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Name Location Musicians Union Member Child Protection Training Qualifications Verified Memberships Training
Premium Members
Mr Clive Lukover Poole, Dorset
BH14 0HA
Piano, Electronic Keyboards, Recording facilities for singers and songwriters, Composition and songwriting, Music theory
Classical piano all grades 1-8, Jazz Pop and light music piano, Composition and recording techniques, Music Theory up to Grade 8, Electronic keyboards. Music Theory available
Mr Scott Welcomme Dorset
BH15 3RD
Singing- focus on healthy technique; including breath control, support, projection, song-interpretation and performance technique. I would be happy to train people for graded examinations, preparing for auditions or singing just for fun. My specialism is Musical Theatre but I can advise for all styles., , Piano- I teach Classical and Jazz, right from the basics to the more advanced understanding of modes, chord progressions, inversions and compositional skills. In addition, I teach to play both with notation and creatively away from music reading, developing 'the inner ear'., , Drums- I teach from basic Paradiddles and grooves to more complex styles; incorporating drum kit notation and a vital 'feel' to drum for any piece., , I am also able to tutor for Music Theory, Composition and Songwriting., , I have recording facilities available (Using Logic Pro X & iMac) for an additional fee for students who wish to hear themselves in action and use recordings for their own training., , A mix of prepared resources will be available at different points (Some for an additional fee) but if you would prefer to bring your own materials, I will happily advise., , I am able to provide vocal tuition via Skype and Facetime, if requested, but internet connection must be strong and webcam quality for picture and sound must be excellent., , Lessons are charged at an hourly rate. A 'bundle pack' can be booked- block book 10 lessons in advance and get lesson 11 free!
My natural instinct drives me to get the best from people, whatever their background. It takes a lot of nurturing and patience to enable people to perform at their best, which is something I excel at. I know I can make a positive impact as a tutor with a motivating philosophy and aspirational attitude of creativity, challenge and collaboration. , , I never stop learning and believing; encouraged along the way by some truly inspirational figures. If you’d have told me when I was 7 years old that just 1 year later I would have a main part in the town production followed by many years of Music and Drama training, I would have dismissed it. If it was presented to me that I would have what I do now, I would never have believed it. I aim to inspire people, like I was once, to feel empowered and ‘get out there and live your dream!’ I adopt the very same ethos on a daily basis. I aim to capture a snapshot of each individual's story, with an aim to nurture and develop their (hidden) talent to be the very best., , I take pride in sharing my passion of Music with others and strive to inspire them to improve their own confidence, technique and sound quality. Lessons with me are relaxed and enjoyable. Whether you just want to perfect your style or learn, training from scratch. Own composing/songwriting/film music, , To quote from the novel and recent Movie ‘Wonder’ “You can’t blend in when you were born to stand out”.
BH17 7YT
Clarinet , Saxophone, Aural Training, Music Theory
Ms julie vivienne Dorset
Miss Caroline Jackson Dorset
BH18 8JJ
Piano, Oboe
Classical, Modern, Theatre
Mr Michael Hulmes Dorset
BH14 0PY
Classical Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
Guitar, Classical Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
Standard Members
Miss Stephanie Liney Dorset Child Protection Training
BH15 1UX
Harp, Cello, Piano, Recorder
Classical, Contemporary, Folk
Mr Stephen Cassidy Poole, Dorset Musicians Union Member Child Protection Training
BH17 9HT
Guitar, Recording Techniques
Rock, Pop, Blues, Acoustic, Jazz, Funk , Reggae, Graded Exams, GCSE & A Level Recital Preparation, Music Theory
Mrs Ali Ewins Dorset
BH17 7LJ
Piano, Recorder , Cello
popular, classical, simple blues, swing, jazz
Mr Bleddyn Wyke Poole, Dorset
BH18 8HU
Guitar: Acoustic and Electric
Rock, Folk, Blues, Metal, Indy
Mr Terry Bernard Poole , Dorset
BH13 6BG
Pop , Rock, Blues, Swing
Mr Ian Fellows Dorset
BH15 3NS
Drum kit
Exciting, friendly and modern teaching from professional tutor and player. All ages and abilities , rudiments, reading, vocabulary, co-ordination, playing to songs you enjoy
Mr Stu Wood Poole
BH15 2LD
Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ukulele
Variety of styles including rock, blues, funk, pop, soul, metal, indie, and jazz etc. Specialise in rock, pop, blues & funk.
