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Name Location Musicians Union Member Child Protection Training Qualifications Verified Memberships Training
Premium Members
Mrs Helen Stanley Bristol and Avon
BS35 4PT
Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello, Recorder, Trombone - beginner to Grade 5, Soprano saxophone - beginner to Grade 5, Music Theory
Ms T Hitchens Bristol and Avon
Flute, Recorder, Music Theory, Piccolo
All styles
Mr Ben Mowat Bristol
Violin, , viola, , cello,, piano, , guitar, , ukulele,, recorder,, music theory,, composition, (Sibelius software), music technology and production (Logic, Cubase. Pro Tools etc)
Classical, , Celtic folk, gypsy,, Eastern Europe and Bulkan folk,, jazz, , tango,, improvisation, loop pedal,, written music,, or learn by ear
Standard Members
Mrs Hilary Stavros Ives Newport, Gwent Child Protection Training Qualifications Verified
NP19 0JQ
Oboe, Cor anglais, Recorder, Clarinet, Saxophone, Violin, Viola, Cello, Music Theory
Classical, Folk Violin (including Irish and bluegrass), Exam Prep, Playing for Fun
Mr Simon Brett Somerset Musicians Union Member
Organ, Piano & other keyboards, Harpsichord (& similar), Recorder (descant & treble), Melodeon (D/G, B/C & others), Anglo Concertina, Bodhrán, Music Theory
Classical (mainly), Jazz / Ragtime, Country / Folk, R n B
Mr David Pert Cardiff, Glamorgan (South) Child Protection Training
CF14 3BX
Piano,Accompaniment, Recorder, Theory
Classical, Accompaniment, Aural training, Theory training, Performance
Mrs Catharine Deam Bristol
BS10 7PT
Piano, Violin, Viola, Recorder
Classical Piano, Violin, Viola, Recorder
Mrs Catharine Deam Bristol
BS10 7PT
Violin, Viola, Piano, Recorder
Mostly classical and folk song material, not Jazz
Mrs Maxine Warn South Gloucestershire, Gloucestershire
BS32 4LP
Piano, Keyboard, Guitar, Recorder, Ukulele
All styles
Mr Gustave Savy Sea Mills, Bristol
Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Recorder, Music Theory
Jazz, swing, Classical, Funk, Blues, Big band, ensemble, Any other style
Miss Alice Rivers Bristol, Bristol and Avon
Music Theory, Oboe/Recorder, Piano
Classical, Music Theory
Ms Michelle Krawiec Bristol and Avon
Flute - all standards, Saxophone & clarinet - beginner to intermediate, Recorder, , Small group lessons are also available - please contact me for more details
Miss Kate Ayres Bristol, Bristol and Avon
BS48 4NE
Cello, Piano, Recorder (elementary), Music Theory
Mr Trevor Furness Bristol, Bristol and Avon
Recorder, Flute, Singing, Guitar, Ukulele, Keyboard
Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Modern
Mrs Maxine Warn Edward Street, Eastville
Piano, Keyboard, Guitar, Ukulele, Recorder, Children's percussion
Children's classes, All styles
Mr Andrew Warn Bristol, Bristol and Avon
Guitar, Percussion, Recorder
Guitar - All ages, Children's music courses
Dr Jennifer Mackerras Bristol
Recorder, Alexander Technique
Mr Mark Bick Gloucestershire Musicians Union Member
GL16 8DN
Guitar , Bass, Vocals , Ukulele , Garage Band, Music Theory, plus beginners on recorder, piano,
Folk, Rock, Jazz, Classical
Mrs Alison Cannon Bristol and Avon
Recorder (descant, treble, ensemble), , Music Theory
Miss Alicia Higgs Wales, Glamorgan (South)
Flute, Piccolo , Music Theory, Recorder (beginner), Clarinet(beginner), Saxophone (beginner)
Mr Darius Gray PGDip, BMus(Hons) Cardiff, Glamorgan (South)
Piano, Clarinet, Recorder, Music Theory
Mr Matthew Bromley Glamorgan (South) Child Protection Training
Piano, Music Theory, Composition, Electronic Keyboard, Recorder (Sopranino, Soprano/descant, Treble/Alto, Tenor, Bass), GCSE Tutoring, A-Level Tutoring
Classical , Contemporary classical, Popular, Jazz
Prof Pam Selby Gloucestershire
GL14 2TU
flute, piccolo, recorder, clarinet
classical, popular
Miss Green Gloucestershire
NP16 7JU
Descant Recorder, Treble Recorder
Mr Andrew Warn Bristol and Avon
BS32 4LP
Guitar, Piano , Ukulele, Recorder, Keyboard
Classical, Acoustic, Electric
Miss Hayley Thomas Bristol and Avon
Clarinet and Recorder
Miss Daisy Smith Gloucestershire
GL15 6DF
Violin, , Piano/Keyboard, , Flute, , Saxophone, , Recorder.
Classical, , Traditional English Folk, , Ceiligh and Irish Fiddle,
Mr Adam Harvey Bristol and Avon
Bass guitar-Trumpet-Cornet-Horn-Trombone-Euphonium-Tuba-Double bass-recorder-Flute.
Everything from rock to classical
Miss Kathryn Lines Bristol, Bristol and Avon
Flute (Grade 8), Piano (Grade 8), Treble Recorder (Grade 8), Descant Recorder (Grade 8), Violin (Grade 5), Singing (Grade 5)
Dr Judith Silver Glamorgan (South)
Clarinet, Recorder, Music theory
Miss Rhiannon Davis Glamorgan (South)
CF23 7AR
Flute, Recorder
Classical flute
Miss Katie Axelsen Bristol and Avon
Flute - Piccolo - Recorder
Classical Flute
Miss Katie Morgan Glamorgan (South)
Flute,, Piccolo,, Alto Flute, Recorder
Classical, Contemporary
Miss Amy-Ellen Smith Cardiff, Glamorgan (South)
CF24 0NJ
Singing - all styles, ages and abilities , Theory - up to grade 6, Piano - beginners, Recorder - beginners, Flute - beginners - grade 3, Speech and drama - beginners - intermediate, Languages for singers - beginners - intermediate
Classical, Musical theatre, Acoustic , Rock, Pop
Mr Michael Lowe Glamorgan (South)
CF24 4AR
Piano, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Eb Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Recorder (Treble, Alto, Tenor), Theory
Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Contemporary, Jazz, Orchestral, Chamber, Theory
Mrs Carolyne Hunter Cardiff Musicians Union Member
CF24 4JG
Recorder, Fife, Flute, , Clarinet, Saxophone, Theory
Classical, Jazz
Mr Sam Baxter MA, BMus(Hons) Glamorgan (South) Musicians Union Member
Oboe, Flute, Recorder, Saxophone, Music Theory, Reed Making, Cor Anglais
Baroque, Classical, 21st Century, Contemporary, Exam preparation, Learning for fun
Mr Harry Petty Glamorgan (South)
CF11 6DS
Recorder, Bassoon, Music theory
Baroque, Classical, Contemporary, Chamber, Orchestral, Music theory
Miss Emily Ireland Gloucestershire
GL17 9NJ
Flute, Recorder, Singing