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Private Accompanists

Name Location Musicians Union Member Child Protection Training Qualifications Verified Memberships Training
Premium Members
Mrs Philippa Topham Church Hill, Swanage, Dorset
BH19 1HU
Piano, Flute, Singing, Theory, Aural, One-to-one mentoring/coaching for piano teachers, Presentations for piano teachers
Mr Mark Randlesome Wimborne, Dorset Musicians Union Member
BH21 3QX
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Blues, Rock, Pop, Country, Classical, Lead/Rhythm, Metal, Improvisation, GCSE Preparation, Aural Training, Music theory
Miss Deborah Radford Dorset
Piano , Piano Accompaniment, Singing, Aural Training
Classical Piano, Classical, Theatre and Melodic Popular Singing
Mr Robert Harvey Hampshire
Miss Anna Jacobs Dorset
BH31 6DB
I specialise in teaching Classical Piano, but can adapt to different genres including jazz, pop, film music and everything in between. I also offer Music theory lessons on the side to develop pupils' musicianship skills.
Classically-trained, specialising in teaching Classical Music, but can also turn my hand to other genres!
Mr Jamie Craig Dorset, Dorset Musicians Union Member
BH21 2NN
Drums & Percussion
All styles catered for.
Standard Members
Ms Susan Craxton (near Child Okeford, Shillingstone, Stourpaine, Charlton Marshall), Dorset Qualifications Verified
DT11 7AZ
Classical, Ragtime, Music Theory
Mr Samuel Ryall Alfred Street, Blandford Forum
DT11 7JN
Piano, Organ, Synthesisers
Classical, Popular (pop, jazz, rock, musical theatre)
Mr Lawrence camilleri Dorset
BH31 6UJ
cocktal, jazz, semi classic, latin, pop
Mr Paul Martin Bere Regis, Dorset
Piano & Keys
Mr David Bell Dorset, Dorset
Trombone, Trumpet, Horn, Euphonium, Tuba, Piano, Keyboard
Classical, Jazz
piano (classical)
Mr Howard John Evans Dorset
Pianoforte, Conducting
Pianoforte - all levels, Conducting, Music Theory, GCSE & A level composition
Mr Nick Taylor East Burton Road, Wool, Wareham, Dorset
BH20 6HF
Bass's include:, Fender Jazz, Fender Precision, Dean Edge 5, BC Rich Warlock, Cort c4 h
Bass Guitar tuition. All styles and genres from begginers to advanced, metal, funk, blues, rock, jazz, ska, fusion, punk, varied techniques, slap, double handed finger tapping etc.
Ms Lauren Mackie Dorset
Piano, Theory, Aural
Classical, contemporary
Miss Lisa Collins Charmouth , Dorset
Piano, Keyboard
Classical , Jazz, Popular , Film, Blues, Latin
Mr Matt Tarling Dorset Musicians Union Member
Fiddle, Violin
Traditional Irish/Celtic , Eastern European, Bluegrass, Jazz swing, Improvisation
Mr Stephen Kenyon Dorset
Classical guitar
Classical guitar
Mr Aidan Fisher Dorchester Musicians Union Member
Violin, Viola, Theory
All styles
Mr Luke Bhagwanani Dorset
BH22 8SY
Drums, Percussion
Rock, Jazz, Pop, Metal
Mrs Joanna Hughes Yetminster
Piano, Church organ, Flute , Recorder , Clarinet
Classical, Pop
Mrs ingrid dixon hampshire, Hampshire
piano, keyboard, theory
classical, jazz, contemporary
Ms Helen Coombs Sherborne, Dorset
Piano, Harpsichord
Classical, Beginner Jazz
Mr James Sawyer Blandford Forum, Dorset
DT11 8BS
Guitar:, Classical , Acoustic , Electric , Bass
Classical, Rock, Pop, Blues
Mrs Emily Clark Dorset, Dorset Musicians Union Member
Piano, keyboard
Piano lessons for fun or exams or both, for children and adults.
Ms Ivy Tan Hampshire
BH24 1XY
Piano, Percussion, Singing, Choral directing
Classical piano, Accompanist for instrumentalists, singers, choirs
Mr Angus Murray-Brown Dorset
BH19 1PL
Piano , Keyboard, Organ, Violin, Theory
Classical, Popular Styles, Lounge and background music., Jazz
Mr Jack Beale Dorset, Dorset Musicians Union Member
Guitar, Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar
Rock, Funk, Jazz, Metal, Shred, Blues, Acoustic
Dr Sadie Harrison Dorset
Piano, Theory, Composition
Miss Florence Astley Dorset
I am an independent piano teacher and harp teacher, and am based near Dorchester., , On piano, I teach up to Grade 8 level., On harp I teach absolute beginners through to intermediate level harpists., , I pride myself on having a flexible teaching approach, where I can accommodate the student's particular needs during the piano or harp lesson.
