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Acaster Malbis, YO23 Acaster Selby, YO5 Acklam, YO17 Acomb, YO2 Aike, YO25 Ainderby Quernhow, YO7 Ainthorpe, YO21 Aislaby, YO18 Aldborough, YO5 Aldro, YO17 Aldwark, YO6 Allerston, YO18 Allerthorpe, YO4 Alne, YO61 Amotherby, YO17 Ampleforth, YO62 Angram, YO2 Appleton Roebuck, YO23 Appleton-le-Moors, YO62 Appleton-le-Street, YO17 Asenby, YO7 Askham Bryan, YO23 Askham Richard, YO23 Atwick, YO25 Aughton, YO4 Bagby, YO7 Bainton, YO25 Baldersby, YO7 Barlby, YO8 Barlow, YO8 Barmby Moor, YO42 Barmston, YO25 Barton-le-Street, YO17 Barton-le-Willows, YO6 Beadlam, YO6 Beck Hole, YO22 Beeford, YO25 Bempton, YO15 Beningbrough, YO30 Bessingby, YO16 Beswick, YO25 Bewholme, YO25 Bielby, YO42 Bilbrough, YO23 Bilton, YO5 Birdsall, YO17 Bishop Wilton, YO4 Bishopthorpe, YO2 Boltby, YO7 Bolton, YO4 Bolton Percy, YO5 Boroughbridge, YO5 Borrowby, YO7 Bossall, YO6 Boynton, YO16 Brafferton, YO62 Brandesburton, YO25 Brandsby, YO61 Brawby, YO17 Brayton, YO8 Breighton, YO8 Bridlington, YO16 Brigham, YO25 Brockfield, YO32 Brompton, YO13 Broughton, YO17 Broxa, YO13 Bubwith, YO8 Buckton, YO15 Bugthorpe, YO4 Bulmer, YO60 Burdale, YO17 Burn, YO8 Burnby, YO4 Burniston, YO13 Bursea, YO4 Burshill, YO25 Burton Agnes, YO25 Burton Fleming, YO25 Burythorpe, YO17 Buttercrambe, YO4 Butterwick, YO17 Camblesforth, YO8 Carlton Husthwaite, YO7 Carlton Miniott, YO7 Carnaby, YO16 Castleton, YO21 Cattal, YO5 Catton, YO7 Cawood, YO8 Cawton, YO6 Cayton, YO11 Chapel Haddlesey, YO8 Church End, YO25 Church Houses, YO6 Claxton, YO6 Cliffe, YO8 Cloughton, YO13 Cloughton Newlands, YO13 Cockayne, YO6 Cold Kirby, YO7 Commondale, YO21 Coneysthorpe, YO6 Copmanthorpe, YO2 Cottam, YO25 Coulton, YO6 Cowesby, YO7 Cowlam Manor, YO25 Coxwold, YO61 Crakehill, YO7 Crambe, YO6 Crayke, YO61 Crockey Hill, YO19 Cropton, YO18 Cross Lanes, YO6 Cundall, YO61 Dalton, YO7 Danby, YO21 Deighton, YO19 Dishforth, YO7 Drax, YO8 Duggleby, YO17 Dunnington, YO25 Dunnington, YO1 Dunsley, YO21 Earswick, YO32 Easingwold, YO61 East Ayton, YO12 East Barnby, YO21 East Cottingwith, YO4 East Heslerton, YO17 East Knapton, YO17 East Lutton, YO17 East Ness, YO6 Eastburn, YO25 Eastfield, YO11 Ebberston, YO13 Egton, YO21 Egton Bridge, YO21 Ellerton, YO4 Elmswell, YO25 Elvington, YO4 Escrick, YO19 Everingham, YO42 Everley, YO13 Fadmoor, YO62 Falsgrave, YO12 Fangfoss, YO4 Farlington, YO6 Fawdington, YO6 Felixkirk, YO7 Filey, YO14 Fimber, YO25 Flamborough, YO15 Flask Inn, YO22 Flawith, YO6 Flaxton, YO60 Flixton, YO11 Foggathorpe, YO8 Folkton, YO11 Fordon, YO25 Foston, YO6 Foston on the Wolds, YO25 Foxholes, YO25 Fraisthorpe, YO15 Fridaythorpe, YO25 Fryton, YO6 Fulford, YO1 Full Sutton, YO4 Fylingthorpe, YO22 Ganthorpe, YO60 Ganton, YO12 Garton-on-the-Wolds, YO25 Gate Helmsley, YO41 Gateforth, YO8 Gembling, YO25 Gillamoor, YO6 Gilling East, YO62 Glaisdale, YO21 Goathland, YO22 Goldsborough, YO21 