Mr Sam Bachell Dorset
BH14 9PP
Drum kit
Mrs Elizabeth Neil Dorset
BH18 9HZ
Piano, Theory
Miss Rebecca Triggs Poole, Dorset
BH12 2AP
Flute, Keyboard
Mr David Dowland
BH11 8PR
Guitar,, Bass.
Pop, , blues, , jazz, , rock, , metal, , classical, , acoustic, , fingerstyle, , plectrum.
Mr Nick Smith Dorset, Dorset Musicians Union Member
Saxophones (alto, tenor, baritone, soprano etc.), Clarinet & Bass Clarinet, Flute to intermediate standard
Jazz, Blues, Swing, Improvisation, Soul/Funk, Classical
Mr Tim Sharp Dorset
BH14 8HA
Drums, Guitar
all Genres, from Metal to Jazz, and all inbetween
Miss Claire Jones Poole, Dorset
Cello, Piano
Mrs Lisa Coley Poole, Dorset
BH17 9HT
Piano, Keyboards, Flute & piccolo, Recorder
Piano, Flute, Recorder, Theory, Rhythm & Sound workshops
Miss Lucinda Ridley-Martin (Enhanced CRB Check) Dorset
BH11 8NE
Vocals, Violin, Viola, Music Theory, Song Writing
Classical, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Soul, Blues, Musical Theatre, Folk
Mr Thomas Ringrose Poole, Dorset
BH14 9EX
Classical, Contemporary, Jazz
Mr William Cainen Dorset, Northumberland
BH14 0EP
Mr Lee Cuff Bournemouth, Dorset
BH11 9BS
Cello, Violin
Baroque, Traditional, Classical, Folk
Miss Amanda de Jong Cleyndert Dorset
BH14 8QP
Cello and Piano and Theory
Cello, Piano and Theory Tuition
Mrs Holly Randall Dorset Child Protection Training
Oboe, Cor Anglais
Mr Jonathan Quinney (BMus Hons) Dorset
BH14 0DB
5 String Banjo
5 String Bluegrass
Ms Vianna Renaud Dorset
BH12 1NE
All genres and styles, for both ABRSM exams or purely for pleasure
Mrs Dawn Hart B Mus (Hons) Dorset
BH12 1AP
All Brass Instruments and Music Theory - Trumpet, Cornet, French Horn, Tenor Horn, Trombone, Euphonium
Classical, Light , Pop, Jazz/Blues
Mr Stan Cesarz Dorset Musicians Union Member
Electric Guitar, Classical/Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar
Modern Electric Guitar, Classical/Acoustic Guitar, All Bass Styles
Mrs Jodi Frend Bournemouth
BH11 8EY
Flute, Recorder
Mr Tim Vogel Dorset
BH14 8EJ
Classical guitar
Classical Guitar
Mr Jens Lynen Dorset
Classical music
Mr Daren Mayo Poole, Dorset
BH17 9HB
Ukulele, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar for Weddings
Guitar Rock, Pop, Jazz, Ukulele, Ukulele groups
Mrs Judy Gosler Branksome, Poole
BH12 2AU
Singing/ vocal
Contemporary, rock and pop
Mrs Rachel Fay Dorset
BH17 9WD
All Genre/Styles
Mr Neil Thompson Dorset
BH17 9EX
Piano, Cello, Folk Guitar and Mandolin/Irish Bouzouki
Classical, Folk
Mrs Kimberly Moss Dorset
Musical Theatre, Pop, Rock, RnB, Country, ...and more!
Ms Ellie Sherwood Dorset
BH12 1BP
Clarinet, Piano , Music theory
Western classical , Creative composition/improvisation , Popular music , Klezmer
Mrs Louise Bell Poole, Dorset
BH12 2AT
Piano, Electric Keyboard
Classical, Blues, Pop, Modern, Work toward Grades or play just for fun.
