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Name Location Musicians Union Member Child Protection Training Qualifications Verified Memberships Training
Premium Members
Mr David Dewar BA(Hons) Child Protection Training Qualifications Verified
SN14 0DY
Conducting (orchestra), Conducting (choral), Theory, French Horn, Singing (Choral), Aspects of Performance
Classical, Baroque, Romantic, (Mature Student Friendly)
Ms Ann Monnington Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire Musicians Union Member
BA15 1EE
Violin and Viola: modern and baroque
Mr Dominic Corcoran
Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ukulele
All Genres, Music Theory, Grade Exams, GCSE, A level Music and Music Technology, BTEC level 2 and 3
Ms Anne Davey Marlborough, Wiltshire
Predominantly Classical, Aural Training, Technical Studies, Theory
Mr Peter Tyrrell Wiltshire
Voice, Singing, General musicianship, Organ/piano
Traditional classical singing (BelCanto/Old School); Good knowledge of singing in Italian, German and French; general musicianship (including sight-singing); grade and academic exams (eg A level, theory, etc); also piano/organ
Mr Ian Jay Wiltshire Musicians Union Member
SN12 7FY
Music Producer/Engineer, Music Technology (All Styles of music), Ableton, Logic & Reason Specialist, Hardware synthesizer (Access Virus, Moog), Virtual Synthesis, Native Instrument Maschine, DJ Beat Matching
Dubstep / Drum & Bass / Breaks / House / Techno / Trance / Hard Trance / Hard House / R & B / Hip Hop and More
Miss Jasmine Keats Wiltshire
Trumpet, Cornet, Flugelhorn , Piano , Music theory
Classical, Contemporary, Jazz
Ms Ruth Behan Wiltshire
SN12 8NA
Fiddle (Violin)
Folk Fiddle, , Improvisation
Ms Sophie Yates Wiltshire
BA15 1SH
Harpsichord and Piano
Baroque and Classical
Mr Simon McEnery Salt Lane , Salisbury
Singing teacher, Vocal coach, Music theory, A level coaching, GCSE coaching, Choral workshops
Music theatre, Classical singing, Opera
Miss Eliza French Wiltshire
Saxophone: Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone, Piccolo and Flute, Clarinet: A and Bb
Classical, Contemporary, Jazz
Mrs Gill Bolton Wiltshire
Classical piano including jazzy styles. Basic music theory.
Mr Simon Lindley Wiltshire
BA12 0DQ
Trombone, Euphonium/Baritone, Trumpet/Cornet, Tenor Horn
Mrs Dawn Lewis Wiltshire
Voice Coaching, Singing, Voice Over
Rock, pop, musical theatre and most contemporary styles
Miss Rosemary Hall Burn MA, LTCL Wiltshire
SN10 4DT
Piano and violin, Theory, Kodaly and chamber groups, Annual pupils' concert.
Classical piano and violin., Theory., Kodaly and chamber groups., Also available as an accompanist
Mr Mark Witney Wiltshire
BA15 1RL
Guitar (electric, acoustic, classical), Bass guitar, Ukulele
Guitar - Rock, blues, jazz, metal, acoustic, classical, Bass guitar - Rock, blues, jazz, Ukulele, Music theory, GCSE support
Mr Oliver Flanagan Wiltshire
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Jazz Guitar
Rock, Blues, Jazz, Pop
Mr David Knowles Wiltshire
BA14 0RJ
Mr Andrew Forbes-Lane Wiltshire
BA12 7BB
Singing / Voice /Vocals
Classical Song, Music Theatre, Opera, Operetta
Miss Emily Askew Wiltshire Musicians Union Member
Piano, Recorder, Fiddle, Cello, Bagpipes
Classical and Folk
Standard Members
Mr Tim JW Badgery Wiltshire Child Protection Training Qualifications Verified
Violin - beginner up to Grade VI, all genres/styles, Piano - beginner up to Grade IV, classical/pop, Theory - all grades/levels, Composition & Song-writing - all grades/levels, Aural - all grades/levels
Classical, Pop, Musical theatre / opera / pit-band work, Some jazz
Mrs Sandra Howe (Howe Music Tuition) Chippenham, Wiltshire Child Protection Training
SN14 0AY
Piano, Saxophone (Alto Sax, Tenor Sax), Guitar, Music Theory, Piano Lessons in the Chippenham Area, Saxophone Lessons in the Chippenham Area
Classical, Jazz, Popular
Miss Sarina Parsons Wiltshire Musicians Union Member Child Protection Training
Drums (15 years)
All styles and genres
Mr Mason Wilkins Bristol and Avon Musicians Union Member Child Protection Training
SN15 3ER
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass
Rock, Blues , Funk, Session, , I enjoy teaching and am an active musician, currently playing festivals, Guitar Session work and writing music., , You can access my website here:, , Please see my Biography (accessed on the tab above)
Mrs Charlotte Sekotill Wiltshire Child Protection Training
Singing beginner up to grade 8, Classical, Musical Theatre and Pop., , Drama LAMDA and Trinity Syllabus , , Music Theory up to grade 5, , Lessons from age 6 upwards.
