winterton-on-Sea, NR29 Witton Bridge, NR28 Wiveton, NR25 Wood Dalling, NR11 Wood Norton, NR20 Woodbastwick, NR13 Woodgate, NR20 Woodrising, NR9 Woodton, NR35 Worlingham, NR34 Worstead, NR28 Worthing, NR20 Wramplingham, NR18 Wreningham, NR16 Wrentham, NR34 Wroxham, NR12 Wymondham, NR18 Yaxham, NR19 Yelverton, NR14


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Private Accompanists

Name Location Musicians Union Member Child Protection Training Qualifications Verified Memberships Training
Premium Members
NR28 0QR
All styles, Specialist in Boogie Woogie and Blues Piano
Mr Frank Lawlor: LLCM(TD) DipABRSM(performance) Norwich, Norfolk Qualifications Verified
NR14 8NW
Pianoforte: Note, Frank uses a new Yamaha C7 concert grand with all pupils.
All styles, Classical specialist: , Grades 1 to VIII and diploma candidates.
Mr Richard G. Whiley Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
NR31 6SP
Classical Guitar
Classical & Popular
Standard Members
Mr Paul McBretney DipABRSM Member of ISM NORWICH, Norfolk Qualifications Verified
NR18 0XP
Beginners welcome. Children taught from 6 years of age. Adults very welcome., Pupils with special learning needs taught., Lessons here are fun! I use the latest teaching material with recordings of pieces and play-along accompaniments wherever possible.Mobile phone apps for practice and aural training and i-pads for sight reading enhance the learning experience., All styles taught: Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Modern, Jazz etc. Distance-learning lessons are given online via Skype., Preparation for examinations if desired - very high marks frequently achieved. One pupil received the Sheila Mossman Prize for highest mark in UK for her Grade 7 Piano exam.
Mr DAVID FITZGERALD Norwich, Norfolk Musicians Union Member
Saxophone, Flute, Piano, Music Theory
Classical, Jazz, Rock, Improvisation
Mr David BUNKELL Beccles, Suffolk
NR34 7JF
Piano, Organ, Singing, Theory of Music, GCSE, A level
Mrs Alison Lincoln ATCL LRSM BA (Hons) MMus Suffolk
NR34 9DQ
Piano, Singing, Music theatre, Theory
Classical piano and singing for fun or exams up to and including diplomas. Also Musical Theatre singing and coaching. Grades with either LCM or ABRSM. CRB checked.,
Mr Owen Morgan Norfolk
Electric Bass
Contempary, Jazz, Digital Recording, Production
Miss Karen Smith Norfolk
NR28 9PU
djembe, dunduns, bells, double bells, wood blocks, shakers, caxixi, kontinko
West African percussion
Mr Matthew Bond Norfolk
Organ, Piano, Theory of music
Ms Meryl Dempsey Norfolk, Norfolk
Piano, Flute, Saxophone, Recorder, Violin, Theory
Mr James Mooney-Dutton Norfolk
Flute, Piano, Organ, Singing
Mr Keith O'Gorman Norfolk
NR16 2GA
Piano, Keyboard, Vocals, Theory
classical/jazz/contemporary, solos and duets, theory and aural, rhythmic development
Mr Justin Harmer Fakenham, Norfolk
NR21 0PR
Voice, Piano
Classical, Pop, Music Theatre, Gospel
Miss Sohyun Park Attleborough, Norwich, Norfolk
NR18 0SW
Mr Daniel Thomas Fuxa Roe Norfolk
NR27 9HU
Piano, Theory, Guitar
Classical, Jazz, Pop, Rock
Mr Julez Redding Norfolk
Rock, Pop, Indie, Heavy rock, Post-punk
Mr Jeff Gallant Norfolk
NR29 5AJ
Country., Rock., Pop.
Ms Claire Hamburger Norfolk
NR35 2TH
Piano to grade Six, Oboe to Grade 6, Saxophone to Grade 7, Beginners guitar, Recorder to Grade 6, Composition- instrumental and song writing., Singing
Classical. Jazz. Pop Folk.
Mrs Jane Everard ALCM MISM Norfolk
NR10 5BH
I teach classical piano, either ABRSM grades, or those just wanting to learn for fun without taking exams. The fees quoted are for teaching only - I have a separate scale for accompanying.
Ms Hannah Parry Norwich, Norfolk
Piano, Organ, Music theory, GSCE, A level, Singing, Aural, Composition, Arragement, Recorder
Classical, Jazz, World
Mr Laurence Bennett Norwich, Norfolk
NR14 8EB
Piano, Electronic Keyboard, Singing, Popular Music Vocals
Classical, Pop Music, Jazz
Mrs Viv Cairns GRSM ARCM Norwich, Norfolk
NR10 5AF
Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello, Theory, Piano accompaniment
Classical, Folk, Jazz, Popular
Mr Nic Zuppardi Norfolk
Mandolin, Tenor Guitar
Folk, Bluegrass, Old Time, Gypsy Jazz, Brazilian Choro
Miss Elaine M Smith Norfolk
NR14 7DP
Piano, , Flute, Clarinet, Recorder, Saxophone & Theory
Mr Nicholas Sanchez-Ray Norfolk
Guitar, Banjo
Folk, Bluegrass, Rock, Pop
Mr Massimo (Max) Redaelli Norfolk
NR18 0NR
Piano, Harpsichord, Viola da gamba, Music Theory, Composition
All styles from baroque to contemporary.