Goodmanham, YO4 Gowthorpe, YO4 Grafton, YO5 Gransmoor, YO25 Great Barugh, YO17 Great Driffield, YO25 Great Edstone, YO62 Great Givendale, YO4 Great Habton, YO17 Great Kelk, YO25 Great Ouseburn, YO5 Green Hammerton, YO5 Grindale, YO16 Gristhorpe, YO14 Grosmont, YO22 Gunby, YO8 Hackness, YO13 Haisthorpe, YO25 Hambleton, YO8 Harlthorpe, YO8 Harome, YO62 Harpham, YO25 Harton, YO6 Harwood Dale, YO13 Hawnby, YO6 Haxby, YO32 Hayton, YO42 Helmsley, YO41 Helmsley Sproxton, YO62 Helperby, YO6 Helperthorpe, YO17 Hemingbrough, YO8 Hempholme, YO25 Heslington, YO1 Hessay, YO5 High Catton, YO4 High Hawsker, YO22 High Hunsley, YO4 High Hutton, YO6 High Kilburn, YO6 Highfield, YO8 Hilderthorpe, YO15 Hirst Courtney, YO8 Holme-on-Spalding-Moor, YO43 Holtby, YO19 Hotham, YO43 Houlsyke, YO21 Hovingham, YO62 Howe, YO7 Howsham, YO60 Huby, YO61 Huggate, YO42 Hunmanby, YO14 Hunt House, YO22 Huntington, YO32 Husthwaite, YO61 Hutton Buscel, YO13 Hutton Cranswick, YO25 Hutton Sessay, YO7 Hutton Wandesley, YO5 Hutton-le-Hole, YO62 Irton, YO12 Keldholme, YO6 Keldy Castle, YO18 Kelfield, YO19 Kelleythorpe, YO25 Kennythorpe, YO17 Kepwick, YO7 Kettleness, YO21 Kexby, YO41 Kilburn, YO6 Kildale, YO21 Kilham, YO25 Kilnwick, YO25 Kirby Grindalythe, YO17 Kirby Knowle, YO7 Kirby Misperton, YO17 Kirby Underdale, YO4 Kirby Wiske, YO7 Kirk Hammerton, YO5 Kirkburn, YO25 Kirkby Mills, YO6 Kirkbymoorside, YO62 Kirkham, YO6 Knapton, YO26 Knayton, YO7 Langdale End, YO13 Langthorpe, YO5 Langtoft, YO25 Langton, YO17 Lastingham, YO6 Laytham, YO42 Lealholm, YO21 Leavening, YO17 Lebberston, YO11 Leppington, YO17 Levisham, YO18 Linton-on-Ouse, YO6 Lissett, YO25 Little Barugh, YO17 Little Burton, YO25 Little Driffield, YO25 Little Habton, YO17 Little Ouseburn, YO5 Little Thirkleby, YO7 Littlebeck, YO22 Lockington, YO25 Lockton, YO18 Londesborough, YO4 Long Drax, YO8 Long Marston, YO26 Low Catton, YO4 Low Hawkser, YO22 Low Hutton, YO6 Low Marishes, YO17 Low Mill, YO6 Lower Dunsforth, YO5 Lowthorpe, YO25 Lund, YO25 Lund, YO8 Lythe, YO21 Malton, YO17 Market Weighton, YO43 Marton, YO51 Marton Abbey, YO6 Maunby, YO7 Melbourne, YO42 Meltonby, YO42 Menethorpe, YO17 Middleton, YO18 Middleton-on-the-Wolds, YO25 Millington, YO4 Minskip, YO5 Moor End, YO4 Moor Monkton, YO5 Murton, YO1 Muscoates, YO6 Muston, YO14 Myton-on-Swale, YO61 Naburn, YO1 Nafferton, YO25 Nawton, YO6 Nether Poppleton, YO2 Nether Silton, YO7 New Earswick, YO3 Newholm, YO21 Newland, YO8 Newsham, YO7 Newton upon Derwent, YO4 Newton-on-Ouse, YO30 Newton-on-Rawcliffe, YO18 Normanby, YO6 North Cliffe, YO4 North Dalton, YO25 North Duffield, YO8 North Frodingham, YO25 North Grimston, YO17 North Kilvington, YO7 North Newbald, YO43 Norton, YO17 Norton-le-Clay, YO6 Nun Monkton, YO5 Nunburnholme, YO4 Nunnington, YO62 Octon, YO25 Old Byland, YO62 Old Malton, YO17 Old Sunderlandwick, YO25 Oldstead, YO6 Osbaldwick, YO1 Osgodby, YO11 Osgodby, YO8 