Classical, Musical Theatre, Pop (with a classical foundation), Drama (solo and pair Trinity syllabus), LAMDA Acting and Shakespeare grades 1-5, , for more information
Mrs Claire Horsfall Wiltshire Qualifications Verified
Piano, Trumpet
Classical, Musical Theatre, Jazz/Blues Style, Popular
Miss Claire Miller BA (Hons) PGCE Box, Bristol and Avon Child Protection Training Qualifications Verified
SN13 8NH
Classical Guitar, Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, , Classical Singing, Music Theatre Singing, Rock & Pop Singing
Classical Guitar, Rock & Pop Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, , GCSE & A LEVEL Support, , Classical Singing, Music Theatre Singing , Rock & Pop Singing, , Trinity College London Examinations, Trinity Rock & Pop Examinations
Ms Alice Simmons Musicians Union Member
Voice (all ages, day/eve), Piano (adults/homeschooled, during school hours)
Classical, Multi-genre, jazz, pop, folk, music theatre., Rock and pop keyboards.
Miss Pam Jolley Wiltshire Child Protection Training
BA14 7HY
Singing, Voice, Theory, Acting
All styles taught, though musical theatre and classical specialist
Mr Michael Leat BA Hons PGCE CTABRSM Wiltshire
BA15 1JQ
Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Music Theory, Aural
Jazz, Classical, Blues, Swing, Sibelius score writing
Mr Steve Dingle Wilsthire
SN15 2NH
Acoustic guitar
Fingerstyle acoustic guitar., Styles of Martin Simpson, William Ackerman, Stefan Grossman
Mr Robin Dymond, BA (hons), Mmus Wiltshire
Electric Guitar (Beginners - Advanced), Acoustic Guitar (Beginners - to Intermediate), Classical Guitar (beginners - Intermediate), , Muisc Production - Up to BA Level - Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase and Ableton, , Music Theory - Up to Advanced , Also offer lessons in composition and song writing
Rock, Metal, Funk, Blues, Jazz, EDM, Classical
Mr Charles Healey Wiltshire
All styles.
Mr Jules Addison Bath, Wiltshire
Piano, Keyboard, Organ, Singing / Voice, Music Theory, Choral Conducting
Organ up to Grade 8, Piano up to Grade 8, Singing up to Grade 8, Conducting & Choral Direction, Music Theory
Mr Gordon Sullivan Wiltshire
BA14 0DT
Piano - classical rock jazz pop. beg - advanced, , Guitar - rock pop - intermediate (not classical)
Classical, Grades , Rock , Pop , Jazz , Bues, Theatre
Mrs Karen Cannings Wiltshire
Mr Al Summers Wiltshire Musicians Union Member
BA12 9AN
Classical guitar., Slide guitar., Composition., Theory., Improvisation., Mandolin., Tutor training & consultancy.
Classical., Early., Contemporary., Jazz., Avant Garde., Blues., Teacher training., Consultancy., Music leader training.
Mrs Carol Healey WILTSHIRE, Wiltshire
All styles of violin playing
Mr Luke Pickett Wiltshire, Wiltshire
All brass instruments inc. Trumpet, Cornet, Flugel Horn, Tenor Horn, Baritone, Euphonium, Trombone, Tuba., Theory, Curriculum Music, GCSE & A Level Music Consultancy, Conducting, Choirs, First Access brass & recorder, Recorder (beginners), Piano (beginners)
Dr Heidi Castle Royal Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire
Piano (beginners to advanced), Violin (beginners to intermediate), Music Theory
Exam syllabus followed:, Trinity/ ABRSM Classical piano/violin, Trinity Fiddle, Trinity Rock&Pop piano, Trinity Music Theory
Mr Zac Tullett Wiltshire
BA15 1AY
Acoustic guitar, Classical guitar, Music theory
Acoustic, Classical, Fingerstyle / fingerpicking, Folk / roots, Pop, Country, Blues
Mr Christopher Harris Wilthire, Wiltshire
SN13 9DH
Alto saxophone., Tenor saxophone. , Soprano saxophone. , Clarinet. , Bass clarinet., Flute. , Recorder.
Classical., Jazz., Blues., Pop/Rock.
Mrs Alta Ridgway Calne
SN11 8XP
Mrs Audrey Pearce Wiltshire
BA12 7EB
All piano genres taught. Classical and musical theatre singing.
Mrs Laura Assirati Pewsey , Wiltshire
Classical, Folk, Light standards
Mrs Nicola Screen Gloucestershire
Clarinet, Recorder, Music Theory, Tutoring for GCSE and A level
All styles
Mrs Aysu Sevgur Bisgrove Bristol and Avon
BA15 1BA
Classical Guitar
Classical Guitar
Mr James Burge Swindon, Wiltshire
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ukulele
Rock, , Pop, , Metal, , Blues, , Funk, , Acoustic , some Classical and Jazz
Mr Sam Blake Bradford on Avon
BA15 1PN
Electric, acoustic (steel string) and classical and bass guitar.
Electric , Acoustic, Classical, Bass
Mrs Julia O'Connor Wiltshire
SN13 9QD
Classical, Opera, Musical Theatre
Mrs Jessica Sims Charlton All Saints, Salisbury
Voice, Vocal Tuition
Musical Theatre, Opera, Oratorio, Jazz, Pop, Trinity Exams
Mr Brian White BA ARCM CTABRSM DipABRSM Salisbury, Wiltshire
Classical, Jazz, Improvisation, Chords
Mrs M. Janice Payne South Street, Wilton, Salisbury
Qualified classical piano teacher., Experienced accompanist.
