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Aldington, TN25 Appledore, TN26 Appledore Heath, TN26 Ash,Sevenoaks, TN15 Ashburnham Place, TN33 Ashenden, TN30 Ashford, TN24 Ashurst, TN3 Badgers Mount, TN14 Baldslow, TN37 Battle, TN33 Bayham Abbey, TN3 Beckley, TN31 Bedgebury Cross, TN17 Bells Yew Green, TN3 Beltring, TN12 Benenden, TN17 Best Beech Hill, TN5 Bethersden, TN26 Bexhill, TN40 Bidborough, TN4 Biddenden, TN27 Biggin Hill, TN16 Bilsington, TN25 Bilting, TN25 Blackboys, TN22 Blackham, TN3 Boarshead, TN6 Boarzell, TN19 Bodiam, TN32 Bodsham Green, TN25 Bonnington, TN25 Borough Green, TN15 Bough Beech, TN8 Boughton Aluph, TN25 Boughton Lees, TN25 Brabourne, TN25 Brabourne Lees, TN25 Brasted, TN16 Brasted Chart, TN16 Brede, TN31 Brenchley, TN12 Brenzett, TN29 Brightling, TN32 Broad Oak, TN31 Broadland Row, TN31 Broadoak, TN21 Bromley Green, TN26 Brook, TN25 Brook Street, TN30 Brookland, TN29 Bull Green, TN26 Bulverhythe, TN38 Burlow, TN21 Burmarsh, TN29 Burwash, TN19 Burwash Common, TN19 Burwash Weald, TN19 Butcher's Cross, TN20 Buxted, TN22 Cackle Street, TN31 Cade Street, TN21 Camber, TN31 Capel, TN12 Catsfield, TN33 Chainhurst, TN12 Challock, TN25 Chapel Cross, TN21 Charing, TN27 Cheeseman's Green, TN24 Chevening, TN14 Chiddingstone, TN8 Chiddingstone Causeway, TN11 Chiddingstone Hoath, TN8 Chipstead, TN13 Claydene, TN8 Claygate, TN12 Claygate Cross, TN15 Cliff End, TN35 Coggins Mill, TN20 Coleman's Hatch, TN7 Collier Street, TN12 Cooden, TN39 Cooper's Corner, TN19 Cooper's Corner, TN14 Cousley Wood, TN5 Cowden, TN8 Cowden Pound, TN8 Cranbrook, TN17 Cranbrook Common, TN17 Cripp's Corner, TN32 Crockham Hill, TN8 Crockhurst Street, TN11 Cross in Hand, TN21 Cross-at-Hand, TN12 Crouch, TN15 Crowborough, TN6 Crowhurst, TN33 Cudham, TN14 Curteis' Corner, TN27 Curtisden Green, TN17 Dallington, TN21 Duddleswell, TN22 Dunk's Green, TN11 Dunton Green, TN13 Durgates, TN5 Dymchurch, TN29 East End, TN17 East Guldeford, TN31 East Peckham, TN12 Edenbridge, TN8 Egerton, TN27 Egerton Forstal, TN27 Eridge Green, TN3 Etchingham, TN19 Ewhurst, TN32 Fairlight, TN35 Fairlight Cove, TN35 Fairseat, TN15 Fairwarp, TN22 Five Ash Down, TN22 Five Ashes, TN20 Five Oak Green, TN12 Fletching, TN22 Flimwell, TN5 Flishinghurst, TN17 Fordcombe, TN3 Four Elms, TN8 Four Oaks, TN31 Four Throws, TN18 Foxhunt Green, TN21 Framfield, TN22 Frant, TN3 Friar's Gate, TN6 Frittenden, TN17 Gill's Green, TN18 Glassenbury, TN17 Golden Green, TN11 Goose Green, TN11 Goudhurst, TN17 Great Chart, TN23 Greatstone-on-Sea, TN28 Groombridge, TN3 Guestling Green, TN35 Guestling Thorn, TN35 Hadlow, TN11 Hadlow Down, TN22 Haffenden Quarter, TN27 Hale Street, TN12 Halstead, TN14 Hamstreet, TN26 Hartfield, TN7 Hartley, TN17 Hartwell, TN7 Hassell Street, TN25 Hastingleigh, TN25 Hastings, TN34 Hawkenbury, TN2 Hawkhurst, TN18 Haxted, TN8 Hazelwood, TN14 Headcorn, TN27 Heathfield, TN21 Heaverham, TN15 Hengherst, TN26 Henley's Down, TN33 Heron's Ghyll, TN22 Hever, TN8 High Brooms, TN4 High Halden, TN26 High Hurstwood, TN22 High Street, TN18 Higham Wood, TN10 Hilden Park, TN11 Hildenborough, TN11 Hinxhill, TN24 Hole Park, TN17 