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Private Accompanists

Name Location Musicians Union Member Child Protection Training Qualifications Verified Memberships Training
Premium Members
Ms Kylie Borg Langport, Somerset Qualifications Verified
Piano / Keyboard / Voice
Piano / Keyboard /Theory-, All Styles of playing and singing., ABRSM Grades -JAzz and Classical, Rockschool Grades , Blues, Rock, Pop Chord Styles., Performance Coaching, Specialise in Jazz Improvisation Chord Styles , Song Writing , Singing and Playing for performance ., A Creative Approach ., Vocal: Rockschool Grades, LCM Musical theatre ,Jazz, Blues Improvisation., Also Specialise in Creative Voicing .'Inner Voicing' -Sounding for expression and wellbeing. A holistic approach., 30 years experience as international performer and teacher.,
Mr Stephen Hastings Somerset
Piano, keyboard, drums, percussion, taiko drums., GCSE and A level tuition.
Classical, East European, Klezmer, Russian, Bulgarian
Mrs Rachel Burland Somerset
Piano, Keyboard, Theory, Accompanying
Classical, Jazz, Modern
Mrs Julia Gauler LTCL Taunton
Piano (beginners to Diploma), Flute (beginners to Grade 8), Recorder (beginners to Grade 8), Theory of Music
Classical but will teach other styles if preferred
Standard Members
Mr Joshua Abbott MA.Music. Dip.ABRSM Taunton, Somerset Child Protection Training Qualifications Verified
Mr Jonathan Delbridge Somerset Child Protection Training
Piano, Organ, Music theory
Classical, Jazz, Popular
Mr Colin Ayres Somerset, Somerset
Guitar, Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Slide Guitar
Classical, Rock, Pop, Songs, Blues, Folk
Mr Cameron Spencer Keinton Mandeville, Somerset Musicians Union Member
TA11 6EG
Piano, Keyboard, Production, Theory
Soul, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Funk, Motown, Classical
Mr Robert Langston South Petherton, Somerset
TA13 5AN
Piano, Theory of Music
Mrs Jackie Ayres Somerset
piano clarinet flute theory accompanist conductor G.C.S.E.
piano clarinet flute theory G,C,S.E, accompanist conductor
Mrs Rachael Forsyth Somerset Musicians Union Member
TA20 3LR
Saxophone, Piano, Clarinet, Flute, Recorder, Ukulele, Theory, Aural Tests, GCSE training, Composition, GCSE / A-level Prep / Help
Tutor moving to Somerset. Spaces available September 2017, , As an experience tutor I offer lessons to students of all ages and ability levels. Lessons include all genres and styles taught - in particular I work with students either in a Classical or Jazz style. , , Students learn for exams as well as just for fun - all tastes accomodated for., , 100% pass rate for ABRSM exams. Grades 1-8., , Trinity and VCM exams offered also., , From complete beginners up to Diploma level., , Lessons offered from tutors home
Mr Nigel Timms Somerset, Somerset
Violin, Piano, Music Theory, Composition, Cello
Classical, Folk
Mrs Jackie Ayres Bridgwater, Somerset
Piano,, Clarinet, Flute, Composition, GCSE A level coaching
Mr Joe Tong Bridgwater, Somerset
Piano, Keyboards
Classical, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Popular
Miss Hayley Taunton, Somerset
Piano, Voice, (Classical/Musical Theatre), Flute
Classical, Diploma/Recital, Jazz/Improvisation
Mr bryan stuart gunning Somerset
soprano,alto,tenor and baritone saxophones,flute,alto and bass clarinet,,clarinet,[please note i sing but don't teach vocals]
jazz,gospel,blues,pop,funk,, rock.big band,
Mr Stephen Davis Somerset
TA21 9BY
Classical Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Ukulele
Classical Guitar - from Sheet music, Acoustic Guitar - Both Fingerstyle and Plectrum, Ukulele - Fingerstyle
Ms Gaerwen Bahi Bridgwater
Piano, Music Theory
Classical , Popular
Mr Nicholas Strong Somerset
Piano, Hammond Organ, Electric Piano
Classical, Jazz, New Orleans, Boogie Woogie
Mr Garry Kroll somerset, Somerset
All styles
Miss Jessica Dalwood Somerset
TA18 7TL
Harp, Violin, Viola
Classical , Romantic, Folk, Jazz, Modern Arrangements.
Mr Martin Mees Bridgwater, Somerset
Mr Harrison Marsh Somerset
TA20 3JG
Acoustic guitar, classical guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, ukulele
All styles, including rock blues, jazz folk and world music
Mr Charles Slade Somerset
Piano, Flute, Voice, Recorder
All styles
Mr Mike Hurley BMus(Hons) Somerset
TA20 1JG
Classical, jazz, theory and composition syllabuses taught., , Mike is an experienced teacher and musician whose work has been broadcast on BBC Radio 3, 4, 5 and other television and radio stations. He has performed throughout the UK and Europe at venues including Birmingham Symphony Hall and The Royal Festival Hall and major festivals such as The London Jazz Festival and recently at Cheltenham Jazz Festival
Mr Johnny Butten Somerset
TA11 7NR
5 string banjo, guitar, fiddle, mandolin
Bluegrass, Country, Folk.
Mr David Hanratty Waverley Wharf, Bridgwater
Electric Bass, Double Bass
All popular styles covered
Mrs Marion Lucas Somerset
TA23 0AU
Piano, Violin, Singing/Vocal
Mr Andy Beattie Somerset, Somerset
Ms Linda Nash-Hamblin Market Street, Crewkerne
Ms Alison Foyle Kilve, Somerset
Violin and Piano
Classical, Folk, Jazz
Mr Michael Hurley BMus(Hons) Chard Qualifications Verified
TA20 1JG
Piano, , Theory of Music,, Composition,, Improvisation,, Musicianship.
Piano specialist., Classical, , jazz, , theory and , composition syllabuses taught.
Mr Stewart Smith Somerset
Piano , Keyboard
Classical , Contemporary/pop
Miss sinead McMillan Bridgwater, Somerset
Piano, Theory, Musicianship for pre-reading and primary
Classical, Popular, Jazz, Theory
Mr James Turner Somerset
TA11 6RW
Piano, Keyboard, Singing, Theory, Piano Accompanist for exams and other events, Choral and keyboard workshops
All styles from Classical to Contemporary including musical theatre.
Mr Berry Somerset
TA21 8LL