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Private Accompanists

Name Location Musicians Union Member Child Protection Training Qualifications Verified Memberships Training
Premium Members
Mr David Dewar BA(Hons) Child Protection Training Qualifications Verified
SN14 0DY
Conducting (orchestra), Conducting (choral), Theory, French Horn, Singing (Choral), Aspects of Performance
Classical, Baroque, Romantic, (Mature Student Friendly)
Miss Sarah Daltrey Swindon, Wiltshire Musicians Union Member Child Protection Training
Piano and Keyboard - , Classical, Jazz, Popular music, Trinity Rock and Pop, and Rock school, Music theory, Exam Accompanist
Rock and pop syllabus, Rock school, Classical , Jazz, Modern, Pre school program for 3 - 5 year olds.
Ms Anne Davey Marlborough, Wiltshire
Predominantly Classical, Aural Training, Technical Studies, Theory
Miss Rosemary Hall Burn MA, LTCL Wiltshire
SN10 4DT
Piano and violin, Theory, Kodaly and chamber groups, Annual pupils' concert.
Classical piano and violin., Theory., Kodaly and chamber groups., Also available as an accompanist
Standard Members
Mr Mason Wilkins Bristol and Avon Musicians Union Member Child Protection Training
SN15 3ER
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass
Rock, Blues , Funk, Session, , I enjoy teaching and am an active musician, currently playing festivals, Guitar Session work and writing music., , You can access my website here:, , Please see my Biography (accessed on the tab above)
Ms Fiona Cullen - Piano Stratton, Swindon Child Protection Training
Piano, Music Theory, Aural Studies
Classical, Popular
Mr Steve Dingle Wilsthire
SN15 2NH
Acoustic guitar
Fingerstyle acoustic guitar., Styles of Martin Simpson, William Ackerman, Stefan Grossman
Mr Robin Dymond, BA (hons), Mmus Wiltshire
Electric Guitar (Beginners - Advanced), Acoustic Guitar (Beginners - to Intermediate), Classical Guitar (beginners - Intermediate), , Muisc Production - Up to BA Level - Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase and Ableton, , Music Theory - Up to Advanced , Also offer lessons in composition and song writing
Rock, Metal, Funk, Blues, Jazz, EDM, Classical
Mr Jules Addison Bath, Wiltshire
Piano, Keyboard, Organ, Singing / Voice, Music Theory, Choral Conducting
Organ up to Grade 8, Piano up to Grade 8, Singing up to Grade 8, Conducting & Choral Direction, Music Theory
Mrs Alta Ridgway Calne
SN11 8XP
Mrs Rachel G Hind Wiltshire
SN15 1LD
piano, theory
classical, easy listening/pop
Mrs Joyce Barnes Wiltshire
Singing LRAM, Piano grade 8 , Recorder grade 8, Theory
Miss Rhiannon Wiscombe Wiltshire
SN15 3YA
Piano, Vocals
Mr Joseph Marcus Marshfield, Chippenham
SN14 7PQ
Guitar, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar, , , Bass Guitar, Ukelele
Rock, Blues, Folk, Acoustic, Metal, Pop, Jazz, Country, Classical, RnB, Soul, Funk, Swing, Punk, Ambient, Fusion
Mr Couves Oxfordshire, Oxfordshire
Piano, Clarinet, Organ
Mrs Jill Rourke Wiltshire
SN13 9AZ
Piano, Theory
Classical, Modern, Jazz (ABRSM syllabus)
Mrs Joanna Taylor Marlborough, Wiltshire
Classical, Popular
Mr Christopher O'Leary Park South, Swindon, Wiltshire Musicians Union Member
Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar, Classical guitar, Bass, Drums, Singing, Banjo, Mandolin, Piano, Theory, Recording, Songwriting
Pop, Rock, Country, Irish, Classical, Funk, Soul, Jazz, Folk, Progressive, Metal
Dr Christopher Kent Wiltshire
SN15 3RJ
Pipe Organ, Harpsichord, Clavichord, Pianoforte
Renaissance, Baroque , Classical , Romantic , Modern
Mr Graeme Goodwin Turnball, Chiseldon
Djembe, Doun Doun
All styles
Mr T Perry-Harry BA (Ed.), MA, QTLS, ATCL, NPQML, FSET Wiltshire
Offering tuition from Grade 1 to Diploma level on: Modern Flute, Baroque Flute, Piccolo and Recorders, , Graded Theory of Music, GCSE & AS/A2 Level Coaching, Music Festival Prep , Mature Student Friendly
Classical, Jazz, Pop, Romantic, Baroque and Renaissance
Ms Julie Johnson-Little CT ABRSM Priory Vale, SWINDON
SN25 2GP
Piano, Brass (Cornet/Trumpet/Baritone), Recorder (Descant & Treble)
Classics, romantic, jazz/blues and modern. I try to be flexible and willing to help you learn that piece of music you have always wanted to play, provided it is within your abilities.
Mr Oliver Tanner Cricklade, Swindon
Drums, Percussion
Rock, Metal, Military, Jazz, Funk, ALL!!!
Miss Naomi Ibbetson Wiltshire
SN10 1PR
Singing, Piano, Music Theory
Mr joe bishop Wiltshire
bass guitar, music theory (beginner to intermediate)
rock , metal, funk, experimental , blues, reggae, fusion , some jazz and classical
Mrs Glenda Russell Swindon
Piano, Electronic keyboard, Recorder, Clarinet, Theory of music
I teach mostly classical music but I am happy to help you to play pop music and most other styles,especially on the electronic keyboard.