Hollington, TN37 Holtye Common, TN8 Hooe, TN33 Hooe Common, TN33 Hook Green, TN3 Horam, TN21 Horns Cross, TN31 Horsmonden, TN12 Hothfield, TN26 Hurst Green, TN19 Icklesham, TN36 Ide Hill, TN14 Iden, TN31 Iden Green, TN17 Ightham, TN15 Isfield, TN22 Ivy Hatch, TN15 Ivychurch, TN29 Jarvis Brook, TN6 John's Cross, TN32 Kemsing, TN15 Kenardington, TN26 Kennington, TN24 Kent Street, TN33 Kilndown, TN17 Kingsnorth, TN23 Kipping's Cross, TN12 Knockholt, TN14 Knockholt Pound, TN14 Lamberhurst, TN3 Lamberhurst Quarter, TN3 Langton Green, TN3 Leigh, TN11 Leigh Green, TN30 Linkhill, TN18 Little Chart, TN27 Little Common, TN39 Little Horsted, TN22 Little London, TN21 Littlestone-on-Sea, TN28 London Beach, TN30 Lower Green, TN2 Lower Street, TN33 Lunsford's Cross, TN39 Lydd, TN29 Lydd-on-Sea, TN29 Lymbridge Green, TN25 Maltman's Hill, TN27 Marden, TN12 Marden Beech, TN12 Marden Thorn, TN12 Maresfield, TN22 Mark Cross, TN6 Markbeech, TN8 Marlpit Hill, TN8 Marsh Green, TN8 Matfield, TN12 Mayfield, TN20 Maynard's Green, TN21 Mersham, TN25 Milebush, TN12 Millcorner, TN31 Mockbeggar, TN12 Mountfield, TN32 Netherfield, TN33 New Romney, TN28 New Town, TN22 Newchurch, TN29 Newenden, TN18 Ninfield, TN33 Nizels, TN11 Northiam, TN31 Nutley, TN22 Old Romney, TN29 Oldbury, TN15 Ore, TN35 Otford, TN14 Oxley's Green, TN32 Paddock Wood, TN12 Peasmarsh, TN31 Pembury, TN2 Penhurst, TN33 Penshurst, TN11 Pett, TN35 Platt, TN15 Plaxtol, TN15 Playden, TN31 Pluckley, TN27 Pluckley Thorne, TN27 Ponts Green, TN33 Pound Green, TN22 Poundgate, TN6 Poundsbridge, TN11 Punnett's Town, TN21 Queen Street, TN12 Ram Lane, TN26 Reading Street, TN30 Redbrook Street, TN26 Ridgewood, TN22 Ridley, TN15 Ringles Cross, TN22 Riverhead, TN13 Robertsbridge, TN32 Rolvenden, TN17 Rolvenden Layne, TN17 Romney Street, TN15 Rotherfield, TN6 Royal Tunbridge Wells, TN1 Ruckinge, TN26 Rushlake Green, TN21 Rusthall, TN4 Rye, TN31 Rye Foreign, TN31 Rye Harbour, TN31 Salehurst, TN32 Sandhurst, TN18 Seal, TN15 Sedlescombe, TN33 Sedlescombe Street, TN33 Sellindge, TN25 Sevenoaks, TN13 Sevenoaks Weald, TN14 Sevington, TN24 Shadoxhurst, TN26 Sheffield Green, TN22 Shipbourne, TN11 Shoreham, TN14 Shover's Green, TN5 Sidley, TN39 Silver Hill, TN19 Silver Hill, TN37 Sissinghurst, TN17 Small Hythe, TN30 Smarden, TN27 Smeeth, TN25 Snargate, TN29 Snave, TN29 South Willesborough, TN24 Southborough, TN4 Sparrow's Green, TN5 Speldhurst, TN3 St Helen's, TN34 St Leonards, TN38 St Mary in the Marsh, TN29 St Mary's Bay, TN29 St Michaels, TN30 Standen, TN27 Stanford, TN25 Stansted, TN15 Staple Cross, TN32 Staplehurst, TN12 Steel Cross, TN6 Stone, TN30 Stone Cross, TN25 Stone Cross, TN3 Stone Street, TN15 Stonebridge, TN22 Stonegate, TN5 Stonestreet Green, TN25 Stowting, TN25 Sugarloaf, TN26 Sundridge, TN14 Swiftsden, TN19 Tatsfield, TN16 Telham, TN33 Tenterden, TN30 The Knowle, TN12 The Leacon, TN26 The Moor, TN18 The Stocks, TN30 Three Chimneys, TN27 Three Cups Corner, TN21 Three Leg Cross, TN5 Ticehurst, TN5 Tidebrook, TN5 Tonbridge, TN9 Town Row, TN6 Toy's Hill, TN16 Tudeley, TN11 Uckfield, TN22 Udimore, TN31 Underriver, TN15 Upper Hartfield, TN7 