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Private Teachers

Name Location Musicians Union Member Child Protection Training Qualifications Verified Memberships Training
Premium Members
Mr Oliver Flanagan Wiltshire
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Jazz Guitar
Rock, Blues, Jazz, Pop
Standard Members
Mr Tim Rushworth Near Salisbury, Wiltshire
Guitar, classical, Guitar, flamenco, Guitar, acoustic
Classical, Flamenco, Folk, Ragtime and Blues.
Mr Gary Hall
SP11 0NE
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Rock, Blues, Jazz, Metal, Country, Folk, Funk
Mr Sam Goffen Amesbury, Salisbury
Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass
Acoustic, Blues, Rock, Metal, Funk, Popular, Some Jazz, Children and adults, Fully DBS checked as I work in local schools., , Website:
Mr Daniel Sowerby Wiltshire
Guitar - Electric and Acoustic
Guitar - Electric & Acoustic Grades. Or for Fun! Rock/blues/funk and all other major contemporary styles.
Mr Adi Hughes Hampshire
SP10 1BX
Guitar, Bass, Banjo, Music Theory
Rock, Blues, Metal, Jazz, Pop, Funk, Acoustic... , and all other modern styles of guitar.
Mr Shae Poffley Wiltshire
Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar
All popular styles., Pop, Blues, Rock/Metal, Jazz, Harmony & Composition, Modal Soloing, Recording Techniques, GCSE Performance Coaching
Mr Sandro Murelli Hampshire
SP10 2HE
Classical guitar
Mr James Reed Salisbury, Wiltshire
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Music Theory
Rock, Pop, Acoustic, Folk, Indie, Singer-Songwriter
Mr Adam Flanagan Hampshire Musicians Union Member
Guitar (including Electric & Classical), Bass
Rock,, Pop,, Blues,, Indie,, Acoustic,, Classical, Metal,, Improvisation,, Theory, Rockschool examinations, Trinity Guildhall
Mr Emile Baird Kington Magna, Dorset
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Rock, Blues, Jazz, Indie, Funk
Mr Joshua Robert Mcneilly Andover, Hampshire
SP10 5EQ
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Blues, Classic Rock, Prog. Metal, General Skills improvement, Improvisation, Minimalistic, Theory
Mr Dominic Corcoran
Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ukulele
Pop, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Country, Funk, All Genres, Music Theory, Grade Exams
Mr Nick Kirby Wiltshire
Bass Guitar
Rock, Pop, Funk, Jazz, Metal
Mr John Taylor Salisbury, Wiltshire
Electric Bass Guitar
Any Style/Genre, Specialist in Funk/Slap
Mr Simon Sheffield Wiltshire, Wiltshire
Classical guitar, Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar, Bass
classical guitar, acoustic guitar: pop and folk, electric guitar: rock, pop, bass
Mr Jordan Yeatman Wiltshire
Electric guitar, Acoustic guitar, Classical guitar
Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz, Folk, Acoustic, Fingerstyle, World and Classical.
Mr Adrian Baitrum Hampshire
SP10 4LG
Rock, Blues, Metal, Improvisation
Mr Simon Bower Wiltshire
Bass Guitar., Acoustic Guitar.
Rock/Pop, Indie, Jazz
Mr Carl West HAMPSHIRE, Hampshire
SP10 1LB
Acoustic Guitar
Please visit my website
Mr James Mitchell Hampshire
Electric Guitar , Acoustic Guitar, Bass (Electric)
Pop, Rock, Blues, Country, Jazz, Funk, Acoustic, Fingerstyle
Mr Richard Stephens Wiltshire
Mr Clinton Hough Hampshire, Greater London
Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar
Classical, jazz, blues, funk, pop, reggae and rock.