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Aith, ZE2 Aywick, ZE2 Baliasta, ZE2 Baltasound, ZE2 Bardister, ZE2 Basta, ZE2 Belmont, ZE2 Biggings, ZE2 Bigton, ZE2 Bixter, ZE2 Boddam, ZE2 Brae, ZE2 Braehoulland, ZE2 Breakon, ZE2 Bretabister, ZE2 Bridge End, ZE2 Bridge of Walls, ZE2 Brindister, ZE2 Brough, ZE2 Brough Lodge, ZE2 Browland, ZE2 Buness, ZE2 Burnside, ZE2 Burrafirth, ZE2 Burravoe, ZE2 Burwick, ZE1 Busta, ZE2 Camb, ZE2 Catfirth, ZE2 Channerwick, ZE2 Clivocast, ZE2 Clothan, ZE2 Clousta, ZE2 Collafirth, ZE2 Colvister, ZE2 Copister, ZE2 Cullivoe, ZE2 Culswick, ZE2 Cunningsburgh, ZE2 Cunnister, ZE2 Cutts, ZE1 Dale of Walls, ZE2 Dury, ZE2 East Burrafirth, ZE2 Easter Quarff, ZE2 Easter Skeld, ZE2 Effirth, ZE2 Exnaboe, ZE3 Firth, ZE2 Fladdabister, ZE2 Freester, ZE2 Funzie, ZE2 Garderhouse, ZE2 Garth, ZE2 Girlsta, ZE2 Gletness, ZE2 Gloup, ZE2 Gluss, ZE2 Gonfirth, ZE2 Gossabrough, ZE2 Gott, ZE2 Graven, ZE2 Grimister, ZE2 Grindiscol, ZE2 Gruting, ZE2 Grutness, ZE3 Gulberwick, ZE2 Gunnista, ZE2 Gutcher, ZE2 Ham, ZE2 Hamnavoe, ZE2 Haroldswick, ZE2 Heglibister, ZE2 Hellister, ZE2 Heogan, ZE2 Heylor, ZE2 Hillside, ZE2 Hillswick, ZE2 Hillwell, ZE2 Holmsgarth, ZE1 Hoswick, ZE2 Houbie, ZE2 Housetter, ZE2 Huxter, ZE2 Ireland, ZE2 Isbister, ZE2 Islesburgh, ZE2 Kirkabister, ZE2 Laxfirth, ZE2 Laxo, ZE2 Leebotten, ZE2 Lerwick, ZE1 Levenwick, ZE2 Lunna, ZE2 Lunning, ZE2 Mail, ZE2 Mangaster, ZE2 Marrister, ZE2 Maryfield, ZE2 Maywick, ZE2 Melby, ZE2 Mid Yell, ZE2 Mossbank, ZE2 Neap, ZE2 Newgord, ZE2 Noonsbrough, ZE2 North Roe, ZE2 North Sandwick, ZE2 Northpunds, ZE2 Norwick, ZE2 Oddsta, ZE2 Okraquoy, ZE2 Ollaberry, ZE2 Otterswick, ZE2 Quendale, ZE2 Quoys, ZE2 Reawick, ZE2 Roesound, ZE2 Sand, ZE2 Sandness, ZE2 Sandsound, ZE2 Sandwick, ZE2 Scalloway, ZE1 Scarff, ZE2 Scousburgh, ZE2 Sellafirth, ZE2 Semblister, ZE2 Setter, ZE2 Silwick, ZE2 Skarpigarth, ZE2 Skaw, ZE2 Skelberry, ZE2 Skellister, ZE2 Sound, ZE1 Sound, ZE2 South Garth, ZE2 South View, ZE2 Stanydale, ZE2 Stenness, ZE2 Stonganess, ZE2 Stonybreck, ZE2 Sullom, ZE2 Sullom Voe Oil Terminal, ZE2 Sumburgh, ZE3 Swining, ZE2 Symbister, ZE2 Tangwick, ZE2 Toab, ZE3 Toft, ZE2 Tresta, ZE2 Trondavoe, ZE2 Twatt, ZE2 Ulsta, ZE2 Underhoull, ZE2 Unifirth, ZE2 Uradale, ZE1 Urafirth, ZE2 Ure, ZE2 Uyeasound, ZE2 Valsgarth, ZE2 Veensgarth, ZE2 Vidlin, ZE2 Voe, ZE2 Walls, ZE2 West Burrafirth, ZE2 West Sandwick, ZE2 West Yell, ZE2 Wester Quarff, ZE2 Wester Skeld, ZE2 Westerfield, ZE2 Westerwick, ZE2 Westing, ZE2 Wethersta, ZE2


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Mrs Bernadette Porter Weisdale, Shetland Isles
Traditional Shetland Fiddle style