Vine's Cross, TN21 Vinehall Street, TN32 Wadhurst, TN5 Waldron, TN21 Warbleton, TN21 Warehorne, TN26 West Kingsdown, TN15 Westerham, TN16 Westfield, TN35 Westfield Moor, TN35 Westwell, TN25 Westwell Leacon, TN27 Whatlington, TN33 Whetsted, TN12 Whitley Row, TN14 Wick Hill, TN27 Willesborough, TN24 Willesborough Lees, TN24 Wilsley Green, TN17 Winchelsea, TN36 Winchelsea Beach, TN36 Winchet Hill, TN17 Witherenden Hill, TN19 Withyham, TN7 Wittersham, TN30 Woodchurch, TN26 Wrotham, TN15 Wrotham Heath, TN15 Wrotham Hill, TN15 Wye, TN25


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Forte School of Music Weald of Kent
Piano, guitar and drums. All ages a…


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Private Accompanists

Name Location Musicians Union Member Child Protection Training Qualifications Verified Memberships Training
Premium Members
Mr Jack Bennett Kent Musicians Union Member Child Protection Training Qualifications Verified
Piano, Clarinet, Music Theory
Broad range of styles, particularly classical and musical theatre, as well as ABRSM exam preparation.
Mr Graham Dinnage Kent Child Protection Training
Singing, Sight Singing and Musicianship, Organ (classical), Keyboard, Theory
Classical Song, Oratorio, Opera/Light Operatic, Shows
Miss Gina Georgio BA (Double First-Class Hons), DipLCM (Distinction) Tunbridge Wells, (central, with parking)
Piano , Music Theory, Music GCSE , Music A Level, , 100% Pass Rate. , , All ages and abilities welcome.
Classical, Contemporary
Mr Mike Hatchard Sussex (East)
TN38 0BN
Piano, Violin, Singing
Ms Sarah Stephenson Near Battle & Hastings, Sussex (East)
TN33 0QN
Voice/ Singing, Piano, Accompaniment
Classical, pop, rock, jazz, Musical Theatre, world music
Mr Derek Vincent Kent
TN24 0DL
Classical and Gospel
Mr Timothy Lowe Kent
Pianoforte, keyboard
Classical, modern
Ms Virginia Winton Sussex (East)
Classical music
Mr Marcus Andrews Kent
Piano, Aural & Theory, Piano accompaniment
Ms Anne Marshall (PGDip Royal College of Music) Sussex (East)
Piano, Singing, Accompaniment
Standard Members
Mr Mark Willment Tunbridge Wells, Kent Musicians Union Member
Singing, Voice
All styles - classical, musical theatre, rock
Mr Mark Mortimer Crowborough
Piano, , theory
Mr Wayne McConnell Sussex (East)
TN22 5AY
Jazz Piano is my speciality but I also teach classical piano, music theory and composition
Mr Paul Isom Brasted, Westerham
TN16 1JA
Classical organ, Piano, Keyboard
Classical Organ, Piano, Keyboard
Mrs Paraskevi Anastasia Georghiou Sussex (East)
Piano, Flute, Theory, Accompanist
Classical, Pop, Modern
Mr Mike Hatchard Sussex (East)
TN38 0BN
Piano, Violin
Classical, Jazz, Rock
Mr Kevin Francis Sussex (East)
TN35 5QH
Rock Pop Blues Jazz Funk Country Reggae Ska Soul, Latin and other styles
Mrs Juyma Fernandez Sanchez Kent
Mrs Hatty Philips Kent
Piano, Violin, Voice
Mr Andrew Faulkner Kent
TN14 5AX
Piano: all styles, beginners to diploma level. Music theory.
Mr Daniel Leigh Nisbet
TN25 6PY
Acoustic/Electric Guitar, Ukulele, Keyboards/Piano and Drums. , , Speciality subjects: , Technique, music theory, composition, arranging and songwriting.
