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Whatfield, IP7 Whepstead, IP29 Wherstead, IP9 Whitton, IP1 Wickham Market, IP13 Wickham Skeith, IP23 Wickham Street, IP23 Wickhambrook, CB8 Wilby, IP21 Willisham, IP8 Wingfield, IP21 Winston, IP14 Wissett, IP19 Wissington, CO6 Withersdale Street, IP20 Withersfield, CB9 Witnesham, IP6 Wixoe, CO10 Woodbridge, IP12 Woolpit, IP30 Woolverstone, IP9 Wordwell, IP28 Worlingham, NR34 Worlington, IP28 Worlingworth, IP13 Wortham, IP22 Wrentham, NR34 Wyverstone, IP14 Wyverstone Street, IP14 Yaxley, IP23 Yoxford, IP17


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Elm Tree Music
Enjoy Learning Music…
TF Music School
Bury St Edmunds Tuition Experts…


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Over 200 instruments in stock from…
Clive Morley Harps Ltd
Lever & Concert Pedal Harps for…

Private Teachers

Name Location Musicians Union Member Child Protection Training Qualifications Verified Memberships Training
Premium Members
Ms Adriene Ellis GTCL LTCL SgFlPf ARCMSg Bury St Edmunds , Sudbury, Newmarket Qualifications Verified
IP29 4HU
All Styles in singing flute piano , fun, relaxed, technique for effective interpretation in performance :-, Opera, -pinacle of vocal acrobatics-, Musical Theatre, Pop, Song writing etc
Mrs Alex Moore Suffolk
NR32 3BW
Piano, Music Theory
Classical, Chart Hits, Jazz/Blues, Pop/Rock
Mrs Helen Chapman ARCM MISM Suffolk
Singing, Piano, Theory of Music, Aural
Mr David Ingham Norfolk
NR32 3JH
Saxophones, Clarinet, Flute, Oboe
Jazz, Classical, Rock, R&B, Reggae, Improvisation, Everything !
Mr David Ingham Suffolk
NR32 1XN
Saxophones, Clarinet, Flute, Oboe
Jazz, Classical, Rock, R&B, Reggae, Improvisation, Everything !
Mr Julian Larkin Suffolk
IP17 1BD
Piano , Organ , Harpsichord
Classical, including jazz-orientated pieces
Mrs janet Myatt Suffolk
NR33 0HX
bassoon, clarinet, saxophones, oboe, recorders
Mr Martin Ward Suffolk
Drums, Drum kit
Rock, Jazz, Funk, Latin, Rudiments, Reading and Theory, Technique, Trinity/Rockschool Grades 1-8, DBS checked, Modern spacious studios with waiting room and facilities. Beginners welcome.
Mr Alexander Campkin BA MA MMus ARAM PGDip Suffolk
Voice, Singing, Vocals, Stage Presence, Breath control, , Composition, Arranging, Improvisation, Music notation software (Sibelius), , Choral conducting, , GCSE and A Level Music
Voice / Singing, Piano, Composition, Arranging, Choral conducting, Improvisation, GCSE/A Level Music
Mr Alastair Blay Suffolk, Suffolk
IP12 4LD
Piano, Classical Guitar, Trombone
Classical, Modern
Mr Kevin Dean Lowestoft, Suffolk
NR32 5NE
Guitar, Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
Rock, Pop, Jazz, Blues, Funk, Metal, Reggae, Ska, Pieces, Theory, Improvisation, Scales, Songs
Mrs Jessamy Skrimshire Suffolk
Violin and Viola
Classical Violin and Viola
Mr Daniel Law BA (Hons), MMus, DipABRSM Suffolk
IP12 1LD
Piano, Accompaniment
Piano, Music Theory, Aural Training, Accompaniment, Coaching
Mr John Chillingworth Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
IP31 3HS
Cello, Organ, Piano, Theory, Composition, Arranging, Conducting
Classical Music, Musicals
Mr Roderick Faulkner Darsham, Suffolk
IP17 3QS
Classical Guitar - beginner to Grade 8 and performance levels. Music Director of Diss Guitar Ensemble and part of Colibri Guitar Duo.
Classical Guitar
Mrs Allyson Dobie-Oxley Suffolk
IP28 8JB
Opera, Classical including language songs (all major languages taught), musical theatre, rock, jazz, folk. Applied Bel Canto technique and voice production
Mr Rich Webb (BA Hons) Suffolk
Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Piano, Music Theory, Songwriting, Music Production
Rock, Pop, Funk, Jazz, Metal, Indie
Mr Tim Parsons Suffolk Musicians Union Member
Pop, Rock, Blues, Ska, Jazz
Miss Katherine Bicknell BMus (Hons) PGDip RCM Suffolk Musicians Union Member
IP13 6TD
Mr Tomas Frankson Suffolk
IP33 1RH
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar , Vocals, Piano & Keyboard, Bass Guitar , Mandolin& Ukulele, Songwriting & Arranging , Recording & Sound Production
All styles welcome.
