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" Gary Cooper's unerring choice of tempo and ear for balance ensured maximum impact and clarity..his direction gave the singers time to make clear their words, whilst losing nothing in terms of excitement; his judgment of tempi, balance and pace would be hard to surpass...G.C's direction was, in every sense, most apt. There was a real sense of relaxed music-making among friends, achieving a culminative tension and excitement that added up to a real performance. The Tudeley Festival is fortunate to have such a close relationship with this outstanding and fast-maturing musician...Frankly, it is difficult to imagine a better sung, better played, and better directed Creation."

Conducting the Band of Instruments/Haydn's Creation, Tudeley Festival
[Tonbridge Courier, Jan. 01]
" With Gary Cooper lavishly working out the harmonic implications on the harpsichord, this group sounded full, vibrant - like a well-rehearsed band on modern instruments [sic!], in fact, though with a completely different sound. The final Passacaille was superb... A magnificent concert."

Conducting the Band of Instruments/Charpentier's Circe
[Oxford Times, Jan. 01]
" G.C. projected a large scale structure to both concerts - not an easy task...Cooper produces a remarkably sustained and resonant tone...[he has] an amazing ability to hold the audience spellbound."

Bach: Well-Tempered Clavier Bk I & II/ Wigmore Hall
[Early Music Review, Feb. 01]
" Gary Cooper's interpretation of Book I is among the more distinguished available, not least because of the clear facility he shares with his chosen instrument and his already quite profound intellectual understanding of the music itself."

Bach: Well-Tempered Clavier Bk I CD review [Early Music Review, Feb. 01]
"AN IMPRESSIVE NEW VERSION OF BACH'S CONTRAPUNTAL MASTERPIECE...Cooper's phrasing and articulation are well conceived..and a natural sense of rubato removes any trace of stiffness..accomplished with apparent ease. Cooper's overall approach is perhaps a touch more extrovert than Moroney's and unfailingly musical with it...it is both essentially respectful and refreshing to hear. Strongly recommended."

Bach: Well-Tempered Clavier Bk I CD review
[Gramophone, April 01]
"..a rising star in early music."

Concert review
[The Observer, Apr.01]
"AN OUTSTANDING RECORDING..These performances have exceptional musical vitality...I was impressed by the the rich implications the players (pianist Gary Cooper most of all) drew from the textures and the harmonies. The finale of the Eb work, too, is done with great spirit - here the pianist is very much in the driving seat - and there are many happy details of timing and dynamic gradation. Mozart's wit is beautifully captured in K493, yet this is a deeply serious performance, strongly argued, with the mystery and logic of his unusual modulations fully grasped. The first movement here..is particularly successful, with Cooper taking his time over the expression of its ideas."

Mozart Piano Quartets/Sonnerie CD review
[Gramophone, May 01]
"La musicalité des quatre chanteurs (ainsi que celle des solistes instrumentaux), l'intérêt et l'à-propos stylistique sont parfaits. Car il faut du goût, de l'esprit, de la mesure mais aussi de l'expressivité pour donner vie à ces tableaux qui semblent des "bo! nsaïs" de tragédie lyrique et ne sont en rien des oeuvres mineures. Le claveciniste Gary Cooper, instigateur et animateur de cette intégrale, y est parvenu."

Rameau Cantatas CD review
[Le Monde: Notre Selection hebdomadaire de disques, June 01]
"Cooper and his forces make a good case for it."

Rameau Cantatas CD review
[Gramophone, July 01]
"The stately pomp of Richard Goodson's ode Ormond's Glory is vividly evoked by Gary Cooper and his musicians, the instrumental band providing stylish support for the singers' bold declamations...and the distinction of Cooper's playing [in Locke's Suite]..a repertoire that has languished for too long on library shelves." Performance ×××××

Music from Ceremonial Oxford CD review
[BBC Music Magazine, July 01]
"It's always rather exciting when completely neglected pieces are recorded for the first time. It's even more thrilling when the music turns out to be buried treasure. The New Chamber Opera Ensemble turn in stylish and enthusiastic performances. An enterprising recording which fascinates and delights in equal measure."

Music from Ceremonial Oxford CD review
[International Record Review, July 01]