Acoustic, Folk , Blues , Jazz, Funk , Soul, Rock, Pop, Classical , Flamenco
Mr William Roberts Kent, Kent
Cello, Piano, Theory, Composition
Primarily classical
Dr Charlotte O'Neill Kent
TN18 5DA
Voice, Piano, Violin, Theory
Classical/Musical theatre voice/singing, Classical Piano and Violin, Theory to Grade 5, GCSE/A level coaching
Miss Diana Banham Ashford, Kent
TN23 5BQ
Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
Country,, Pop, , Classical, Indie, , Rock, , Blues
Mr Ben Phillips Hartfield Road, Kent Musicians Union Member
Drum Set
Jazz, Pop, Rock, Latin
Miss camilla lale Kent
TN30 3QR
Mr GEORGE BARTLE Kent Musicians Union Member
TN27 9TA
Voice, Vocal, Singing, Piano, Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Cornet, Tenor Horn, Baritone, Euphonium, Tuba, Sackbut, Theory
Classical, Jazz
Mrs Kathryn Ashwell Sevenoaks, Kent
Classical, Music Theory
Mr Mark Bromley Kent
Piano, Cello, Organ, Theory
Mrs Betty Saint East Sussex, Sussex (East)
TN39 3BE
Piano, Electronic Keyboard, Theory
Classical, Popular & Jazz
Mr Bernard Pulham Heathfield, Sussex (East)
Piano, Classical
Mr Charles Andrews Kent
Organ, Piano, Theory of music
Mr Cameron Milne Battle
TN33 0NA
Piano, have experience teaching up to diploma level., Theory up to grade 8.
Mr Lee Golledge Peasley Lane, Goudhurst Musicians Union Member
TN17 1HN
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar , Drums
Rock , Pop, Acoustic , Plus many more........
Mr Roger Marvin Kent
Piano, Organ, Theory, Electronic Keyboard
Classical, Learning for Pleasure or Grades, Instrumental accompaniment, Choral accompaniment
Mr Mike Stock Eridge rd, Kent
Bass Guitar, Music Theory, Eartraining
Modern music -Jazz, Commercial
Mrs Yvonne Lloyd Heathfield , East Sussex
TN21 9QJ
Piano, Flute
Mrs Peiling Sim-Anderson New Romney
TN29 0TR
Piano, , Accompanist
Classical music pianoforte and music theory (ABRSM syllabus mainly), , Finale and Sibelius (music notation/ music production), , Music arranging and orchestration, , Music composition - particularly useful skill if you are working on your intermediate to advanced theory exams., , Jazz and pop piano
Mrs V Benson Sussex (East)
Piano, Violin, Viola, Acapella choir & workplace choirs
classical, Classical & contemporary/world choir
Mrs Judy Hewitt-Day
Piano, Keyboard, Bassoon, Theory
classical - exams optional., Edenbridge and Oxted area.
Mr Marcus Chapman Kent
Piano, Keyboard/Synth
Classical Pop Rock Metal Jazz
Mr Stuart Payne Three Oaks (near Hastings), East Sussex
TN35 4NE
Classical, Contemporary, Rock , Pop, Anything!
Mrs Sue McIntyre Kent
Piano, Music Theory, Accompanist
Mr Oliver Stevenson sevenoaks, Kent
TN13 2UU
piano, keyboard
Jazz, Blues, Latin, Boogie Woogie, Pop
Mrs Gillian (Hayward) Townsend Hawkhurst, Kent
Singing; , Piano; , Violin and Viola, Accompanist
Classical , Musical Theatre
Mr Jacob Willoughby Sussex (East)
TN31 7RS
Piano, Keyboard
Jazz, Blues, Classical, Popular, Musical (Broadway/West End)
Mr Tim Benson Heathfield, Sussex (East)
TN21 0EE
Djembe/Dun Dun, Udu, Bongos, Congas, West African/Afro Brazilian Rhythm, Drum Kit, Many styles of world percussion, Beginner guitar
West African, South American/Latin, Western, Indian
Miss Pitman Sussex (East)
Piano, Singing, Theory Grades 1-4
Classical, , Musical theatre,, Pop, , Jazz
Miss Chloe Vine Rye, Sussex (East)
TN31 7UG
Mr Zachary Coe Matfield, Tonbridge
TN12 7LR
Bass Guitar
Jazz, Funk, Rock , Pop, Metal
Mrs Emma White Kent
TN25 4PZ
Classical Piano, Music Theory, Composition and Improvisation, Basic Jazz
Mr Neale Ridding Sevenoaks , Kent Musicians Union Member
TN15 8BA
Piano, Flute, Saxophone , Clarinet, Music theory
Classical (ABRSM grades all undertaken), Jazz, Popular music, Grade 5 Theory (fast track)
Mr Tom Barlow Sussex (East)
TN38 0ER
Bass Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Keys, Vocals, Music Theory and Music Technology.