Oswaldkirk, YO62 Oulston, YO6 Over Silton, YO7 Overton, YO30 Pickering, YO18 Pickhill, YO7 Place Newton, YO17 Pockley, YO62 Pocklington, YO42 Rainton, YO7 Raskelf, YO61 Ravenscar, YO13 Raw, YO22 Rawcliffe, YO3 Reighton, YO14 Riccall, YO19 Rievaulx, YO6 Rillington, YO17 Robin Hood's Bay, YO22 Roecliffe, YO5 Rosedale Abbey, YO18 Rotsea, YO25 Rudston, YO25 Rufforth, YO23 Ruston, YO13 Ruston Parva, YO25 Ruswarp, YO22 Ryton, YO17 Salton, YO62 Sancton, YO4 Sand Hole, YO4 Sand Hutton, YO41 Sandhutton, YO7 Sandsend, YO21 Sawdon, YO13 Scackleton, YO6 Scagglethorpe, YO17 Scalby, YO12 Scampston, YO17 Scarborough, YO11 Scawton, YO7 Scorborough, YO25 Scrayingham, YO41 Seamer, YO12 Seaton Ross, YO4 Selby, YO8 Sessay, YO7 Settrington, YO17 Sewerby, YO15 Sherburn, YO17 Sheriff Hutton, YO6 Shipton, YO30 Shiptonthorpe, YO43 Silpho, YO13 Sinderby, YO7 Sinnington, YO62 Skelton, YO3 Skerne, YO25 Skewsby, YO6 Skipsea, YO25 Skipton-on-Swale, YO7 Skipwith, YO8 Skirpenbeck, YO41 Sledmere, YO25 Sleights, YO22 Slingsby, YO6 Snainton, YO13 Sneaton, YO22 Sneatonthorpe, YO22 South Cliffe, YO4 South Duffield, YO8 South Kilvington, YO7 South Newbald, YO4 Southburn, YO25 Sowerby, YO7 Spaunton, YO6 Speeton, YO14 Sproxton, YO62 Stainsacre, YO22 Staintondale, YO13 Stamford Bridge, YO4 Stape, YO18 Staxton, YO12 Stearsby, YO6 Stillingfleet, YO19 Stillington, YO6 Stockton on the Forest, YO32 Stonegrave, YO6 Storwood, YO42 Street, YO21 Strensall, YO32 Suffield, YO13 Sutton upon Derwent, YO4 Sutton-on-the-Forest, YO61 Sutton-under-Whitestonecliffe, YO7 Swaythorpe, YO25 Swinton, YO17 Temple Hirst, YO8 Terrington, YO6 Thirkleby, YO7 Thirlby, YO7 Thirsk, YO7 Thixendale, YO17 Tholthorpe, YO6 Thorganby, YO4 Thorgill, YO18 Thormanby, YO6 Thornholme, YO25 Thornton, YO4 Thornton-le-Clay, YO6 Thornton-le-Dale, YO18 Thornton-le-Street, YO7 Thorpe, YO25 Thorpe Bassett, YO17 Thorpe Hall, YO6 Thorpe le Street, YO4 Thorpe Underwood, YO26 Thorpe Willoughby, YO8 Thwing, YO25 Tibthorpe, YO25 Tockwith, YO5 Tollerton, YO61 Topcliffe, YO7 Towthorpe, YO25 Towthorpe, YO32 Ugglebarnby, YO22 Ugthorpe, YO21 Ulrome, YO25 Upper Dunsforth, YO5 Upper Helmsley, YO4 Upper Poppleton, YO2 Upsall, YO7 Wansford, YO25 Warter, YO4 Warthill, YO19 Wass, YO6 Watton, YO25 Weaverthorpe, YO17 Welburn, YO60 West Ayton, YO13 West Barnby, YO21 West End, YO25 West Haddlesey, YO8 West Heslerton, YO17 West Knapton, YO17 West Lilling, YO6 West Lutton, YO17 West Ness, YO6 Westerdale, YO21 Westow, YO6 Wetwang, YO25 Wharram le Street, YO17 Wharram Percy, YO17 Wheldrake, YO19 Whenby, YO6 Whitby, YO21 Whitwell-on-the-Hill, YO60 Whixley, YO5 Wiggington, YO32 Wiggington, YO3 Wilberfoss, YO41 Willerby, YO12 Willitoft, YO8 Wilton, YO18 Wintringham, YO17 Wistow, YO8 Wold Newton, YO25 Wombleton, YO6 Wrelton, YO18 Wressle, YO8 Wykeham, YO13 Wykeham, YO17 Yapham, YO4 Yearsley, YO6 Yedingham, YO17 York, YO1 Youlthorpe, YO4 Youlton, YO6