Dr Christopher Tinker Suffolk
Piano, Organ (pipe organ, not electronic), Theory of Music including ABRSM Grade Five, , and including , Aural Tests at all grades , Sight Reading at all grades
Classical to Modern including Jazz
Mr Thomas Horton Suffolk
Electronic Organ, Piano , Electronic Keyboard, Music Theory, Pipe Organ, Theatre/Cinema Organ
Most styles catered for.
Ms Maggie Addison Suffolk
Singing, Music Theory, Singing Workshops and Master-classes
pop & rock, , musicals,, folk,, Jazz, , classical, , opera
Mr John Kirk Larters Lane, Middlewood Green
IP14 5HB
Classical Guitar, Piano, Tenor Horn
Classical, Popular
Mrs LAURA CANNELL MMus BMus Stowmarket, Suffolk Musicians Union Member
IP14 5EB
Classical, Baroque, Early Music, Traditional & Folk Styles
Mrs Heidi Parsons Suffolk, Suffolk Musicians Union Member
IP33 3EW
Classical - individual lessons, Classical - chamber coaching
Standard Members
Mr Daniel J Suffolk Child Protection Training Qualifications Verified
Guitar, Vocalist, Voice, Piano, Songwriting, Composition, Bass Guitar, Theory
Pop, Rock, Blues, Classical, Soul, Funk, Acoustic, R+B, Songwriting, Music Composition, Theory
Mr Paulo Lopes - Licentiate Trinity College London Stoke by Clare, Suffolk Child Protection Training Qualifications Verified
CO10 8HJ
Mr Richard Partridge Haverhill Musicians Union Member
Double bass., Fiddle (folk and bluegrass)., Violin (classical)., Viola., Ukulele., Music theory., Ear training., Band/ensemble coaching.
Folk, Bluegrass, Classical, Jazz, Blues
Mr Taylor Moulton Suffolk Musicians Union Member
IP11 0RR
Trumpet, Cornet, Euphonium, piano, Drum Kit
Most genres
Mr Lewis Tingey BMus (Hons) RCM Suffolk Child Protection Training
Double Bass, Piano, Theory
Classical, Orchestral
Ms Gillie Robson Suffolk
Piano, Harp, Violin, , Theory of Music, Improvisation , Composition, Sound Creation
Mr Greg Fitch Suffolk Musicians Union Member
IP14 5HU
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ukulele and Drums.
All styles covered.
Mrs Jenny Roche Suffolk Musicians Union Member
IP23 8DB
Mr Phil Marshall near Mildenhall, Suffolk Musicians Union Member
IP28 6PU
saxophone (all types - soprano, alto, tenor, baritone)
Jazz, Blues, Funk, Jazz grades
Mr Martin J Everett Suffolk, Suffolk
Drumkit , Percussion
Pop Rock Indie Funk Soul Jazz World
Mrs Christina Lewis Suffolk
IP14 1PW
Classical Piano, Accompanist
Miss Nicola Brazier Suffolk Musicians Union Member
IP30 0PS
Piano, Cello
Classical, Musical Theatre, Eclectic
Mrs Jill Griffiths Suffolk
IP12 4SF
Piano, Flute, Theory- Music reading for beginners (5 lesson course)
Style to suit your ability/choice
Ms Rosemary Child Suffolk
NR32 1HU
SINGING (classical)., Voice, vocal studies., Piano accompaniment.
Classical, Art Song, Singing for Graded Examinations
Mrs Ashley Costin Offton, Suffolk
Classical , popular music, sight reading, theory
Ms Anne Chorley Suffolk
CO10 1HJ
Mrs Biddy Vince Woodbridge, Suffolk
IP13 6XH
Beginners to Advanced , Daytime lessons available for adults.
Mr Richard Hubbard Ipswich
IP10 0DY
Piano, Percussion, Music Theory, Aural, Composition
Mrs Carolyn Goates ALCM(TD) Woodbridge, Suffolk
IP12 4RT
Piano (classical, jazz and pop), Singing (inc. rock and pop), Guitar (electric and acoustic), Theory, General Musicianship
Classical , Jazz , Pop , Rock
Mrs Yelena Taylor Essex
Tuition to all Levels exams or just for fun., , Yelena Taylor (Averina), , Graduate of the St Petersburg Academy of Music
Mrs Odeta Lusby Suffolk
Classical Piano, Music Theory, Accompaniment
Mr Barrie O'Neill Henniker Road, Ipswich
classical guitar and flamenco guitar
1) Classical guitar for those with some previous experience - improvement of technique and music reading skills (up to Grade 8)., , 2)Flamenco to a high level.
Mr glyn griffiths Suffolk
electric guitar& bass accoustic guitar also advice on amplification/p.a etc
rock,country,blues,8years upwards
Mr Graham Littlejohn Suffolk
IP17 2NP
Electric Guitar,, Acoustic Guitar,, Bass Guitar
Funk, Rock, Acoustic, Blues, Metal, Slide.