Funk, Jazz, Blues, Folk, Hip-Hop, Country, Rock, Punk and so on.
Mr Matthew Juckes Sussex (East)
TN38 0GA
Piano, Keyboard, Saxophone, Flute
Classical, Jazz, Pop, Rock, World, Film/TV Themes, Composition, Improvisation
Mrs Susan Waddington Edenbridge, Kent
Mr Richard Barnes Sevenoaks, Kent
TN15 6SQ
Piano, Flute, Music Theory
Classical, Jazz, Popular Music
Mrs Megan Skinner Sussex (East)
TN38 9LA
Piano, Voice , Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone
Mr Ryan McCaffrey Sussex (East)
TN37 6EW
Piano, Clarinet, Saxophone, Flute
Classical, Jazz
Ms Rika Zayasu Kent
TN11 0PD
Ms Veronica Parker Sussex (East)
TN39 4BS
Keyboards, Pianoforte, Singing, Arranging, Clarinet
Jazz, Classical, Pop
Mr Toby Boyle Tunbridge Wells, Kent Musicians Union Member
Guitar - Electric and Acoustic
Electric and Acoustic guitar. , All modern styles, specialising blues and rock., Grades (optional)
Mrs Poonam Christian Tunbridge wells
Classical, Semi-Classical, Western
Mr Gary Gasson Sussex (East)
TN35 5BT
Piano, Keyboard, Music Theory, Composition
All styles
Miss Leah Inman Kent
TN15 9AZ
Flute, Piano
Mainly Classical
Ms Louise Woodcock Kent
TN28 8RN
Piano, Sax, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, Bass Guitar, Drums
Classical, Jazz, Pop, Folk, Contemporary, Rock, Boogie and Blues, Hymns
Miss Kim Retallick Sussex (East)
TN22 1RU
piano, violin
Mrs Jane Clarke Kent Musicians Union Member
Piano, Singing
Rock, Pop, Classical, Jazz, Musical Theatre
Miss Anita Catherina-Fan Kent
Piano, Music Theory, GCSE music (AQA/OCR/Edexcel), A-Level Music (AQA/OCR/Edexcel)
Mr Lewis Osmant Kent
TN12 7LY
Classical Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar
Classical, Pop, Rock
Mr Jonas Larsson Sussex (East)
TN34 1PN
Jazz, Blues, Rock, Country
Ms Ariane Rees Sussex (East)
TN34 3ED
Voice, Piano
Mr Jamie Harris Sussex (East)
TN37 6QY
Djembe, Congas, assorted percussion
Hand percusionist West/North African
Mr Christopher Harris Crowborough, Sussex (East)
piano, organ(pipe), theory
piano,organ(pipe),theory, accompaniment
Miss Sarah Townsend Kent
Piano (performing, teaching and accompanying)., I am a violinst too.
Classical music predominantly
Miss Angela Purll Kent
Flute, Organ, Piano, Piano-accordion, Celtic Harp, Theory, Braille Music
Classical, Folk, Jazz, Other Genres
Mr tim robertson Kent
TN12 9DR
Guitar, Bass, Piano
all styles of music.
Miss Emma Stepkowski Tonbridge, Kent
TN10 3LY
Singing:, Musical Theatre, Classical, Pop and Jazz.
Mr Jason Boyd East Sussex
TN40 2BQ
Piano, Keyboard
Classical, Jazz, Exams
Ms Helen Bruce Kent, Kent
Voice (to advanced)
Mrs Emma White Kent
TN25 4PZ
Classical Piano, Music Theory, Basic songwriting, Basic Jazz
Miss Amanda Smith Kent
Clarinet, recorder and piano
Clarinet, Recorder, Piano, Theory, Aural
Mrs Sally Higham Kent, Kent
TN13 3PN
Piano & Voice
All genres including Associated Board & Trinity College exams.Classical, Jazz & popular music.
Mr Colin Codd Tonbridge, Kent
TN12 6RS
Drums / Drum Kit, Electric bass guitar, Accoustic upright double bass
Rock , Pop, Funk, Jazz
Mr Neil Cornwell Kent
Guitar, Music Theory
All popular styles (Rock, Folk, Blues, Funk, Jazz, Soul, Reggae...)
Mrs Elisa Harrod Kent
Violin , Piano, Theory, GCSE Tuition, A Level Tuition
All Styles
Miss Amelia-Rose Hamilton Kent
TN12 0LU
Piano , Voice, Beginner Clarinet
Classical, blues and popular