My work has received a large amount of media attention, especially following my winning of the competition to write a fanfare organised by Shell and Granada TV in 1989. As a result of this I was featured on the Granada TV programme Celebration.

Press comments have included:

"..but it was the composition Northern Lights, with its colourful scoring and almost cheeky cheerfulness which captured the first prize of £2500 for 32-year old Manchester University music graduate Frederick Naftel"

Manchester Evening News

"Naftel's opening flourish provided the best moments of thecompetition..."

"The contest... attracted 150 competitors from both sides of Watford, but it was Mr Naftel's percussion fanfare entitled 'Northern Lights' that took home the honours."

Macclesfield Times

"And headlining the Stockport Symphony Orchestra event alongside Chopin and Brahms, Frederick is surely destined for great things"

"Pascal's Victim is an ingenious suite of some substance, the thematic material for which is drawn from Gregorian chant, but I found this quite up-to-date and convincing aesthetically"

Brass Band World Magazine