Mrs Clorinda Smith Suffolk
IP11 9RZ
pianoforte, Grade 5 theory
Mr Ant macandrew Suffolk, Nottinghamshire
IP16 4EY
Guitar Lessons, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Music Theory
All styles., Funk, Punk, Rock, Blues, Indie, Classical, Jazz
Mr Alex Best Suffolk Musicians Union Member
Drum Kit, Drums
All genres
Ms Mordue Suffolk
Recorders, Saxophone, Rauschpfeife
Mrs Rachel Musgrove Suffolk
Piano, Singing
Solid classical technique which can then be utilised in a number of ways. I enjoy a broad range of musical styles and bring this into my teaching dependent on the interests of the pupil.
Mrs Catherine Evans Woodbridge
IP12 2TA
Flute, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Piano, Music Theory (up to grade five)
Dr kevin flanagan Suffolk
CO10 8DH
Mr Jose Canha Suffolk Musicians Union Member
Double Bass, Bass Guitar, Music/ Jazz Theory ( All Instruments ), Jazz Improvisation Concepts ( All Instruments ), Sight reading, Chord charts and Ear Training
Jazz, Blues, Rock, Funk, Latin, Bossa Nova, Samba
Ms Hilary Hayes Suffolk
Violin, Viola, Mandolin, Beginner Keyboard
Classical, folk, bluegrass
Miss Alice Levey Suffolk
IP31 3TD
Voice , Music Theory
Classical, Musical Theatre, Pop
Mr Kieran Davis Suffolk
IP28 7AB
Pop, Rock, Contemporary
Mr Philip Green Suffolk
IP12 1AX
All styles
Ms Nicola Butler Suffolk
Violin, Theory, Aural, Piano, Musicianship
Mr Hamish Haughey Suffolk
Spanish / Classical guitar, Electric Guitar, Steel String Accoustic Guitar
Classical Guitar, Spanish Guitar, Rock Guitar
Mrs Tracy cook Suffolk
IP11 0XL
Mr Lewis Andrews Suffolk
IP14 3EQ
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Music Production
All styles and genres
Mr Ian McMillan Essex
CO10 7HT
Singing, Voice, Conducting
SINGING LESSONS specialising in Musical Theatre & Opera
Mr Philip Jackson Suffolk
Piano, Voice
Contemporary styles, including -, Classical, Rock n Roll, Pop/Rock, Folk
Mrs Anne Burton Ipswich, Suffolk Musicians Union Member
Singing, Piano, Keyboards
Jazz, Pop, Rock, Classical, Folk, Country
Mr mark stuart Suffolk
IP11 7JW
Guitar ( Electric / Acoustic / Classical ). Bass Guitar. Ukulele. Mandolin.
Mrs Kim Haan Suffolk
Oboe, Bassoon, Piano
Mrs Helen Ellison Suffolk Musicians Union Member
Voice Specialist & Coach, Pianoforte, Violin & Viola, Theory
Classical, Musical Theatre, Popular
Mr Robert Komorowski Suffolk
djembe, congas, bongos, cajon , darbuka, percussion, drums
West African folk, Cuban folk, Arabic folk, Flamenco, Samba, Accompaniment to popular music (pop, rock, jazz, hip hop, etc)
Miss C Hounsfield Ipswich, Suffolk Musicians Union Member
Clarinet, Saxophone, Flute , Piano, Theory
Classical, Modern
Mrs Helen Milford Ipswich, Suffolk
Mr Tom Simpson Suffolk
IP27 0HP
Classical to modern except jazz
Mrs Ros Pitcher Beyton, Suffolk
IP30 9AB
Mrs Ann Harvey Suffolk
IP33 3BE
Flute, Recorder, Whistles
Classical, Folk
Mr Thomas Giles Sudbury, Suffolk Musicians Union Member
CO10 8NY
Bass Guitar
Funk, Soul, Blues, Rock & Roll, Motown, R&B, Jazz, Folk, Metal
Mr Thomas Giles Clare, Sudbury Musicians Union Member
CO10 8NY
Bass Guitar
Rock/Blues, Funk, Soul, R&B , Folk, Metal, Jazz, Neo-Soul
Mr Benjamin Carprenter Suffolk
IP27 0NH
Jazz, Blues, Rock, Pop
Mr Stephen Williamson Shimpling, Suffolk
IP29 4HQ
Pop, , Funk, , Rock, , Jazz, , Blues, , Soul, , Latin, , Afro-Cuban, , Theory, , Reading, , Rudiments.
Mr Chris Neave Eye, Suffolk
Classically trained, but teaches a wide variety of styles from cabaret to opera, and works with beginners through to professional level. Help with preparation for auditions etc.