Mr John Joy Wiltshire Musicians Union Member
Drum Kit
Rock, Pop, World, Funk, Worship, Exams
Mrs Rachel G Hind Wiltshire
SN15 1LD
piano, theory
classical, easy listening/pop
Mrs Claire Meyer Marlborough, Wiltshire
Piano, Theory of Music
Mr Pete Sneyd Wiltshire
BA14 9AN
Jazz, Blues, Improvisation, Rock, Classical
Miss Sarah Richfield-Wyatt Wiltshire Musicians Union Member
Mr Robert Broomfield Wiltshire
Piano, organ, harpsichord.
Classical and musical theatre
Mr Luigi Cibrario Wiltshire Musicians Union Member
Drum Kit
Rock, Pop, Funk, Hip-Hop/R&B, Latin, Jazz, Fusion, Reggae/Ska
Mr Robert Sedgwick Wiltshire
Cornet, Trumpet, Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba, Piano, Theory of Music
Mrs Joyce Barnes Wiltshire
Singing LRAM, Piano grade 8 , Recorder grade 8, Theory
Mrs Laura Oakham Wiltshire
Piano, Harp
Mrs Gillian Farkas-Blake Wiltshire
Recorder, Flute
Miss Emily Heuvel Wiltshire
BA15 1BY
Voice, Singing, Music Theory, Piano
Classical, Opera, Folk, Pop, Musical Theatre, R&B, Rap, (whatever you're interested in!)
Mrs Lilli Badcock (Above Curves Gym), Wiltshire
Pop/Contemporary, Musical Theatre
Mr Alistair Jennings Wiltshire
Piano (Specialist), Saxophone , Clarinet
Any styles taught, I teach students wanting lessons for fun, or I am happy to take students through graded examinations (ABRSM)
Mr Rod Howe (Howe Music Tuition) Chippenham, Wiltshire Child Protection Training
SN14 0AY
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Fingerstyle Guitar, Ukulele, Guitar Lessons in the Chippenham Area
Rock, Pop, Blues, Fingerstyle, Classical
Miss Rhiannon Wiscombe Wiltshire
SN15 3YA
Piano, Vocals
Mr Piers Ward Malmesbury, Wiltshire Child Protection Training
SN16 0FF
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
All guitar styles.
Mr Andrew Hurst Wiltshire, Wiltshire
SN10 5LW
Guitar (classical and all types), Lute, Piano, Music Theory, Improvisation, Composition
Classical, folk, rock, celtic, Renaissance, jazz elements
Mr Joseph Marcus Marshfield, Chippenham
SN14 7PQ
Guitar, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar, , , Bass Guitar, Ukelele
Rock, Blues, Folk, Acoustic, Metal, Pop, Jazz, Country, Classical, RnB, Soul, Funk, Swing, Punk, Ambient, Fusion
Mr Stewart Murphy Calne , Wiltshire
SN11 8SS
Drum kit, Cajon
Funk, Hip hop, R&B, Pop, Rock, Drum & Bass, Country, Reggae, Swing, Latin, Disco
Mrs Jan Taylor Wiltshire
Classical guitar
Classical guitar
Mrs Celia Waghorn TROWBRIDGE, Wiltshire
BA14 0RB
Flute, fife and recorder teacher able to accompany pupils on piano. Plays bass and alto flute and piccolo which can all be used in lessons. Also plays saxes.
Flute teaching of all styles to all ages and abilities. Experienced in ABRSM and Trinity exams and Trinity Grade 5 Jazz Flute.Theory and aural taught as part of each lesson. , Accompanying for exams., Group coaching and workshops.
Mr Joseph de Berker Wiltshire
SN15 3EQ
Drum Kit, , African drumming workshops and classes using Djembes and traditional West African drums for children and adults. , Drum programming, recording and production.
From traditional Rock, Jazz, Funk to modern styles such as Drum & Bass, Dubstep and Metal. World rhythms such as Afro Cuban and Samba. Traditional rhythms taught on Djembe.
Mr Daniel Sowerby Wiltshire
Guitar - Electric and Acoustic
Guitar - Electric & Acoustic Grades. Or for Fun! Rock/blues/funk and all other major contemporary styles.
Mr Shane Reed Wiltshire Musicians Union Member
Clarinet, Saxophone, Music Theory
Classical, Jazz, Wind Band
Mrs Jane Butler Trowbridge, Wiltshire
BA14 6QW
piano, voice, singing, organ, descant recorder, Wedding and funeral organist and pianist
Mrs Jill Rourke Wiltshire
SN13 9AZ
Piano, Theory
Classical, Modern, Jazz (ABRSM syllabus)
Mrs Joanna Taylor Marlborough, Wiltshire
Classical, Popular
Mr Antonio Gamez Wiltshire
Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ukulele
Rock, Pop, Metal, Acoustic, Classical, Flamenco
Mr Robert Broomfield (BA First class) Wiltshire
Classical, , Musical Theatre.
Mr Matthew Petrie Wiltshire, AND, Monmouth, Wales
SN14 0HH
Piano, Bassoon, Music Theory - Musicianship (Upto & including grade 8)
Ms Alexandra Bass / aka Toke-Nichols Farleigh Wick, Bradford-on-Avon, Wilts
BA15 2PU
Flute (Beginners to post Diploma), Piano (Early years), Aural Training , Music Theory
Classical & Latin American
Miss Claudia Wood Wiltshire
Voice- Classical singing, Opera, Musical Theatre, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Piano, Clarinet, Recorder, Music Theory- GCSE, A Level, , , ABRSM, Trinity, LCM exams.