Miss Holly Mayes-Smith Great Yarmouth , Norfolk
NR29 4TW
Vocals , Piano , Trumpet
Piano Accompaniment, Classical Piano, Piano Musical Theatre , Classical Singing , Musical Theatre Singing , Jazz Vocals , Soul and blues Vocals, Vocal repair , Vocal health and technique
Ms Mary Howard Norfolk, Norfolk
NR18 0PR
I am classically trained and perform locally as a classical chamber pianist. I teach from a creative music making perspective, involving all styles in the beginning grades and classical in the more advanced grades.
Mr greg brenchley Norfolk
NR12 9JS
Mr John Stephens Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
NR31 8QS
Piano, Organ, Voice, Singing, Theory, Aural Training, Bassoon
All styles
Ms Alixandrea Corvyn Norfolk Musicians Union Member
Rock, Folk, Alternative
Mr David Lane Thorpe St Andrew, Norwich
Piano, Organ
My background and main repertoire is classical. I also play jazz piano and happily teach any style of piano music.
Mr Andres Villamil Norfolk
Classical, latin, folkore from south America
Mr Alex Reed Norfolk
NR17 2DD
Piano, Sax
Miss Ruby Oldman Suffolk
NR32 4JP
My voice, I know a lil guitar
Miss Rebecca Long Norfolk
NR14 8TF
Ms Rosemary Child Suffolk
NR32 1HU
SINGING (classical)., Voice, vocal studies., Piano accompaniment.
Classical, Art Song, Singing for Graded Examinations
Mrs Karen Smith Gorleston, Norfolk
NR31 6JP
Piano, Clarinet, Saxophone, Classical Guitar, Singing (Intermediate - Advanced only)
Enjoyable, highly qualified specialised teaching
Mr Crame Norfolk
Blues, Rock, Metal, Jazz, Sightreading and theory. A bit of slide and fingerstyle.
Mr Tom Toggle Norfolk
NR14 7QR
Acoustic drum set
All Styles taught at the Pro Academy as well as technique, grooving, timekeeping and playing in a band.Check for more details.
Mr Stephen Ferra Norwich, Norfolk
Classical guitar, Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar, Bass Guitar, Ukulele
Classical: ABRSM, Trinity and RGT to grade 8, Acoustic: RGT to grade 8 , Electric: RGT to grade 8, Ukulele: RGT to grade 4, Theory: ABRSM and RGT to grade 6, Improvisation for bass and electric guitar, Composition/ Songwriting
Mr Jonathan Threadwell Norwich, Norfolk
NR10 5DT
Guitar. Jazz, folk, blues, rock and improvisation
Jazz. folk, blues, rock and improvisation
Mr Stuart Lamb Beccles, Suffolk
NR34 7BT
Clarinet, Saxophone, Piano, , Please see my website for details about me and my experience.
Mr William Drew-Batty Suffolk
NR35 1HZ
All styles and genre
Miss Elizabeth Stacey ATCL BMus MMus PGCE Norfolk
Piano, Music Theory
Classical and popular music
Mr Arvid Westling Norfolk
NR13 6NY
Guitar, Flute, Blues Harp, Electronic
Blues, Folk, Electronic, Music for video/Film
Miss Joanna Knight Norwich, Norfolk
NR13 4AG
Piano, Flute
Ms Anna Srsnova Norfolk
Mr Mark Harvey Norwich, Norfolk
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Rock,, Pop, , Blues, Jazz.
Mr Lee Townley Norfolk
Electric Guitar
Session/Studio guitarist. Will teach basics in Jazz, Advanced lead guitar style, Pop, Blues and Rock.
Mr Robert Glover Banham, near Diss, Attleborough, Kenninghall, Garboldisham
NR16 2HL
Piano, Music Theory
Classical, Jazz, Contemporary
Mr Simon Ireson Norwich, Norfolk
NR10 3NW
Mr Marcus Gooda Norfolk, Norfolk
Guitar, Bass Guitar, Double Bass
Pop, Rock, Indie, Soul, Acoustic, Finger Style, Advanced Techniques, Extended Techniques
Mr George Rennison Norfolk
Baroque, Jazz, Pop, Samba, Classical, Modern, Exam Syllabus, Beginner
Mr Toby Mills Norwich
Drum Kit, Drums
Rock, Pop , Jazz , Metal
Mr ADRIAN CONNELL Norfolk, Norfolk
NR26 8EU
Piano, Keyboard
Mrs Katherine Walter Norfolk, Norfolk
NR14 6NA
Piano, Theory
Piano (Classical)
Mr Christopher Dobson Norfolk
Piano, Trumpet, Theory
Ms Jo Richards Norwich, Norfolk
Piano teacher in Thorpe St Andrew, Organist, Piano Accompanist
Classical, Jazz, Improvising
Ms Rachel Monk Suffolk, Suffolk
NR33 7JA
Guitar - all styles, Piano - all styles
All genres of guitar, All genres of piano
Mr Ian Johnson G.G.S.M.(Lond), P.G.C.E. St Benedict's Street, Norwich
Piano, Keyboards, Brass, Singing, Aural, Music Theory, GCSE & A Level, Conducting, Arranging
Classical, Pop/Music Theatre, Brass Band
Mrs Susan Goode Norfolk
Piano, Organ, Aural Training, Music Theory
Mainly classical music but also cater for different styles.
Miss Katie Vaughan Norfolk
NR18 9AU
Mr David Ballard Norfolk, Norfolk
NR28 9XU
Singing (Classical), Piano, Organ, Theory, GCSE Tuition, A Level Tuition
Mr Jacob Swindells Norfolk
Piano (Teacher and Accompanying), Music Theory, GSCE and A Level Music
Classical (all periods), Pop