Dr Roger Seville Ipswich, Suffolk
Piano / Musical Theatre Singing
I teach both children and adults using a flexible and friendly approach. Grades taught if required. Beginners to advanced welcome. more info at
Ms Clara Charlesworth Suffolk
Highly qualified and experienced Flute teacher with over 15 years teaching experience. I have a Bachelor of Music Performance degree from Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Students of all ages and abilities are welcome, including specialist exam and performance preparation, consultation lessons for Diploma examinations and auditions., , My teaching style is flexible and creative whilst maintaining a strong technical base. Enjoyment is paramount whilst holding the intention to engage each and every student in the development of their own musical journey,
Miss Miss Hannah heppenstall Suffolk
advanced oboe, theory
Mr Trevor Brown IPSWICH, Suffolk
Piano, Electronic Keyboard, Clarinet, Saxophone
Classical, Popular, Jazz
Mr Jon Phipps MA Suffolk, Suffolk Qualifications Verified
Electric Guitar, Electric Bass
Metal, Rock, Jazz, Theory, Composition
CO10 7HT
I am a WestEnd Theatre, TV & Film Music Director, conductor, arranger & performer offering voice tuition and coaching to those hoping for drama school entry or work in the industry
Mr Ross Farley Ipswich Musicians Union Member
Drum Kit, Percussion, Music Theory
Rock, Pop, Funk, Blues, Indie, Jazz, Latin, Hiphop, Jungle/ DnB
Miss Melissa D'Arcy Suffolk
Singing - Classical, Pop, Musical Theatre, Jazz, Cabaret , Audition Technique , Drama & Voice, All ages and levels catered for.
Mrs Tina Phillips
IP30 0UL
Piano, Keyboard, Music Theory
Pop/Chart Music, Classical, Examination Music
Miss Sarah Gallop Suffolk
IP14 4BN
Singing, Flute, Piano, Theory
Classical, Opera, Lieder, Chamber Music
Mr Andrew Bartlett Chelmondiston, Ipswich
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Blues, Jazz, Rock, Funk, And others.......
Mr Mark Stuart Suffolk
IP11 7JW
Guitar ( Electric, Acoustic, Classical ), Bass Guitar, Ukulele, Mandolin.
All styles
Mrs Jenny Chapman Suffolk
IP14 5RJ
Piano and Violin and Theory of music
Mainly classical with a little blues / jazz / contemporary
Ms Kate Waterworth (GDLCM) Sudbury, Suffolk
CO10 0QP
Mr joel kurta Suffolk
IP29 5LZ
Drum Kit
Mrs Wendy Worley Woodbridge, Suffolk
IP12 1RL
Piano , Theory
Mr Joshua Western Long Melford
Bass Guitar
Teaches all styles and genres from Jazz through to Rock.
Miss Simone Anna Padur Ipswich, Suffolk
Singing and Vocal Training for Stage & Piano (beginners)
musical theatre, opera, jazz and folk music
Ms Rachel Monk Suffolk, Suffolk
NR33 7JA
Guitar - all styles, Piano - all styles
All genres of guitar, All genres of piano
Mr Luke Pettit Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk Musicians Union Member
IP30 0TW
Drum Kit
Pop, Rock, Funk, Fusion, Jazz, Latin, Folk, Gospel, Swing, Indie, Musical Theatre, Punk, Reggae, Soul, Ska
Mr James Delarre thetford, Suffolk
IP27 0QG
Folk, country bluegrass, classical
Mr Kieran Hoggett Suffolk
IP33 1SX
Guitar (Electric & Acoustic), Bass Guitar
Indie, Classic Rock, Blues
Miss ash strowger Suffolk
CO10 8TB
flute , saxophone, music theory
classical, jazz , pop , rock
Miss Dawn Bellamy Essex
Piano, Music Theory, Violin, Clarinet
Ms Chandra James Felixstowe, Suffolk
IP11 0RG
Piano, Clarinet
Theory & Musicianship, Classical, Jazz, Rock
Mr Ian McMillan Suffolk
CO10 7HT
Voice, Singing, Piano accompaniment, Organ accompaniment
Singing teaching & presenting all musical styles, but specialising in Musical Theatre,Operetta,Opera and Pop
Mrs Helen Clement-Smith Suffolk, Suffolk
IP14 2AU
Violin, Viola
Classical/ Pop
Mrs Zoe Burgess Ipswich, Suffolk
Violin, Viola, Guitar, Recorders
Classical , Popular, Folk
Mrs Valerie Hodgson Suffolk
NR32 2QQ
Piano and Keyboard, Music Theory
Ms Clare Mellor Suffolk Musicians Union Member
IP33 2DU
Flute, Piccolo
Mainly "classical" i.e not Jazz. My training is of the French School of Flute playing.
Mrs Lynne Morley Suffolk
Guitar, Ukulele, Vocal coaching, Music theory, Early Years Music
Classical , Folk, World, A capella, Indie
IP18 6RE
Piano, Music Theory Grade 5
My teaching is essentially classical--though that`s not to say forays into lighter repertoire aren`t welcome!