Classical, Opera, Musical Theatre, Rock, Pop
Mr Bruce Treasure Wiltshire Musicians Union Member
BA12 8JG
guitar and drums
Miss Laura Cook Malmsebury, Wiltshire
Flute, Music theory
Mr Benjamin William Jones Wiltshire
BA14 7NQ
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar, Bass Guitar
Rock, Pop, Funk, Jazz, Blues, Acoustic, Classical
Miss Emily Hill Somerset
BA12 6DZ
Advanced: Trumpet, Cornet, Flugel Horn, Beginner - Intermediate: Euphonium, Tenor Horn, Tuba, , (All Brass except Trombone)
All genres covered.
Mr Daniel Lickard Salisbury, Wiltshire Musicians Union Member
All styles covered.
Mrs Carolyn Port Salisbury
Piano (classical, modern), Piano accompaniment, Music Theory, GCSE Music coaching, GCSE and A Level practical coaching
All genres
Mr Jack Barrie Westbury, Wiltshire Musicians Union Member
BA13 3RU
Drum Kit, Percussion
Rock, Pop, Blues, Reggae, Country, Disco , Motown and more
Ms Susan Coates Wiltshire
Singing. Piano. Theory.
Singing - Operatic/ Classical/ Musical Theatre/ Pop . ABRSM. TRINTY. LCM grades 1-8 diploma and auditions.
Mr Oliver Joseph Wiltshire
SN11 8EA
Voice / Singing
Classical, Opera, Lieder, World, Musical Theatre and Pop.
Mr Simon Parker Wiltshire
SN11 0HQ
Clarinet, Saxophone, Theory
Mrs Heather Guymer Wiltshire
BA13 3PJ
Piano , Trumpet , Theory
Classical & Jazz
Mr Ed Puddick Wiltshire
Jazz Composition, Jazz Arranging, Jazz Theory/Harmony, Jazz Improvisation
Mr Michael Johnson Wiltshire
SN12 6NP
Singing, Piano, Violin
Classical and contemporary
Dr Christopher Kent Wiltshire
SN15 3RJ
Pipe Organ, Harpsichord, Clavichord, Pianoforte
Renaissance, Baroque , Classical , Romantic , Modern
Mrs Susan Kent Wiltshire
SN15 3RJ
Classical Flute
Mr Patrick Williams Wiltshire
Voice, Singing, Composition, Music Theory
Singing: All genres of western classical music, including opera, and art song. Also musicals and general popular styles., , Composition: General GCSE & A-Level material, advanced contemporary styles, film & tv, and acousmatic/electroacoustic composition., , Studio facilities available for composition, computer music tuition.
Mrs Kirsty Fowler Wiltshire
SN14 0YA
Clarinet, Flute, Sax, Theory grades 1-5
Mr Shae Poffley Wiltshire
Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar
All popular styles., Pop, Blues, Rock/Metal, Jazz, Harmony & Composition, Modal Soloing, Recording Techniques, GCSE Performance Coaching
Mrs Katie S Griffiths Wiltshire, Wiltshire
Singing, , Voice,
Classical, Art Song, Musical Theatre, Pop
Mr James Reed Salisbury, Wiltshire
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Music Theory
Rock, Pop, Acoustic, Folk, Indie, Singer-Songwriter
Miss Rachel Luton Salisbury, Wiltshire
Violin, Viola, Piano, Theory
Mrs Miriam Simpson-Moran LWCMD AD Wiltshire
SN16 9SY
Classical teaching
Mr David Snelling Wiltshire
BA13 3LU
Guitar - Classical, Acoustic, Ukulele, Mandolin
Classical Guitar - specializing in Baroque/Renaissance period, Acoustic Guitar - folk/contemporary rhythm style
Mrs Jane Lee Wiltshire, Wiltshire
BA15 1TJ
Classical, Popular
Mr DJ Harman Pewsham, Chippenham
SN15 3TX
Guitar, Ukulele, Bass, Drums, Keyboard, Songwritting
ALL styles taught
Mr Richard Mepstead MA BA(Hons) LRSM LTCL DipMus(Open) CTLLS Wiltshire
SN12 7FJ
All Brass to Diploma Level, Beginner to Intermediate Brass (all instruments), Piano (beginner to intermediate only), Orchestration, Conducting
All Styles and Genres
Miss Suzanne Wilson Wiltshire Musicians Union Member
Piano, Singing , Clarinet, Bassoon, Recorder
Classical, Jazz , Pop , Musical Theatre, Songwriting, Folk
Mr T Perry-Harry BA (Ed.), MA, QTLS, ATCL, NPQML, FSET Wiltshire
Offering tuition from Grade 1 to Diploma level on: Modern Flute, Baroque Flute, Piccolo and Recorders, , Graded Theory of Music, GCSE & AS/A2 Level Coaching, Music Festival Prep , Mature Student Friendly
Classical, Jazz, Pop, Romantic, Baroque and Renaissance
Mr simon mann Bristol and Avon
BA15 1SE
specialize in piano and theory, also guitar.