Classical, Traditional
Mr Adam Lloyd Corfe Mullen , Dorset
BH21 3HF
Piano, Music Theory
Pop, Funk, Blues, Rock, Classical, Technical Development, Sight-reading, GCSE ensemble, solo and theory paper preparation, A level music performance and composition
Mr Gary Gahan Poole, Dorset
BH16 6BJ
Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Rock, Blues, Pop
Guitar, Bass Guitar
Rock, Blues, Metal, Rock n Roll, Acoustic, Folk, Country, Funk, Punk
Mr Peter Kirkbride Dorset
With over 30 years of experience, Pete is an accomplished classical guitarist and has performed many concerts as a soloist and as part of an ensemble. His styles range from classical and spanish, to blues, pop and rock classics.
Mrs Ruth Geal Shaftesbury, Dorset
Piano, Theory, Aural, Accompanist for exams
Classical, music for fun. Graded exams,theory lessons, aural coaching.
Mrs Louise Dukes Weymouth, Dorset
Dr Daniel Cummins Dorset
Piano, Organ
Mrs Nicola Price Dorchester, Dorset
Piano Teaching and accompanying., Grades 1 to Diploma standard. All accompanying and ABRSM accompanying.
Miss Emma Carter Dorset, Dorset Musicians Union Member
Violin, Piano, Recorder, Theory, Some vocal training
Classical, Folk, Pop, Musicals, You choose!
Miss Florence Astley Dorset
I teach piano beginner grade 1 to advanced , And harp at all levels
Classical, Folk , Pop
Mr Dave Brooks Hampshire
BH24 1SS
Recorders - Full family, Piano, Trumpet and other brass, Clarinet, Samba
Having been classically trained I am experienced in teaching Classical, Jazz, Improvisation and Contemporary
Mr Gareth Davies Ringwood
BH24 1XP
Bass Guitar
Funk, Rock, Jazz, Modern Pop, Blues, Reggae, Electronic Music
Miss Rosie Smith Bridport, Dorset
Piano, Theory, Aural
I teach all styles, all ages and all levels but I specialise in working with children. Whether you choose to take the exam route or just play for fun, lessons will be friendly, focused and fun. I also encourage pupils to record a CD every few months so they can build up a collection and listen back to see how they have improved., , , Testimonials:, , ÂRosieÂs ability to teach is natural and of a high standard. Friendly and caring. Irreplaceable.Â, Saeeda Hussein, mother of Leila 5, , ÂIÂm 47 years old and they say you canÂt teach an old dog new tricks but in RosieÂs case itÂs not true. SheÂs kind, patient and what she doesnÂt know about music isnÂt worth knowing.Â, Neil McAdams, 47, , ÂOur son started learning piano with Rosie and has made fantastic progress. He loves every minute of his lessons and practice. He has benefited from both the excellent theory work and the fun aspects that Rosie brings to piano. As parents we couldnÂt ask for a better learning environment or tutor.Â, Natalie Hargreaves, mother of William 10, , ÂRosie gave me the confidence to believe in my ability, and thanks to her structured approach and understanding of my strengths and weaknesses I recently passed my first two exams with distinction! Definitely the best teacher I have come across. Would 100% recommend.Â, Sarah Jones, 34
Mr Kevin Jackson Dorset
DT11 7FJ
Rock, Jazz, Latin, Funk, Pop, Blues.
Mr Williams Dorset
Mrs Fran Foan (BMus Kings College & Royal Academy of Music) Dorset
BH22 0AH
Singing, Piano
Classical, Music Theatre, Jazz, Contemporary, Composition
Mrs Fran Lane -Piano&Singing. BMus Kings College/RAM Dorset
BH22 0AH
Piano , Singing, Theory
Classical, Commercial, Jazz
Miss Florence Astley maiden newton, Dorset
I am an independent piano teacher and harp teacher., I take pride in my flexible teaching approach. , I give piano and harp lessons from my own home, near Dorchester., I teach piano up to grade 8 level, and I teach harp to beginners students and intermediate level students.
Classical, Traditional
Mr John Christopher Wesley-Barker Blandford Forum, Dorset Musicians Union Member
DT11 0QL
flute, saxophone, clarinet, piano, keyboards, music technology, composition, arranging, transcription, sight-reading
Classical, Jazz, Contemporary, Rock & Pop
Mr Christopher Edwards Dorset
Oboe, Piano, Piano Accompaniment, Theory
Mrs Sharon Chaldecott Breamore, Hampshire
Voice, Piano, Flute (up to and incl Grade V), Grade V Theory, GCSE Coaching, A Level Coaching
Classical, Musical, Popular, Jazz
Mrs Anne English Dorset
Classical, Popular
Piano, Accordion, Music Theory, Accompanist
Classical, pop, music from films and TV,folk and World music, light jazz and more.
Mr Paul Bedford Bridport, Dorset
Guitar, Bass guitar, Drums
Rock, Pop, Classical