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Name Location Musicians Union Member Child Protection Training Qualifications Verified Memberships Training
Premium Members
Mr David McKeown Exeter Road, Newton Poppleford, Sidmouth
EX10 0BH
Saxophone, Alto, Soprano, Tenor and Baritone, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Flute, Music Theory, Composition and Arranging, GCSE and A Level support, Sibelius, Dorico, Home Recording
Jazz, Pop, Classical, Folk, World, Contemporary, Improvisation, Rock
Standard Members
Mrs Louise Toomer Surrey
Miss Jessica Morton Devon
Piano, Clarinet, Beginner ukulele
Classical, Pop
Miss Angela Cocks
Piano, Flute, Clarinet
All styles.
Mrs Rachael Forsyth Somerset Musicians Union Member
TA20 3LR
Saxophone, Piano, Clarinet, Flute, Recorder, Ukulele, Theory, Aural Tests, GCSE training, Composition, GCSE / A-level Prep / Help
Tutor moving to Somerset. Spaces available September 2017, , As an experience tutor I offer lessons to students of all ages and ability levels. Lessons include all genres and styles taught - in particular I work with students either in a Classical or Jazz style. , , Students learn for exams as well as just for fun - all tastes accomodated for., , 100% pass rate for ABRSM exams. Grades 1-8., , Trinity and VCM exams offered also., , From complete beginners up to Diploma level., , Lessons offered from tutors home
Miss Shan Allen Honiton, Devon
EX14 3HW
Clarinet , Flute, , Recorder, , Alto Saxophone, , Cornet/Trumpet, , Trombone
Mostly western classical, but other styles played as appropriate.
Mrs Sonja Helliar Somerset
TA13 5AG
Flute, clarinet, valved brass
Mrs Carolyn Tudor Somerset Musicians Union Member
Oboe, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Recorder, Bassoon, Theory (Up to Grade 5)
Mr Charlie Hearnshaw Devon
clarinet, saxophone, piano, jazz piano
clarinet, saxophone, jazz piano, recorder, composition
Mrs Lynda Read Yeovil, Somerset
Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone, Piano
ABRSM examinations
Mr Kevin Hurst Budleigh Salterton , (in between Exmouth, Sidmouth) Musicians Union Member
Piano, Clarinet
Friendly, patient, kind tuition given on piano and clarinet for those who have reached an intermediate and advanced level, normally about grade 5 and are committed to practising regularly and systematically (full guidance is given on this) between lessons., , This is my personal preference in my private teaching to counter-balance my school work which includes beginners upwards. But if you feel you or your child are especially keen, and have lots of potential to show real commitment to get the best out of the lesson process and are particularly keen to learn quickly, are resolutely committed to practise systematically and are willing and have the aptitude to take the early grades sooner than later, then do get in touch as I usually make availability for a small number of keen, driven private pupils who are pre-grade 5., , For those who have reached grade 5, doing further grades is one option. Looking at and exploring music for its own sake is equally valid as a reason for wanting to study. Again, a real commitment to practise is paramount to get the best out of the process. Contact me for availability., , And for those who have passed grade 8, the diplomas are an option to consider if there is a realistic approach to preparing for them and an aptitude to do them, whilst an equally motivating idea can be to study music for its own creative rewards plus maybe on clarinet to give local concerts as a member of an amateur band or orchestra or to accompany on the piano a friend who also plays a musical instrument. Please feel free to contact me about these ideas and more., , My teaching is pupil-based. I go at the pupilÂís pace and am supportive and encouraging and indeed flexible at all times.
Mr Matthew Brown Devon, Devon
EX13 5PY
Drum kit, clarinet, piano
Jazz, pop, classical, latin.
Mrs Laura Bond Devon
Saxophone, Clarinet, Beginner Piano, Theory
All genres and styles
Ms Suzanne Hillier Lyme Regis
Voice, Saxophone, Clarinet, Beginner flute
All styles., Classical, Music Theatre, Jazz
Mr Pete Scott Devon Musicians Union Member
EX24 6LB
Saxophone, Clarinet, Piano, Pop Keyboards, Theory
Jazz, Funk, Pop, Classical, All genres
Mrs Tracey Murphy Chard, Somerset
TA20 2QH
Piano, Keyboard, Clarinet and Theory
classical, popular, , Working towards examinations or just playing for pleasure
Mrs Caroline Reardon Ilminster
TA19 9QL
Clarinet and Saxophone to Grade 8, Piano to Grade 3, Cello to Grade 3, Theory to Grade 5
Mrs Chris Beattie Somerset Musicians Union Member
Recorder, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Saxophone, Piano (to Grade 5)
Mainly classical
Mr Dan McGinn Taunton, Somerset
Trumpet/Cornet/Flugel, Trombone, Euphonium/Baritone, Clarinet, Saxophone, Beginner to Post Grade 8, Music Theory, Improvisation, GCSE/A Level/BTEC Tutoring
Classical, Jazz, Big Band, Military, Wind Band, Grades, Fun, Ensemble skills, Teaching
Mr Dan McGinn Somerset
Trumpet/Cornet, Trombone, Euphonium/Baritone, Clarinet, Drums, Guitar/Ukulele, Music Theory, Advanced Aural and Listening Skills, GCSE, A-Level and BTEC Private tuition
Mrs Emily Kate Murphy Somerset
Piano, Bassoon, Music Theory, Clarinet, Saxophone
Classical Music
Mr Jez Huggett Cullompton, Devon Musicians Union Member
EX15 2SS
Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet, Piano, Keyboards, Sax, Saxes, Music Theory, How to Read Music, How to Play Chords, How to Improvise / Improvisation
Classical, Jazz, Blues, Swing, Rock, Pop, Music Theory, How to Read Music, How to Play Chords, How to Improvise, Improvisation
Mrs Claire Dolby Wellington, Somerset
TA21 0RJ
Recorder, Clarinet
Baroque, , renaissance , modern