All styles catered for.
Mr Alan MacRae Wiltshire
SN13 9XD
Brass, Trumpet, cornet, flugel horn, tenor horn, baritone, euphonium, trombone, tuba, percussion, drum kit, xylophone, marimba, glockenspiel, snare drum, timpani
Brass, percussion, theory, composition and arrangement, conducting
Mrs Carrie Farnell Wiltshire
BA14 7BW
Flute, Piano
Classical, Other genre/styles by request
Mrs Rachel Maguire Wiltshire
Clarinet, Saxophone, Flute and Piano.
All styles and genres taught
Mr Martin Holliss Wiltshire
BA15 1TJ
Trumpet, Cornet, Flugel horn, Eb horn, Tenor horn
Mr Brian Foster Wiltshire
BA13 3NZ
Guitar, Bass and Drums
Jazz, Rock, Blues, Fusion
Mrs Mairwen Guard MBE Wiltshire
BA13 3JW
ukulele, acoustic guitar, piano accordion, autoharp, zither
I am flexible for genre and style and specialize in working out songs and instrumentals for either group or solo playing according to what is required.
Mr Thomas Hiscocks Wiltshire Musicians Union Member
BA12 9NE
Voice, Ukulele , Guitar
All styles
Mrs karen stokes Wiltshire
Mrs Sherry Baffour Malmesbury, Wiltshire
SN16 9DQ
classical and modern
Mrs Marilyn Archer Wiltshire
Classical, , Musical Theatre, , pop, , ABRSM exam repertoire
Mrs Katie Smith Wilts
BA12 6HQ
Classical, Music Theatre
Miss Georgia Pennock Wiltshire
SN11 9DQ
Classical , Musical Theatre , Pop
Miss Bryony Moody Wiltshire Musicians Union Member
Cello, piano, theory
Classical, Light/Pop
Mrs Emily Pillinger Wiltshire Musicians Union Member
SN13 9RY
Saxophones, Flute, Clarinet
Classical, Jazz
Mr Stephen Vaughan LGSM, CertHE Wiltshire Musicians Union Member
Drum kit, Percussion, Xylophone , Marimba
Rock, Pop, Swing, Classical
Miss Hannah Clist Salisbury, Wiltshire
Mr Stephane Barbey Salisbury, Wiltshire
French Horn, Fretless, electric Bass, Theory, Aural
Rock- Electric bass, Jazz- Fretless and electric bass, classical- French Horn and theory of music
Miss Penelope Price Jones Wiltshire
SN10 1PS
Ms Sal Burgess Wiltshire
SN13 9LE
Piano, Theory
Piano lessons - classical/modern , ABRSM & Trinity Guildhall, for more info.
Mr Tim Rushworth Near Salisbury, Wiltshire
Guitar, classical, Guitar, flamenco, Guitar, acoustic
Classical, Flamenco, Folk, Ragtime and Blues.
Mr Chris Denton Wiltshire
Brass , Trumpet/Cornet , Trombone, Horn, Piano
All styles
Mr Steve Giles Wiltshire
Singing Teacher, Voice, Vocal Coach
Pop, Soul, RnB, Musical Theatre
Mr Lee Ingram Wiltshire, Wiltshire
BA13 3XT
Singing, voice, vocals
Singing, voice, vocals: general, pop, jazz, light classical
Mr Chris Johnson Wiltshire, Wiltshire
Pop, Musical Theatre, Soul , Rock, Blues
Mr Steve Laming Swindon, Wiltshire
Guitar, Bass Guitar, Double Bass, Music Theory
All styles plus music theory, Jazz and improvisation.
Miss Naomi Ibbetson Wiltshire
SN10 1PR
Singing, Piano, Music Theory
Mrs Ethal Newbold Swindon
Keyboard, Piano
Classical, Popular
Mrs Heather Guymer wiltshire
BA12 8EW
piano, trumpet
Piano jazz/classical, Trumpet
Mr DJ Harman Swindon, Wiltshire
Electric, acoustic, Classical/Spanish and bass guitar, Ukulele, African Drumming, Music ICT, Band Tutor
Any style/Genre taught from classical to rock
Mr Bob Spry Wiltshire
Drums, Percussion
All styles!
Ms Wendy Oliver Wiltshire
Classical, military band
Mr Graham Coatman Wiltshire
piano, composition, organ, vocal coach, accompanist
classical, all styles
Miss Maxine Johnson Westbury, Wiltshire
BA13 4SF
Ms Masha Kastner Wiltshire, Wiltshire
piano, keyboard, Indian harmonium
classical , improvisation, pop/rock
Mrs Glenda Russell Swindon
Piano, Electronic keyboard, Recorder, Clarinet, Theory of music
I teach mostly classical music but I am happy to help you to play pop music and most other styles,especially on the electronic keyboard.
Mrs Nicki Heenan Wiltshire
SN16 0NZ
Piano, Harpsichord, Singing - Classical, Musical Theatre
Musical Theatre - singing and accompaniment, Classical, Jazz. I also specialise in classroom music and teaching ensemble singing.