Mr David Ruddock Ipswich
piano, singing, theory
Mrs Andrea Dunton Suffolk, Suffolk
Flute, Piccolo
Mrs Elaine Dalzell Suffolk
Saxophone, Flute, Music Theory
Mrs Caroline Green Ipswich, Suffolk
Piano, Theory
Classical , Jazz, Pop
Ms Sally Jo Suffolk
IP30 9RJ
Violin, Fiddle, Viola
Lessons are a lot of fun and styles include classical, blues, folk, rock, pop
Mr Graham Hunt Essex
Guitar, Bass guitar
Blues, Rock, Pop, Classical
Miss Michaela Allen Suffolk
Piano, vocals, music theory
Classical, Popular
Mr Simon Phillips Little Whelnetham
IP30 0UL
Piano, Music Technology, Logic Pro X
MUSIC PRODUCTION, MUSIC TECHNOLOGY, Classical, Popular Music, Examination Music
Mr Neil McCarry Ipswich, Suffolk
Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
Rock and Roll, Classic Rock, Country, Pop
Mr Drew Whitemore Martlesham, Suffolk
IP12 4PQ
Guitar, Vocals.
Folk, Rock, Indie, Blues
Mr James Homer Mildenhall, Suffolk
IP28 7LQ
Drum Kit
Proficient in all genres, especially jazz/funk/latin/pop and fusion.
Miss Lis Wood Suffolk
IP18 6PB
ChildrenÂís songs , Contemporary and clsssic ukulele songs
Mr Martyn Robinson Suffolk
IP12 3EA
Teacher of Clarinet, Saxophone, Flute, Theory of Music
Mr myke clifford Suffolk, Suffolk
IP33 1QU
sax, flute
Classical flute and sax, Jazz Sax and flute
Mr Doug Lang Suffolk, Suffolk
CO10 2PR
Drum Kit
Rock, Jazz, Blues, Country, Pop
Mr Doug Lang. Drum lessons for all ages and all abilities in the Sudbury area. Suffolk, Suffolk
CO10 2PR
Drum Kit, Drums, Drum
Rock, Jazz, Blues,Country,, Pop and more. Stick technique and rudiments. I can take you through a full range of exams and theory or get you bashing along with your mates.
Miss Rachel Canham Suffolk, Suffolk
IP31 2QH
Flute, Recorder
Classical, Folk
Mr Doug Darnell Suffolk
IP33 2DG
Bb brass instruments, trumpet register
Mr William Jarmin Suffolk, Suffolk
CO10 1PZ
Drum Kit/Drums
Rock, Funk, Jazz, Pop, Latin, Blues, Soul, Rudiments, Theory, Techniques
Mr Robin Nash Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
IP29 4DH
Guitar - electric, acoustic
Miss Helen Stanley Suffolk
IP17 1TA
violin, viola
Mr Jay Scrivener Suffolk
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar
All Contemporary Styles Catered For
Mrs Katie Peacock Ipswich, Suffolk
Voice, Violin, Piano
Miss Mary Anne Barclay Suffolk
Pedal harp, Lever harp , Music Theory
Classical and traditional folk music
Mr Philip Moye Suffolk
IP13 6UP
Violin, Viola, Clarernet, Saxophone, Piano, Classic Guitar.
Mr Oliver Nolan Brandon (near Thetford), Suffolk Musicians Union Member
IP27 0AU
Guitar (Acoustic and Electric)
Acoustic , Funk Soul RnB, Rock and Blues, Reggae , Spanish
Mr Carl Chapman Suffolk Musicians Union Member
IP31 2PB
Rock, Pop, soul, screamo, punk, Indie , RnB, much more
Mr Dave Lewis Lloyd Ipswich, Suffolk
IP10 0PB
Guitar, 'Cello, Singing, Bass guitar, Piano
Guitar - Singer/Songwriter, Acoustic, Rock and pop, Cello - Classical
Miss Dora Chatzigeorgiou Suffolk
IP33 1LS
Violin, Viola, Cello, Piano, Music Theory
Mrs Hannah Day Woodbridge, Suffolk
Cello - Beginners to Grade 8, Piano - Beginners to Grade 8, Theory tuition to Grade 5, Aural training to Grade 8, Piano accompaniment
Ms Helen Watson Suffolk
IP12 1JQ
Classical piano, Jazz piano, Music theory
Mr Alfie Harries Suffolk
Double Bass, Bass Guitar, Music Theory
Classical, Jazz, Funk, Soul, Folk, Blues
Miss Sophie Duchesne Suffolk
IP29 4ST
Flute and Saxophone (tenor and alto)
Classical and Jazz.
Mr Andy Bartlett Suffolk
Electric Guitar , Acoustic Guitar, Slide Guitar
Blues, Country, Jazz, Soul, Funk, Rock, Pop, and more..
Miss Lina Staponaite Suffolk
Voice, Piano, Violin
All styles
Mr Vincent Jewell Suffolk
IP14 1RB
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
All contemporary styles covered,, Rock , Pop, Jazz, Blues, Funk , as well as theory and composition/arranging.