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Private Accompanists

Name Location Musicians Union Member Child Protection Training Qualifications Verified Memberships Training
Premium Members
Mr Joseph O'Neill B.A. (Hons.) DipABRSM MISM York, Yorkshire (North) Child Protection Training
YO24 3HA
Piano, Music Theory, Composition/Songwriting, GCSE/A Level Music modules (Bach chorales, Serialism, Minimalism etc)
Classical, Contemporary, Jazz, Everything in-between
Mrs Alla Levit-Anderson Yorkshire (North)
YO19 5PZ
Piano, Music Theory
Dr Rupert Avis LRSM York
YO10 5DD
cello, piano, guitar (classical, electric, bass), music theory, violin and viola, singing, Carnatic violin, sarangi, 8-course lute, bass viol, , GCSE and A level music tuition , Undergraduate music tuition
Mr Robert Coates Kirkbymoorside, York Musicians Union Member
YO62 6AR
Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Trumpet, Cornet, Trombone, Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Violin, , , Theory of Music
Classical, Contemporary, Jazz
Miss Rosie Morris Yorkshire (North)
Piano, Accompanying, Double Bass, Theory
Classical, Theory, Accompanying
Standard Members
Mr William Dore Yorkshire (North)
YO62 4BY
Organ, Piano, Harpsichord
Classical and Jazz
Mr Tim Farnhill Yorkshire (North)
YO26 5JA
Piano, Flute, Keyboard, Guitar - classical, Guitar - acoustic, Theory - all levels, Songwriting
Classical, Jazz, Popular music, Music from musicals
Mr Matthew Palmer BA (Hons) Aurega House, Yorkshire (North)
YO10 4DA
Piano, Guitar, Music Theory, A-Level Music, GCSE Music
All, mainly classical.
Mrs Hilary Suckling York
Mr Donald Pears Yorkshire (North)
YO31 8RB
Piano, Keyboard, Flute
classical, modern, musicals
Mr David Thompson Eastfield, Scarborough
YO11 3FQ
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, 12 String Guitar
Funk, Jazz, Fusion, Rock, Pop, Fingerstyle
Mrs Nicola Thompson York, Yorkshire (North)
Piano, Flute, Recorder, Harp, Theory of Music
Mr Edward Caine Yorkshire (North)
YO31 8LG
Jazz/Classical Piano, Composition, Theory, Harmony, Practical Musicianship
Mr Chris Welch North Yorkshire, Yorkshire (North)
YO18 7BA
Piano, Organ, , Music Theory
THEORY: grades 1 - 5, Piano: grades 1 - 7, English/Italian Baroque, Classical, Modern, selected Contemporary, Rag Time
Mrs Kate Harrison-Ledger Yorkshire (North)
YO26 4RZ
Piano; composition
Classical, Contemporary, Experimental
Mr Corey Gerrard Yorkshire (North)
YO10 3PR
Piano, Electronic Keyboard, Piano Accompaniment
Classical, Romantic, Contemporary, Musical Theatre
Mr John Pennington York
YO30 4WE
Organ , Piano , Theory
Organist , Piano , Theory
Miss Sarah Hanna York, Yorkshire (North)
YO30 5SN
Piano , Flute , Violin , Viola
Mr David Mather Malton, Yorkshire (North)
YO17 9AE
Classical, Theory
Mr Neil Morgan BA (Hons) Yorkshire (North) Musicians Union Member
Acoustic, Electric & Classical Guitar
All styles.