Mrs Michelle Lawrence Wiltshire
BA13 3FG
Piano, Singing, Flute, Theory, GCSE & A Level Tuition
Mr Tom Mallard Wiltshire Musicians Union Member
SN14 0QR
Drum Kit, Electric Drums and Programming, Recording & Mixing
Mrs F Simpkins Wiltshire
BA13 3XY
Flute, Clarinet
ABRSM standard classical
Mrs Ali Nicholas Wilts, Wiltshire
BA12 0AZ
Piano, Piano Chamber Music, Theory of Music, Voice
Classical , Contemporary
Mrs Lorraine Mahoney Trowbridge, Wiltshire
Classical, Musical Theatre, Folk, Jazz, Exam Preparation, Performance Preparation , Oratorio, Opera, Choral
Ms Sarah Holbrook Wilts, Wiltshire
SN13 0EZ
Ms Lorna Davis Wiltshire
SN12 8JS
Cello, Piano, Theory
Mr Paul Rayner Wiltshire
BA12 7BB
Classical, Acoustic, Bass, Rock, Jazz
Mr Connor Byrne Wiltshire, Wiltshire
SN14 0PU
Drum Kit
All musical styles including: Rock, Pop, Funk, Jazz, Latin and Metal, Hand technique, Foot technique, Double bass drum technique, Music theory, Sight reading, Music technology, Live performance techniques
Mr Ed Forbes Scots House Studio, Scots Lane, Salisbury
Drums, Drumset
Jazz, Pop, Rock, Funk, Blues
Mr Tom Lloyd Wiltshire Musicians Union Member
SN15 4HW
Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Piano, Music Theory
Rock, Pop, Soul, Blues, Jazz, Acoustic, Folk, Funk, Songwriting
Miss Constance Shackleton Malmesbury, Wiltshire Musicians Union Member
SN16 9EY
Voice- Teaches Classical, Pop and Musical Theatre confidently.
Classical (ABRSM), Pop, Jazz and Musical Theatre.
Mr Steve Giles Wiltshire
Singing lessons, Vocal coaching, Performance coaching, , Singing lessons for kids, Singing lessons for beginners, Singing lessons in Salisbury
Pop, rock and musical theatre.
Mrs Masa Vucinac Wiltshire
Classic music
Mr Tom Lloyd (Blueberry Music) Dauntsey Musicians Union Member
SN15 4HW
Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Piano, Music Theory
All styles and genres
Miss Tanya Michaels (Stockting) Wiltshire
BA12 8JS
Singing, Piano
Classical, Musical Theatre, Opera
Mr Ross Gooding Wiltshire
Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Pop and Music Theatre voice
I Specialise in Jazz, Pop, Rock and music theatre but am also a trained classical woodwind player
Mrs Joanna Turner Wiltshire
BA12 8HS
clarinet, saxophone, piano, singing, flute, Keyboard, Theory
all genres and styles
Mr Mathew Priest Wiltshire
Contemporary, Rock and Roll, Soul and funk, Rock, Indie, Hip Hop, Anything really
Mr Chris Turner BMus Hons Wiltshire
BA12 8HS
Piano, Keyboard, Trumpet, Theory of Music, GCSE/A-level help, Aural for ABRSM exams
Mrs Aysu Sevgur Bisgrove Wiltshire
BA15 1BA
Spanish Guitar
classical guitar
Ms Sue Coppard Wiltshire
BA15 1RE
Piano accordion
Mrs Heather Brain Chippenham, Wiltshire
SN14 7EG
Piano, keyboard
Mr Patrick Randall Wiltshire Musicians Union Member
Classical Guitar, Acoustic Guitar , Electric Guitar
Classical Guitar, Acoustic Guitar , Electric Guitar, (Classical, Folk, Rock, Blues, Pop), Music Theory, RGT Registered
Mr Nick Kirby Wiltshire
Bass Guitar
Rock, Pop, Funk, Jazz, Metal
Mr Bill Benham Wylye, Warminster
BA12 0RJ
Classical violin and Alexander Technique
Mrs Lilli Badcock Salisbury, Wiltshire
Mrs Joyce Deighton Wiltshire, Wiltshire
SN11 0UL
Classical Piano
Ms Susan Coppard Wiltshire Musicians Union Member
BA15 1RE
Piano accordion
Classical, Popular, Folk (English,Scottish,Irish), French, Spanish, Italian, Russian / E.European, Klezmer / Israeli, Latin
Mr Alistair Long Wiltshire
BA13 4QA
Drums, Drum Kit, Percussion
All, Jazz, Funk, Rock, Punk
Mr Neil Hopkins (Near Marlborough), Wiltshire
Guitar , Bass, Drums, Vocals
Blues, Rock, Metal, Pop, Acoustic
Mrs Laura Barker Wiltshire
Saxophone (beginners to advanced), Flute (beginners to advanced), Piano (beginners to intermediate), Recorder (beginners to intermediate), Music Theory (beginners to advanced), GCSE/A Level/BTEC teaching
All styles
Mr Mark James Salisbury, Wiltshire
Singing, Voice
Miss Sarah Holbrook Wiltshire
SN15 3EZ
Mrs Hev Scorah Wiltshire
BA12 8EW
Piano tuition from beginners to advanced in classical, jazz, church music., Trumpet tuition from beginners to advance in the styles listed above. , Music theory, Gcse and A level music support.
Classical, Jazz, church music
Mr Ross Sheppard South Street , Broadchalke, Salisbury
All styles catered for.