Mrs Kumi Preston Dorset
Piano, Flute
Classical, Pop
Mr Ian Ellis Dorset
BH14 9NA
saxophone, flute, clarinet
Jazz, Classical, Pop/Rock
Mrs Hemmings Dorset
Cello, Piano., Music theory
Miss Jayne Dunford Poole, Dorset
BH14 8HE
Flute, Saxophone, Piano, Clarinet, Music Theory
mainly classical but also light music and popular music
Mr Max Lutostanski Dorset
BH12 5BT
Piano, Singing
Classical, Pop, Jazz, acapella
Mr paul spencer Dorset, Dorset Musicians Union Member
rock, swing, pop, ballad
Mr Paul Martin Dorset
BH14 8BT
Piano & Keys
Mr Simon Lockyer East Howe, Merley, Oakley, Kinson), Bournemouth Musicians Union Member
BH11 9NG
Cello , Double Bass
Mr Dan Booth Broadstone
BH18 9BB
Guitar - Electric and Acoustic
Rock, Blues, Pop, Funk, Beginners Jazz
Mr John (Tony) Randall
Trombone (Tenor/Bass/Alto), Sackbut, Euphonium, Baritone.
I teach all styles of music, concentrating on good technique and musical awareness. Whilst keeping lessons fun and interesting.
Miss Emma Selby Dorset
Bassoon, Flute, Piano
Classical bassoon, flute and piano.
Miss Hannah Marshall Dorset
BH17 8SS
Rock, Pop, Blues, Folk
Mr Darren Jones (BA hons) Poole , Dorset
BH15 3BD
Rock, Pop, Blues
Miss SBLAS performing arts maria marra Dorset
BH14 0JW
musical theatre,, pop, , classical,, Rock,, Training in vocal techniques,, vocal health
Ms Jayne Lewis Dorset
BH11 8EU
singing / voice, Piano
Musical Theatre, Jazz, Soul, Gospel/Christian, Rock and Pop, Classical, Singer/songwriter
Mr John James Benton Poole, Dorset
BH14 9BN
Bass Guitar
Rock, Pop, Blues, Folk, Country
BH15 2AT
Mrs Hannah Soulsby-Phillips Poole, Dorset
BH15 4HZ
Singing, Voice production
Musical Theatre, Pop, Rock
Miss Tammy Thorn Bournemouth, London Musicians Union Member
BH14 8TH
Bassoon, Mini bassoon, Music Theory (grade 5 theory training)
Classical, Contemporary
Miss Joanna Bursby PGCE, BMus(hons), DipABRSM Poole, Dorset
BH18 9NX
Recorders , (garklein, sopranino, descant, treble, tenor, bass, great bass & contra bass), Theory, Saxophone, Piano
Recorder specialist, Early Music specialist, Theory, Beginner Saxophone, Beginner/intermediate Piano, GCSE/AS level/A level coaching, Conservatoire trained, CRB checked
Mr David Dowland (Enhanced CRB checked) Knighton Heath Estate, Ringwood Road
BH11 8NE
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ukelele, Band Tuition
Pop, Rock, Metal, Blues, Jazz, Classical, -----------, Plectrum, Fingerstyle, -----------, Chords, Strumming Patterns, Solos, Improvisation, -----------, Scales and Modes, Arpeggios, Sweep Picking, Legato, Alternate Picking (also known as speed picking or tremolo picking), -----------, Music Theory Tuition, -----------, Band Jams
Drum Kit, Snare Drum, Timpani, Tuned percussion; xylophone, vibraphone, glockenspiel etc., Auxiliary percussion, Latin Percussion, Electronic Drums
Jazz , Rock, Latin, Musical theatre, Orchestral, Blues, Funk, Swing, Pop
Mr James O'Neil Dorset
BH12 1PX
Classical guitar, acoustic guitar, Electric guitar, Aural and musicianship., , Learn the songs you have always wanted to play.