Mr Robert Dawson Driffield, Scarborough, Humberside
YO14 9NL
Piano, Keyboard, Flute, Trumpet, Cornet, Euphonium, Baritone, Horn, Theory
Classical, Modern
Mrs Sylvia Hartley York, Yorkshire (North)
YO23 3TG
Piano, , Theory, , Aural
Classical & modern. Jazz beginners, Theory, Aural
Mr Toby Huelin York, Yorkshire (North)
Piano, Jazz Piano, Rock Piano, Music Theory, Composition, A-Level Music, GCSE Music, Key Stage 3 Music, Aural/Sight-reading, University/Interview Preparation (eg. Oxbridge)
Miss Lauren Ingham BA Hons MISM Yorkshire (North)
Trombone, Bass trombone, trumpet, cornet, tenor horn, baritone, euphonium, flugelhorn, whole class singing, whole class music sessions, samba drumming, music theory, performance coaching
Mr Connagh Tonkinson BA North Yorkshire
YO23 1BX
Singing, Musical Theatre, Vocal Coaching, Acting, Piano, Music Theory
Musical Theatre, Classical Piano, Accompaniment (Piano)
Miss Pam Bowyer Scarborough
YO11 2SY
Piano/Keyboard, Trombone, Euphonium, Cornet/Trumpet, Tuba, Singing, Theory
Classical, Musical Theatre, Brass Band, Jazz
Mrs Emma Welburn-Kelly Malton
YO17 8LU
Cello, Piano, Music Theory, GCSE and A Level Music Tuition, Piano Accompaniment (Lower grades only).
Miss catherine Knights pickering
YO18 8ER
Mr Jonathan Hepworth Yorkshire (North) Musicians Union Member
YO32 9QP
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar
Rock, Pop, Blues, Metal, Jazz, Ska, Reggae, Improvisation, Music Theory, Composition, Slap Bass, Sight Reading, Finger Picking
Mrs Anna Phelps
YO26 8BJ
Piano, Theory of Music, Aural Training, Accompaniment
Classical piano, Wide range of styles to inspire and enthuse young students , Your choice of style (adults)
Dr Lily Law Yorkshire (North)
YO10 3HP
Classical Piano Lesson (Beginner to Diploma), Keyboard Lesson, Pop Music/Contemporary Music Lesson, Music Theory (Beginner to Diploma), Recording Techniques, Music Notation Skills, Composing/Music Arranging
Classical, Pop, Jazz
Ms Catherine Cowan Yorkshire (North)
YO26 4UY
Piano, Voice
Mrs Rachael Clarke Selby, Yorkshire (North)
Piano, Clarinet, Saxophone, Voice
Popular, Classical, Jazz
Mr Ed Osborne Aylsham, Norfolk
YO17 8HX
Classical, Jazz, contemporary
Mrs Mie Hayashi-O'Sullivan Yorkshire (North)
YO30 6BU
Piano, Harpsichord
Classical, Baroque
Mr Greg Birch York, Yorkshire (North)
YO24 2PW
Piano - Classical, Piano - Jazz
Dr Ana R. Fontecha Yorkshire (North)
Piano / Keyboards, Music Theory, Harmony, Counterpoint, Analysis, Composition
Mrs Liz Armour Yorkshire (North)
French Horn (specialist) , Trumpet / Cornet (lots of practical experience including playing in Big Band and in a Brass Band), Tuba - BBb Bass player in a Brass Band, Ukelele - competent to lead workshops, Songwriting and writing music , Music Technology - Daily user of Mac programmes/apps., Keyboard
Classical, Jazz, All
Mr Andrew Fowles Yorkshire (North)
YO10 5AS
Piano, Violin
Mrs Liz Whitaker Driffield, Yorkshire (North)
Piano, Keyboard, Music Theory
Classical, Modern
Mr Josh Griffith Yorkshire (North)
YO10 3EF
Piano, Keyboard
Classical, Musical Theatre
Miss shannon moore Yorkshire (North)
YO21 1LL
Mr Aneurin Rees Yorkshire (North)
YO10 4DL
Blues, Rock, Pop, Funk, Jazz, Folk, Theory
Mrs Rachel Meredith Long Marston, Yorkshire (North)
YO26 7PQ
violin, viola, theory, aural
Miss Harriet Pridmore Yorkshire (North)
YO10 3RW
Voice, Piano
Classical, Musical Theatre, Opera, Jazz
Mr Kris To Yorkshire (North)
YO10 5BQ
Piano, Organ, Music Theory
Classical, Contemporary
Mrs Charlotte Bowman Yorkshire (North)
YO30 1YF
Classical, Pop, Musicals, Film Music
Miss Jessica Wright Yorkshire (North)
Piano, Music theory
Classical, Rock/pop, Improvisation, Playing by ear
Mr Chris Nelson North Yorkshire, Yorkshire (North)
YO11 2JQ
Guitar, Drums
Pop, Rock, Funk, Blues, Jazz
Mrs Moira Gray Yorkshire (North)
Piano, Theory
Mr Peter Buckby Scarborough
YO12 5ET
Piano, , Keyboard,, Vocal, , Music Theory, , Brass, (Trumpet/Euphonium)
All styles from Classical to Modern covered
Miss Jasmine Wang Yorkshire (North)
YO31 1AL
Chinese Zither(Guzheng)
Classical Chinese music.