Mr Simon Sheffield Wiltshire, Wiltshire
Classical guitar, Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar, Bass
classical guitar, acoustic guitar: pop and folk, electric guitar: rock, pop, bass
Ms Sarah Holbrook Wiltshire
SN13 0EZ
Ms Sara-Lois Cunningham Wiltshire
Voice / Singing
Healthy and safe vocal technique with an emphasis on classical, folk and music theatre.
Mr Sam Goffen Amesbury, Salisbury Musicians Union Member
Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass
Acoustic, Blues, Rock, Metal, Funk, Popular, Some Jazz, Children and adults, Fully DBS checked as I work in local schools., , Website:
Mr Edward Jay Wiltshire
SN14 6GW
Accordion, PIano, Guitar, Bass, Drums
Classical, Jazz, Tango, Folk, French, German, Balkan
Mrs Vicki Watson Wiltshire Musicians Union Member
Clarinet, Saxophone, Theory
Classical, Jazz, Rock, Pop
Mr Paul Taylor Wiltshire
SN13 9LW
Full acoustic drum kits by Yamaha and Premier, Full electronic drum kits by Yamaha and Roland, Congas, Djembe, Bongoes, And other various ethnic drums
All styles, including;, Rock , Blues , Jazz , Reggae, Funk, Military
Mr Tim Watson Bradford on Avon, Bath
BA14 6QH
djembe, bugarabou, tama talking drums, Shekere, Small percussion
African, Latin, fusion, listening
Mrs Mary Pilcher-Clayton Wiltshire
SN11 0AZ
Piano, Electronic Keyboard, recorder
Classical, Jazz
Mr Francis Faux Wiltshire
SN13 9EW
Piano, Theory, Aural, Musical theatre, Choral conducting
Classical, Jazz/blues, Musical theatre
Mr Robert Chapman Wiltshire
BA14 0SJ
Electric & Acoustic Guitar
Rock, Blues, Funk
Ms Ruth Behan Wiltshire
SN12 8NA
Violin Irish style Fiddle
Community Choir
Ms Jill Kendrick Wiltshire
Tenor saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet
classical, big band, swing
Mr Timothy Dixon Bradford-On-Avon
BA15 1JD
Absolute beginners welcome!, , Teaching from home, and home visits available., , All ages welcome., , Please call for an informal chat.
Mrs Sarah Pottinger Wiltshire
SN10 5HW
Voice, Singing
Classical, Opera, Musical Theatre, Jazz , Pop, Graded Examinations, GCSE/A level Examinations, Audition Preparation
Mr ROBIN GAIR Milford Street, Salisbury
Vocal Coach, Singing Teacher, Performance Trainer, Mentor
POP, ROCK, RnB, Musical Theatre, Performance techniques., Group tuition.
Mr Robert Brian
Drum Kit
Jazz, Rock, Funk, Latin, Pop, Big Band, Solo technique
Mr Michael Sims Charlton All Saints, Salisbury
Voice: Singing Teacher
Singing Teacher:, Classical, Opera, Jazz, Pop, Musical Theatre, I teach a relaxed fun style of singing, which will allow you a technique that can be applied to any style of music
Mr Robert Say Wiltshire
SN16 0BJ
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar
Rock, Blues, Metal, Folk.
Mrs Rosalie Watson BMus RCM MMus GSMD Wiltshire
Oboe, Recorder
Oboe, Recorder
Mr Ian Stenhouse Wiltshire
SN10 2EZ
Electric guitar, Acoustic guitar, Bass guitar
Electric guitar, Acoustic guitar, Bass guitar
Miss Melanie Macro Wiltshire
Pop, Jazz, Soul, Country, Rock, Musical Theatre, Classical and Choral. Vocal technique, audition preparation and Performance tuition.
Mr Christopher Guild Wiltshire
Piano, Chamber Music, Music Theory
Classical Piano (to Diploma), , Theory (to Grade 8), , Aural (to Grade 8), , GCSE and A-level performance coaching, , Chamber music and accompaniment
Mr Kevin Poplett Wiltshire Musicians Union Member
BA15 2PB
Saxophone, Flute
Jazz, Pop, Classical
Miss Eniko Nagy Wiltshire
SN10 3FN
Mrs Nadejda Quick Wiltshire
BA13 3JW
classical music
Mr steve yorke (near Swindon), Wiltshire
trumpet, cornet, flugel, Tenor Horn, Trombone (Treble or Bass Clef), Euphonium, Tuba, brass, Music Theory
Orchestral, Brass/Wind Bands, Big Band, Rock , Soul, Classical
Mr Ian O'Regan Wiltshire
SN11 8XE
Rock, Blues, Folk, Pop
Miss L Velasco Wiltshire
SN11 8SQ
Classic guitar, acustic guitar.
Classical, Popular, Rock
Mr David Passmore Warminster, Wiltshire
BA12 0RA
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Blues, Rock, Metal, Pop, Latin, Acoustic
Mrs Elizabeth Gerwat Wiltshire
Flute and Piano
Classical., , I follow the ABRSM syllabus and can teach in Devizes or Salisbury.