Classical, Acoustic, Electric, Rock
Mr Alexander Fioravante Poole, Dorset
BH15 3AH
Pro Tools, Music production, Sound engineering
Miss Erika Anderson Poole, Dorset
BH12 2ND
Mr Tony Lockyer Dorset
BH17 7HJ
Bass Guitar
Mr Joshua Hampson
BH14 9AD
Drum kit
Jazz, Funk, Rock, Pop
Miss Leonie Hatton Poole, Dorset
BH17 8PX
Classical, Jazz , Blues, Folk, Contemporary
Mr Ed Bartley Dorset
BH11 8BQ
Drum Kit,, Keyboard,, Piano
Rock, Pop, Funk, Metal, Jazz, Blues, Latin.
Mrs Anne Law Dorset
BH18 9QZ
Piano , Oboe
Mr Christopher Block Devon
BH13 6BL
Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Piano
Mrs Emma Hannon B Mus Poole, Dorset
BH13 6JD
Clarinet, Piano, Saxophone, Theory, Aural Training
Classical, Jazz
Mrs Lecca Moss Poole, Dorset
BH14 9EL
Piano, Singing, Music Theory (specialise in Grade 5)
Mr Frank Smithland LL.B (Hons) Poole, Dorset
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar
Rock, Blues, Metal, Pop, Acoustic
Mrs Janine Guy Bournemouth, Dorset
BH11 9TQ
Flute, Piano, Saxophone, Clarinet
Classical piano/flute/clarinet, jazz/classical sax
Mrs janet allen dorset
BH12 2NE
piano, harp, theory, aural training
classical, contemporary
Mr Thomas Pal Dorset
BH15 1SB
Mrs Hannah Soulsby-Phillips Poole
BH15 4HZ
Singing, Vocal health
Musical Theatre , Pop, Rock, Folk
Miss Amelia McCloskey Poole, Dorset
BH15 2DS
Vocals, Keys
Pop, Country, RnB, Musical Theatre , Blues
Mr Ryan Verity Dorset, Dorset
BH12 2NE
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Willing to try anything, preferably types of rock or blues.
Mr steve sanger Dorset
BH12 4LB
Jazz Funk Pop etc,reading ,technique,etc
Mr Mic Harrison Dorset, Berkshire
BH17 7DT
All musical styles:, Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz, Latin, Timekeeping, Reading and Theory, Technique:, Foot/leg ergonomy, Moeller Motion, Rudiments
Mr Christopher Daly Dorset
BH12 2LR
Classical guitar
Mr Marc Rigg Dorset
BH15 2JE
Electric guitar - 6 and 7 string, Acoustic guitar, Bass guitar
Rock (Classic/Modern), Prog, Blues, Pop
Mr KIERAN MARSHALL Master of Music Bournemouth, Dorset
BH11 8AQ
Piano, Keyboard, Organ, Saxaphone, Clarinet, Ukulele, ~ learn from a teacher who can trace his teaching linage back to Beethoven
~ Learn from a teacher who can trace his teaching liniage back to Beethoven, ~Have the opportunity to perform in pupil concerts and enter music competitions
Mr Alan Wilkes POOLE, Dorset
BH15 3QX
Bass Guitar
Jazz, Funk, Rock, Blues
Mr Marc Shakespeare Poole
BH14 0EP
- Guitar (Acoustic, Classical/Flamenco and Electric), - Singing, - Songwriting
Classical, Flamenco, Gypsy, Folk, Fingerstyle, Fingerpicking, Blues, Rock, Pop or most anything else - I am confident in teaching almost any style from beginners to an advanced level., , I have a particular passion for the music of the late Nick Drake, and specialise in teaching his material and advanced techniques.
Mr Jonno Smyth Bournemouth, Dorset
BH11 8SJ
Rock, Classic Rock, Metal, Funk, Jazz, Thrash
Miss Stefanie Sofianos Poole, Dorset
BH17 7DN
Mr Tony Lockyer Dorset
BH17 7HJ
Mr Adam Colwell Canford Heath, Poole
BH17 9EP
Drum Kit