Miss Isabella Pincombe DipABRSM London, Greater London
Oboe, Piano
Mr Richard Firth-Godbehere Suffolk
IP31 1EX
Guitar, Bass Guitar
Rock, Blues, Funk, Metal, Jazz
Mr Greg Titheridge Suffolk
Drums, Drum Kit
Rock, Funk, Blues, Metal, Latin, Jazz, Reggae, Dance, Electronic
Mr Otis Luxton
CO10 2ND
Electric Guitar,, Acoustic Guitar,, Bass Guitar.
Folk, Rock, Blues, Pop, Contemporary.
Mr Christopher Slatter Ipswich, Suffolk
Cello, double bass & music theory
Classical/improvisation, ABRSM and Trinity Guildhall Exams
Miss Sophie McAdam Suffolk
IP17 1BL
Decks, Logic Pro
DJ and production tutor
Ms Maggie Moore Needham Market, Ipswich, Suffolk
Piano Accordion and Melodeon
Folk, Singalong,Classical,Band.
Mr Steven Laney Suffolk
CO10 0JQ
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Rock, Pop, Jazz, Country, Blues, Fingerstyle.
Mr James O'Toole Pakefield, Lowestoft
NR33 0JW
Folk Fiddle, Violin, Viola
Folk fiddle, Classical, Baroque
Mr Ivan Emeny Norfolk
IP13 8BB
Folk Rock, Blues.etc
Mr Paul Stone Suffolk
IP11 9NX
Miss Belinda Shave Ipswich, Suffolk
cello, piano and recorder
classical or popular music, piano and cello
Mr Neil Kitson Suffolk
IP1 3
Bass guitar
Rock/pop, Indie, Punk, Progressive, Ambient rock
Mr jack newnham Sudbury
Guitar: electric, acoustic, bottleneck slide, Bass Guitar, Drums
Mr Robert Beale Suffolk, Suffolk
IP12 4RT
Clarinet, Brass, Saxophone, Voice
All genre's/styles
Mr Alwyn Hornsey Suffolk Child Protection Training
Drum Kit, Drums
Drum Kit All Styles, Trinity & Rock school, Grades 1-8
Mrs Megan Peel Suffolk
IP13 0LW
Mr Joe Fawcett Suffolk
CO10 2BF
Guitar, , Bass Guitar, , Acoustic Guitar
Blues,, Rock,, Country,, Pop,, All Styles
Mr Doug Lang. Lessons for all ages and all levels. Suffolk/Essex boarder
Drum Kit
All styles
Mrs Elizabeth Rossi BA(Hons) ATCL Sudbury, Suffolk
CO10 2SS
Miss Gemma Bates Suffolk
IP14 5SE
I leave it up to the individual to decide the type of music they want to learn.
Mr Will Rowsell Suffolk
Drum Kit, Piano
Rock, Metal, Jazz, Blues, Latin, Funk, Reggae, Electronic
Mr Mark Knights Suffolk
IP11 9PJ
Piano, Clarinet, Oboe, Music Theory
Classical, Just for fun!
Miss Charlotte Coulson Holywell Row , Mildenhall
IP28 8NB
Piano, Theory
Classical, Contemporary , Jazz
Miss Andi Hopgood BAhons MMus Suffolk, Suffolk Musicians Union Member
Voice, Saxophone, Theory
Jazz, Pop, Soul, Blues, Rock
Mr Cameron Mathers Suffolk
IP33 1XX
Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar , Bass Guitar
Classical Guitar, Spanish Guitar, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, , Music Theory, , Grades 1-8, GCSE & A-Level, , , Classical/Spanish Guitar - Experience in teaching and performing a wide range of Classical guitar music, which has included Bach Lute Suites, Romantic music of Sor to William Walton, and everything in-between. Lessons can be completely casual, or geared towards technique development, repertoire building, concert preparations, examination preparation. All needs are catered for and personal centered lessons are developed through this.
Mrs Maggie Vincent Suffolk
IP14 3DN
Mr CHRIS KING Woodbridge, Suffolk
IP12 4RB
Guitar, Piano, Drum Kit, Violin, Cello, Flute, Saxophone, Banjo, Ukulele, Mandolin, Vocals.