Mrs Nicki Heenan Wiltshire
SN16 0NZ
Piano, Harpsichord, Singing - Classical, Musical Theatre
Musical Theatre - singing and accompaniment, Classical, Jazz. I also specialise in classroom music and teaching ensemble singing.
Mr danny baker Wiltshire
guitar, bass, double bass, upright bass, drums
rockabilly, folk, rock, metal, punk
Mrs Masa Vucinac Wiltshire
Classic music
Mr Tom Lloyd (Blueberry Music) Dauntsey Musicians Union Member
SN15 4HW
Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Piano, Music Theory
All styles and genres
Mr Jon Driver Blunsdon, Swindon
SN25 2SP
Piano, Theory
Mr Thomas Graff LRSM BA (Hons) Oxfordshire, Oxfordshire
Mr Tim Eyles Swindon, Wiltshire Musicians Union Member
Piano, Church organ, Theory
Mr steven fixter Wiltshire
Piano - Keyboards
Classical, Jazz and contemporary music , Grades can be taken if required.
Mr Richard Tapsell Swindon
Guitar (Electric/Acoustic)
Pop, Acoustic, Funk, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Metal and more!
Miss Andrea Lockwood Wiltshire Musicians Union Member
Piano, Keyboard, Music Theory, Singing, Aural/Listening tests, GCSE/ALevel Composition
All except jazz improv
Mr James Gray Wiltshire
Rock, Pop, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Latin, Funk, Metal, Folk
Ms Hannah Brooke Wiltshire
Piano, Organ, Music Theory, Clarinet, Oboe
Mrs Mary Pilcher-Clayton Wiltshire
SN11 0AZ
Piano, Electronic Keyboard, recorder
Classical, Jazz
Mr Francis Faux Wiltshire
SN13 9EW
Piano, Theory, Aural, Musical theatre, Choral conducting
Classical, Jazz/blues, Musical theatre
Mrs Hannah Edmonds BMus (Hons) Swindon
Organ, Piano, Theory
Classical, Contemporary, Jazz
Mr Stuart Morrell Melksham Musicians Union Member
SN12 6AA
Bass Guitar, Mandolin, Guitar
Rock, Funk, Blues, Pop
Mr Kenneth A Spencer Wiltshire, Wiltshire
Organ, Piano, Guitar
I can give introductory lessons on guitar, piano and organ., I can also provide an introduction to music theory, and relate it to those instruments., I have no formal musical qualifications, and cannot teach to any standard academic grade system.
Miss Joy Boole Chippenham , Wiltshire
Clarinet, Piano/Keyboard, Saxophone, Theory
Classical, Jazz, Pop
Mr David Shoukry Wiltshire
SN13 9EE
Theory of Music, GCSE Music, A Level Music, A Level Music Technology, Undergraduate Music
Theory, Classical, A Level, GCSE
Mr James Gray Swindon, Wiltshire
Mrs Kim Amanda Bott. BMus(Hons) Wiltshire
Classical Piano, Jazz Piano, Popular Piano
Mr James Harpham Calne, Wiltshire
SN11 8PY
piano, keyboard (or synth), recorders, percussion
piano - classical and jazz, recorders, theory + composition, conducting and film/TV scoring. Silent Films a speciality.
Ms Katey Thomas Wilts, Berkshire
Flute, Piano
Classical, Basic Jazz
Mr David Dawson Salisbury, Wiltshire
Electric and Acoustic gutar
Rock, Rock and Roll, Country, Rockabilly, Reggae
Mr Richard Saunders Wiltshire
SN25 2NF
Piano , ABRSM Theory Grade 5
Mr Ian Michael James Pickett Swindon, Wiltshire
Piano and Music Theory. Tuition also available in: Harmony, History, Composition, Analysis, and Accompaniment
Classical | Jazz | Contemporary, Harmony and Counterpoint, Analysis, GCSE and A Level Music support
Mr Daniel Hornby Coach Lane, Faringdon, Oxfordshire
Piano, Voice, Theory
Classical and popular music:, Piano, Voice, Theory
Mr Andrew Wraight CT-ABRSM ATCL Wiltshire
Drums, Percussion, Guitar , Bass Guitar
Rock, Pop, Jazz, Funk, Latin, Hip-Hop, Drum and Bass, , , I teach all Levels, from Grade One to University Entry, I have had many students go on to The Academy Of contemporary Music in Guilford, and also Leeds College of Music, to name just a few., , I specialise in tailoring my lessons to fit ability, and teach children from as young as 4 to adults of retirement age., , My experience is wide ranging, I have various qualification including CT-ABRSM and ATCL., , Coaching for GCSE Music Can be given ie. Theory and Composition, , I run a successful studio and have 9 teachers working on the team, who offer a variety of tutition and instruments, to work around your schedule.
Mr Andrew Lane Wiltshire
Mr Adam Woodhouse BMus (Hons) Wiltshire Musicians Union Member
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Music Theory
I teach all aspects of contemporary guitar, including electric, acoustic, bass and music theory.
Mr Kyle Foote Swindon, Wiltshire
Drums (7 years)
Rock, Pop, Reggae, Blues, Funk, Latin, Prog Rock, Metal and many more.
Mr Rowan Carolan Wiltshire
Classical Guitar, Acoustic Guitar and Ukulele
Mainly Classical Guitar but can provide tuition in chord shapes and patterns on acoustic and Ukulele.
Ms Caroline Glaser Wiltshire
SN16 0AZ
Piano, Flute, Music Theory
Classical, Jazz
Mr Thom Gregory Wiltshire
SN13 0PJ
Bass Gutiar