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Name Location Musicians Union Member Child Protection Training Qualifications Verified Memberships Training
Mr Leigh Canning Pengam, Blackwood Musicians Union Member Child Protection Training
NP12 3TE
Piano, Violin, Audition Practice (Music or Theatre), Music Theory, GCSE Music
Classical, Modern, Pop.
Ms Jackie Charles Pontypool, Gwent
Piano, Violin, Music Theory
Ms Marie Z Evans Ty Canol, Cwmbran
NP44 6JN
Violin, Piano
Rwth Evans MA Ad Dip Ed AGSM LRAM LTCL Powys
Flute, Piano, Keyboard, Singing/ Vocals,, Theory - from beginners beyond grade 8/ to diploma level; Cello, Violin, Viola, Recorder - up to intermediate level ( is @grade 6/7), GCSE, A Level, Dip and Degree Support, Online Tuition, Performance Anxiety Support
Classical, Modern Classics, Rock and Pop, Folk, Professional Orchestral Player & Experienced Online Teacher & Psychologist -I can help you with performance anxiety!
Miss Jan Tatarcheva-Andreoli Abergavenny, Gwent
Violin (Now also available one to one on Skype), Singing and vocal technique , Music Theory (Grade 5 ABRSM)
Violin - Classical and Popular, Singing - Classical, Music Theatre, Pop, Technique and Stamina building.
Mrs Amanda Oldfield Newport, Gwent
NP10 8LE
Violin, Piano, Music Theory
Classical to modern
Mrs Claire Canning Gwent
NP12 3UD
Violin, Piano, Viola. Music Theory. Also help with all aspects of GCSE and A level Music
All Styles
Miss Jeni Stokes Gwent
Mrs Eleanor Heap Gwent
NP12 0BS
Violin, Piano, Music Theory
Ms Hortensia Lela Gwent
NP20 2FR
Violin, piano
Mrs Daisy Hart Caldicot, Gwent
NP26 3SH
Classical Violin (up to Grade 8) , Traditional Folk/Celtic/Irish Fiddle , Piano (up to grade 6) , Flute (up to grade 6) , Saxophone (up to grade 6) , Music Theory (up to grade 5)
Mr Benjamin Maddock Govilon, Abergavenny
Classical Guitar, Flamenco Guitar, Violin
classical guitar, flamenco guitar, violin, guitar
Miss Sarah Hayward Monmouthshire
NP15 1QW
Voice / Singing, Violin, Viola
Classical, Folk, Rock / Pop, Musical Theatre, Whatever you choose!
Mrs Gisele Boll Gwent
NP19 7ET