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Private Accompanists

Name Location Musicians Union Member Child Protection Training Qualifications Verified Memberships Training
Miss Amy Parkin Humberside
HU17 9HU
Piano, Flute, Voice, Music Theory
Mainly Classical (including Baroque and Romantic), though I have experience playing a variety of 20th Century music.
Mr TERRY HUNTER Humberside
DN14 7QR
Violin, Mandolin, Piano, Keyboard, Hurdy-Gurdy
Classical, Traditional Folk
Mrs Joan Hill Humberside
HU17 8WB
Piano, Theory
Classical, I can also enable students who wish to play popular music
Mr Alvin Lee Humberside
Piano, Theory
ABRSM, Trinity, Classical music, Pop music, Beginner to grade 6
Mr Adam McGuinn The Paddock
DN14 0TY
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ukulele, Banjo and Music Theory
Blues, Jazz, Funk, all types of Rock, Fusion, Latin..., , Able to sight read and learn from ear
Mr Stephen Hill East Yorkshire
DN14 6YG
Teach: Piano, Flute, Piccolo and Music Theory, , Aural test preparation, , Accompaniment: Piano, Organ, Keys, Flute and Piccolo
Classical, Pop, RnB, Jazz, Contemporary, Musical, Film, Soul, Gospel
Mrs Liz Whitaker Driffield, Yorkshire (North)
Piano, Keyboard, Music Theory
Classical, Modern
Mrs Nicki Owen East Yorkshire, Humberside
Piano, Violin, Theory, Aural
Classical, Modern/pop
Mr Conrad Dean Yorkshire (North)
HU17 0TP
Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar, Piano, Drums
Mrs Leonie Creswell Humberside
YO25 8ND
Mrs Rachael England Humberside
HU13 0SD
Violin, piano
Classical, and for fun
Mr lester Bartlett East yorkshire, Humberside Musicians Union Member
HU13 0TF
Piano. Organ. All Brass.
Mr Michael Cooper York, Yorkshire (North)
YO42 2PU
Piano, Clarinet, Organ, Trumpet, Flute
Mr David Ward Humberside
HU15 2BQ
All instruments (including voice)
Miss Jennifer Ho-man Yeung UK, Humberside
Recorder, Piano
Mrs Rachel Derbyshire Yorkshire (North)
Piano , Recorders, Flute, Theory, GCSE, A Level
All styles covered including classical and popular., ABRSM exams.
Mr Christopher Legg Market Weighton, Yorkshire (North)
YO43 3DH
Piano, Electronic Keyboard, Synthesizer, Music Theory
Jazz, Popular, Classical