All Genres Covered
Miss Jennie Francis Suffolk
IP33 1HA
Flute (beginner to advanced), Theory (all grades), Recorder (beginner to early grades), GCSE and A level tuition, Composition tuition
Classical, Folk, Others - pop and simple jazz
Ms Vaida Kalvaitiene Suffolk
Miss Charlotte Coulson Suffolk, Suffolk
IP28 7GB
Violin , Guitar, Piano, Theory
Mr Murray Collins Suffolk, Suffolk
Bass Guitar , Double Bass , Guitar , Audio Tech
Blues, Rock, Country, Funk, Sole , Jazz, Hip Hop, Indie, Metal
Mr Michael Clifford Suffolk
IP33 1SW
Flute, Saxophones, Irish flute and whistles, Performance
Classical, Jazz and blues reading and improvising, Irish flute and whistle
Mr Richard Firth-Godbehere Suffolk
IP31 1EX
Guitar, Bass
Blues, Jazz, Rock, Pop , Soul, R n B, Funk, Metal (all kinds)
Mrs Krystyna Smithers Suffolk
IP11 7JW
Mr Ivan Emeny Suffolk
IP13 8BB
Guitar, acoustic and electric, many styles
Mr Lewis Blythe Suffolk
IP31 1TH
Classically trained
Mrs Julie Foreman Norfolk, Norfolk
IP24 2ZF
Piano inc. jazz, Singing, Recorder, Double Bass, Saxophone
Piano, , singing, recorder, , saxophone, , double-bass, , music theory , aural
Mr Mike Alton Suffolk
Guitar, bass guitar
pop, rock, jazz, folk
Mrs Kaye Stone Suffolk
IP11 9NX
Cello, Piano, Music Theory
Mr Tim White Suffolk
CO10 0NH
Drum Kit, Drum Theory
Rock, Pop, Funk, Soul, Motown, Blues, Jazz, Latin, and others.
Ms Katie Pringle Suffolk
IP29 5QU
Singing, Voice, Piano
Classical, Modern, Opera, Light opera, Operetta, Oratorio, Songs from the Shows/Films, Preparation for ABRSM exams
Mrs E. C-D Cambridgeshire
cello, theory, interpertation, music history
Cello tuitions 1-2-1 all ages and levels., Adults beginner welcome, children, comebackers intermediate and advanced.
Mr Victor Scott Southwold, Suffolk
IP18 6BX
Organ, Piano, Singing, GCSE and A level private tuition, Aural, Theory
Organ, piano and singing tuition and accompaniment., GCSE and A level tutoring., Theory and Aural training.
Miss Francesca Clements Suffolk
IP10 0LE
Recorder, Flute, Theory
Mr matt pearce sudbury, Suffolk
CO10 9EU
Electric Guitar, Acoustic , Bass
Pop, Rock, Blues, Classical, Electric, Acoustic & Bass Guitar
Mr Alexander Binns Suffolk
IP33 1LS
Organ, Piano, Harpsichord, Harmonium, Keyboard, Music Theory, Aural, General Musicianship, GCSE/A Level Music
All styles and genres
Miss Jules Shevlin Suffolk
Singing, Vocals, Voice
Pop, Rock, RnB, Musical Theatre
Mr Mark Trewartha Suffolk
Djembe, Dundun, Surdo, Tamborim, Agogo, Ganza
Djembe (beginners to intermediate), Samba (beginners only)
Mr Daniel Hughes Suffolk
IP30 0ER
Guitar, Bass, Banjo, Ukulele
classical, blues, jazz, indie, rock, folk
Mr F Ayers Suffolk
NR32 1TF
Tuba, Euphonium, Trombone, Horns, Cornet, Trumpet
Miss Charlotte Beattie Ipswich, Suffolk Musicians Union Member
Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Voice , Beginner Harp , Beginner Clarinet , Beginner Flute , Theory, Choral, ABRSM Jazz and Classical Grade Qualifications , Trinity Jazz and Classical Grade Qualifications, LCM Awards, Stave House, Exam Preparation , GCSE Music Tutoring , AS/A2 Music preparation, AS/A2 Composition Workshops, Performance Techniques , Audition Preparation, Recording your performances
Classical, Jazz, Big Band, Swing , Blues, Quartet/Ensembles, Folk, Celtic , pop, musical theatre, modern , acoustic
Ms Jacinta Wright Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
IP31 2LS
pianoforte, accompanying
Relaxed and supportive lessons aiming for enjoyment in the pleasure of learning
Mr clive burch Suffolk
Classical Guitar,Acoustic Guitar.
Mrs Kate Parish Suffolk
IP13 6LZ
Piano, Music theory
classical to contemporary style
Mrs Charlotte McVeigh Norfolk
Clarinet & Saxophone
Sorry, I cannot teach Jazz to an advanced level.
Mrs Anna Winton Mills Suffolk
IP14 6QQ
Singing,Guitar,Flute,Piano,Recorder,Ukulele,Drum circles
Classical,Musical Theatre,Folk
Mr Julian Harries Suffolk
Mr Joshua James Lowestoft
NR32 5NE
All, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Alternative, Funk, Metal
Miss Emily Wyke Suffolk
IP13 6EA
Viola, Violin
Classical (all standards), jazz (beginners), folk (beginners).
