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PH3 Dowally, PH9 Dron, PH2 Drum, KY13 Drumour, PH8 Dubheads, PH7 Duinish, PH18 Dull, PH15 Dunalastair, PH16 Duncrievie, PH2 Dunira, PH6 Dunkeld, PH8 Dunning, PH2 Dunsinnan, PH2 Edradynate, PH9 Elcho, PH2 Enochdu, PH10 Errol, PH2 Fearnan, PH15 Findo Gask, PH7 Finegand, PH10 Finnart, PH17 Forebrae, PH1 Forest Lodge, PH18 Forgandenny, PH2 Forneth, PH10 Forteviot, PH2 Fortingall, PH15 Foss, PH16 Fowlis Wester, PH7 Friarton, PH2 Gairney Bank, KY13 Garrick, FK15 Garrow, PH8 Garvock, PH2 Gask, PH3 Gatehouse, PH15 Gellyburn, PH1 Gilmerton, PH7 Glencarse, PH2 Glendevon, FK14 Glendoick, PH2 Gleneagles, PH3 Glenfarg, PH2 Glenfoot, PH2 Glenlichorn, FK15 Glenshee, PH1 Grandtully, PH9 Grange, PH2 Greenloaning, FK15 Greenscares, FK15 Grundcruie, PH1 Guay, PH9 Guildtown, PH2 Harrietfield, PH1 Hosh, PH7 Huntingtower, PH1 Inchture, PH14 Inchyra, PH2 Innerwick, PH15 Invergeldie, PH6 Invergowrie, DD2 Inverhadden, PH16 Invervar, PH15 Jordanstone, PH11 Keillor, PH13 Keillour, PH1 Keithick, PH13 Keltneyburn, 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Dalcapon, PH16 Moar, PH15 Moncreiffe, PH2 Moneydie, PH1 Monzie, PH7 Morenish, FK21 Moulin, PH16 Muirton of Ardblair, PH10 Muirtown, PH3 Murthly, PH1 Muthill, PH5 Netherton, PH10 New Alyth, PH11 New Scone, PH2 Newmiln, PH1 Newmiln, PH2 Newton, PH8 Newton of Balcanquhal, PH2 Ochtermuthill, PH5 Ochtertyre, PH7 Old Scone, PH2 Parkhill, PH10 Path of Condie, PH2 Persey, PH10 Perth, PH1 Pickston, PH1 Pitagowan, PH18 Pitcairngreen, PH1 Pitcairns, PH2 Pitcur, PH13 Pitlochry, PH16 Pitnacree, PH9 Pitroddie, PH2 Port Allen, PH2 Port na Craig, PH16 Powmill, FK14 Pubil, PH15 Quoig, PH7 Quoigs, FK15 Rait, PH2 Rannoch School, PH17 Rattray, PH10 Remony, PH15 Rhynd, PH2 Riechip, PH8 Rochallie, PH10 Rosemount, PH10 Ross, PH6 Rossie Ochill, PH2 Rumbling Bridge, KY13 Saucher, PH2 Scotlandwell, KY13 Scotston, PH8 Shanzie, PH11 Solsgirth, FK14 Spittal of Glenshee, PH10 Spittalfield, PH1 Springfield, PH13 Sronphadruig Lodge, PH18 St David's, PH7 St Fillans, PH6 St Martins, PH2 Stanley, PH1 Stenton, PH1 Stix, 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Private Accompanists

Name Location Musicians Union Member Child Protection Training Qualifications Verified Memberships Training
Premium Members
Mr Andrew Johnston Tayside Child Protection Training Qualifications Verified
Piano,, Theory
Classical,, Jazz,, Mainstream
Standard Members
Ms Claire Bywalec Tayside Musicians Union Member
Piano, , I am a local piano teacher, born and raised in Perth. I have been teaching privately for 6 years, I have taught students between the ages of seven to seventy, and have successfully guided pupils through their ABRSM examinations with Merit or Distinction., , I am currently an active Church Organist, and I am also on the Presbytery Church Organ training scheme. , , ,, , ,
Classical Music, Popular Music
Ms Lisa Lulis Central
Classical, Musical theatre, Jazz, Non-imitation pop
Mrs Mavy Giust Williamson Central
FK14 7AT
Piano, Digital Keyboard, Theory of Music
Classical predominantly, other genres catered for
Mr George Bell Tayside
Piano, Organ, Keyboard
Classics, Gospel, Lounge
Mrs Adelaide Carlow Central
piano, cello, choir
classical, folk
Mr Nigel Patrick Kinross, Tayside Musicians Union Member
KY13 9YA
Ukulele, acoustic guitar - steel string, classical guitar - nylon string, electric guitar, bass guitar, Mandolin
guitar - Jazz , guitar - Blues, guitar - Rock, guitar - Classical, ukulele, mandolin, bass guitar
Miss Lindsay Waterson Tayside
Piano, Theory
Classical , Popular