Mr Jordan Reed-Poulson Salisbury, Wiltshire
Violin, Viola, Vocal, Performing Arts, Music Theory, GCSE Composition, GCSE Performance, GCSE Listening, Music Technology, Recording Techniques, Performance Techniques
Mr Stuart Morrell Melksham Musicians Union Member
SN12 6AA
Bass Guitar, Mandolin, Guitar
Rock, Funk, Blues, Pop
Mr Kenneth A Spencer Wiltshire, Wiltshire
Organ, Piano, Guitar
I can give introductory lessons on guitar, piano and organ., I can also provide an introduction to music theory, and relate it to those instruments., I have no formal musical qualifications, and cannot teach to any standard academic grade system.
Mr Austin Monkcom Wiltshire
Punk, Rock,
Mrs Edwina Astle Wiltshire
Piano and harp (lever harp and pedal harp)
Modern, Classical, Popular
Miss Joy Boole Chippenham , Wiltshire
Clarinet, Piano/Keyboard, Saxophone, Theory
Classical, Jazz, Pop
Mr Jordan Yeatman Wiltshire
Electric guitar, Acoustic guitar, Classical guitar
Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz, Folk, Acoustic, Fingerstyle, World and Classical.
Mrs Nicki Pearce Wiltshire
Voice / Singing, Rhythm guitar
Rock, Pop
Mr David Shoukry Wiltshire
SN13 9EE
Theory of Music, GCSE Music, A Level Music, A Level Music Technology, Undergraduate Music
Theory, Classical, A Level, GCSE
Mr Edward Scott Seend , Wiltshire Musicians Union Member
SN12 6RT
Vocals , Guitar , Bass , Logic Pro X , Music production
Rock , Pop , Singer songwriter
Mr Sam Lawson Wiltshire
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar, Piano, Bass Guitar
Pop, Rock, Jazz, Funk, Soul, Motown, Classical
Mrs Kay Haycock Wiltshire
SN12 6QJ
Piano - Grades or mainstream music (chords taught), Keyboard - mainstream music , Guitar - finger picking, strumming (chords) RGT Exams - single note playin, Scales, finger-styles finger-board knowledge. , Music Theory
Classical/songs from musicals/films, Well known Mainstream, finger-picking/strumming/finger styles/chords/scales etc
Mr Aaron Austen Wiltshire
Piano , Music Theory Basic
Mrs Jane Waters Wiltshire
SN10 5FL
Piano, Theory
Mr Ross Harfield Salisbury, Wiltshire Musicians Union Member
Drums, Drumkit/ Accoustic and Electronic, Congas
All Styles.
Mrs Joanna Hampson-Gilbert BMus (Hons), PGCE Wiltshire
Violin & Viola
Violin and Viola teacher offering lessons for all ages and abilities (children and adults). , , I am an experienced, friendly and enthusiastic teacher who seeks to inspire my students. , I teach all lessons from my home in Hilperton. , , I have an excellent track record for ABRSM and Trinity exams and students have 100% pass rate with many achieving Merits and Destinctions., , Enhanced CRB/DBS check
Mrs Kim Amanda Bott. BMus(Hons) Wiltshire
Classical Piano, Jazz Piano, Popular Piano
Mr James Harpham Calne, Wiltshire
SN11 8PY
piano, keyboard (or synth), recorders, percussion
piano - classical and jazz, recorders, theory + composition, conducting and film/TV scoring. Silent Films a speciality.
Ms Katey Thomas Wilts, Berkshire
Flute, Piano
Classical, Basic Jazz
Mrs Alison Bunce Wiltshire
BA12 9JT
classical and jazz
Mrs Elizabeth Donovan BMus PGDip RNCM Wiltshire Musicians Union Member
BA15 1AD
Voice (Male & Female)
Classical , Opera , Lieder , Melodie , Music Theatre
Mrs Adele Price Wiltshire
descant recorder- up to grade 8, treble/tenor recorder, flute - from grade 1-5
Classical, Baroque, Renaissance, Folk, contemporary
Mr Raff Achour Swindon, Wiltshire
Electiric guitar, Acoustic guitar, Classical guitar, Bass guitar, Mandolin
Rock, Pop, Blues, Folk, Classical
Mr Sam Blake Bradford on Avon
BA15 1PN
Electric, Acoustic and Bass Guitar
Hey there, I'm Sam Blake and I began BlakeÂís Guitar Tuition in 2005. I offer guitar tuition in Bradford-on-Avon., , Guitar tuition is offered for electric and acoustic guitar, covering all ages and a vast range of styles and techniques., , Teaching methods are easy going and week-by-week constructive-lessons are tailor suited to pupils levels and goals., , Group tuition is available through the B.G.T Rockschool., , I am Grade 8 and C.R.B checked., , Lessons are currently priced at £15 per half hour., , Group tuition is available through the B.G.T Rockschool., ,
Mr Robin Hulbert Wiltshire
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Electric, Acoustic, Blues, Rock, Metal, Classical, Neoclassical, Jazz, Folk, Rhythm
Mr Raphael Hetherington Wiltshire
Classical, Rock and Pop
Mrs Stephanie Kenny Wilts, Wiltshire
SN14 6PG
clarinet, flute, trumpet , cornet, recorder, woodwind
Happy to teach those who want to learn for pleasure or those who want to pass a grade. From primary age to grandparents - music has no age limits
Mrs Laura Keay Wilts, Wiltshire
BA12 9BU
Harp - lever/celtic
Miss Marie Elliott Wiltshire
SN13 9EQ
Opera, Classical, Musicals, pop
Mr Andi Dawson Wiltshire, Wiltshire