Mr Christopher Poffley Suffolk
IP11 7JB
Cello and piano
Mr Jack Brown Musicians Union Member
IP28 6DA
Drum Kit, Bass Guitar
Rock, Pop, Blues, Electronic, Funk, Soul, Motown, Jazz, Swing, Disco
Mrs Alex Bartholomew Suffolk
IP30 9HD
Violin, Piano and Music Theory
Mr Sam Dunlop Lowestoft, Suffolk
NR32 4HN
Electric guitar, Acoustic guitar , Bass , Mandolin, Banjo, Ukulele , Slide guitar, Dobro
All, Blues, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Reggae, Country, Folk, Metal
Ms Clare Durrant Suffolk
NR33 8JL
Voice, Violin, Piano, Percussion
Folk, punk, funk, reggae, Indian raga, dub
Mr Jonathan Acton Sudbury, Suffolk Musicians Union Member
CO10 0QP
Violin, Viola
Classical, Folk, Jazz
Mr DB Di Blasio Suffolk
IP33 3PH
Piano, Organ, Theory, Accompanist including Choirs and Dance, Aural Coaching
Mrs Carol Jopling Woodbridge, Suffolk
IP13 6XA
Mrs Anna Draho Suffolk
IP11 2JD
Also accompaniment
Mr Matt Carter Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
IP31 1TF
Piano, Keyboard
Jazz and blues, Pop/rock, Classical, Jazz improvisation
Mr Matt Pearce ALCM (TD) sudbury, Suffolk
CO10 9EU
Electric/Acoustic/Classical 6 String Guitar
all styles including:, Blues, Rock, Metal, Jazz, Folk, Classical,
Mr Michael Pick Suffolk
IP11 2EN
Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar, Steel String Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar
Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar, Steel String Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar
Mrs harriet bennett Felixstowe Ferry, Suffolk Musicians Union Member
IP11 9RZ
cello, piano
Mr Daniel Finch Suffolk
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Acoustic Folk to Rock to Indie to Heavy Metal
Mr Robert Brunsdon Suffolk
Saxophone, Music Theory
General, Jazz, Improvisation, Popular
Mrs Helen Wheatley Ipswich, Suffolk
Musical Theatre, classical, pop, rock, Rockschool and ABRSM.
Mrs Elaine Goh BA Hons (Music) Ipswich, Suffolk
piano, violin, viola, theory of music
Traditional classical, but many jazzy pieces are learned and song arrangements.
Mr George Self Suffolk
Guitar, Bass, Basic Percussion
All variants of Rock, Variants of Blues, Flamenco, Jazz, Metal, Reggae, Progressive, Acoustic, Instrumental, Pop
Mr Damian Penfold Suffolk
IP28 6NY
Conducting, General Musicianship
Mr Craig Bacon Saxmundham, near Leiston and Aldeburgh, Suffolk
IP17 1TL
Drum kit
All styles techniques covered
Mrs Nina pakenham Suffolk
IP33 1AG
Violin, Viola, Piano, Voice
Mr matt pearce Suffolk
CO10 9EU
Guitar & Bass Guitar
IP19 0JD
Piano, , Church Organ, , Harpsichord,, Recorders (all sizes), , Music Theory
Classical,, Jazz (notated)
Mr Adrian Nicholson Leiston, Suffolk
IP16 4NT
Classical and Flamenco Guitar, Piano
Classical, Flamenco, Latin
Mr Daniel Friend Suffolk
IP17 3EU
Trumpet, Piano
Jazz, classical, pop, funk and reggae.
Mr Joseph Scanlan Suffolk
IP33 3JA
Guitar: electric, acoustic, classical, bass, all styles - Mandola and Dulcimer, singing. , Ukulele
Introduction to all styles including;, folk, rock, classical, , blues, , jazz, aural training, finger styles, plectrum styles, notation and music theory and tablature.
Miss Afrika Green Suffolk, Suffolk
IP33 3NX
Drums and Percussion
Funk, Latin, Jazz, Rock
Ms Amy Svendsen Suffolk
Piano, Theory
Mr Christopher Poffley Suffolk
IP11 7JB
Cello, Piano
Classical including contemporary songs/ styles
Ms Claire Baughan Suffolk Musicians Union Member
IP13 9BS
Clarinet , Piano
Mrs Sue Heaton Sudbury
CO10 0YU
Flute, Clarinet, Grade 5 theory
All styles
Mr Joseph (Joe) Scanlan Suffolk
IP33 3JA
Guitar, ukulele, mandola, mandolin.
Mr Nigel Tuffs Suffolk
CO10 2BT
Classical Guitar, Steel Strung Acoustic, Electric Guitar
Classical, All Forms of Rock
Mr Jacob Marshall-Tierney (Bmus Hons) Suffolk
IP12 1HL
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Mandolin, Ukulele, Harmonica, Drums, Percussion
Rock, Blues, Pop, Jazz, Folk, Funk, Reggae
Mr Tim Squirrell Suffolk
CO10 1UB
Acoustic Guitar , Electric Guitar
Pop, Rock, Indie, Reggae, Ska, Folk, Blues.
Mrs Clare Lewis Suffolk, Suffolk
Flute, Clarinet , Saxophone
Mrs Rebekka Poffley Suffolk
IP11 7JB
Violin Viola
Classical and popular
Mrs Linda Brunning Suffolk
IP28 7LD
Mr Dan Kirkpatrick Suffolk
IP12 4JB
Clarinet in Bb
Klezmer,world music, classical,jazz.