Mrs Leonie Creswell Humberside
YO25 8ND
Mr Paul Whittaker Whitby
YO21 2PU
Guitar , Bass
Mr Jonny Moss Yorkshire (North)
Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar
Classical Guitar: , Classical and Romantic, Pre-Classical, Contemporary, Flamenco, Sight Reading, , Acoustic Guitar:, Fingerstyle, Acoustic Blues, Flatpicking, Chords and Rhythm, Acoustic Jazz, Pop, Lead Improvisation, Sight Reading
Mr James Wood Yorkshire (North)
Drum kit (beginner to professional), Orchestral tuned and untuned percussion (beginner to intermediate), Piano (beginner)
Jazz, Blues, Rock, Pop, Latin (various - ask for more details!), African (as above!), Orchestral
Mr Joseph Christie Yorkshire (North)
Jazz/Popular/Classical Piano, Keyboard, Music Theory
Jazz, Popular, Classical
Mr Adam Parrish Yorkshire (North)
YO31 8NN
Piano, Keyboard, Conducting, Music Theory
Classical, Contemporary Classical, Jazz, Rock
Miss Jiatong He Yorkshire (North)
YO10 3JW
Piano , Music theroy
Classic , Pop music
Mrs sarah Viersen-Corser Yorkshire (North)
Voice, Piano
Classical, Musical, Jazz
Mr Paul Feehan Yorkshire (North)
YO30 6AS
Mr Michael Cooper York, Yorkshire (North)
YO42 2PU
Piano, Clarinet, Organ, Trumpet, Flute
Mr Matthew Hammond Yorkshire (North)
YO10 4HU
Piano, theory, composition, music history, GCSE/A-Level tuition.
Mrs Alison Jennison-Smith Yorkshire (North)
YO10 3SX
Mr James Taylor York, Yorkshire (North)
YO10 3TJ
Piano, Organ
Classical, Jazz, Popular
Mrs Angela Rae YORK, Yorkshire (North)
YO26 5EG
Piano Teaching, Piano Accompaniment
Mr Christian Topman Yorkshire (North)
YO24 1EA
Double Bass, Bass Guitar
jazz, rock , blues , folk , funk, latin
Mr James Browne York, Yorkshire (North)
YO24 4HT
Guitar (Electric and Acoustic)
Rock, Pop
Mr John Atkin Yorkshire (North)
YO26 5HY
Piano, Theory
Mr Stuart Ellis BA(Hons) QTS DipABRSM York, Yorkshire (North)
YO51 9JS
Classical & Popular, Theory (e.g. Grade 5), Accompanist for examinations
Mrs Rachel Derbyshire Yorkshire (North)
Piano , Recorders, Flute, Theory, GCSE, A Level
All styles covered including classical and popular., ABRSM exams.
Mr Mark Staton Cloughton, Scarborough
YO13 0AB
All styles
Mr Dan Holding York, Yorkshire (North)
YO23 1NN
Piano, Flute
Dr Mark Hutchinson Yorkshire (North)
YO31 0SB
Piano, Oboe
Classical, Contemporary Classical
Mr Christopher Legg Market Weighton, Yorkshire (North)
YO43 3DH
Piano, Electronic Keyboard, Synthesizer, Music Theory
Jazz, Popular, Classical
Mrs Kristl Kirk Yorkshire (North) Qualifications Verified
YO31 9JQ
Piano/ Keyboard
Classical, Jazz, Musicals, All Genres and Styles
Miss jia chai Yorkshire (North)
YO10 5JB
classical, contemporary
Dr Nicky Losseff York, Yorkshire (North)
YO19 6HT
Classical, Light
Mr Sam Johnson Yorkshire (North)
YO26 5RY
Piano/Keyboards, Saxophone, Theory
Pop, Jazz, Funk, Gospel, Classical
Mr Josh Wilkinson Alford , Lincolnshire