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Name Location Musicians Union Member Child Protection Training Qualifications Verified Memberships Training
Premium Members
Mrs Maija Hoggarth Cumbria
LA15 8BE
Singing, Guitar, Bass, Piano
Classical, Jazz, Pop , Musical Theatre
Mr Stuart Warren Hampsfell Road, Grange-over-Sands
LA11 6BE
Piano, Organ, Keyboard, Theory, Vocal Tutoring, Keyboard Skills / Musicianship, Music Technology , Logic Pro Music Production
Classical, Jazz, Popular, Music Theatre, Theory, Composition, Music technology, Audio Recording
Miss Leigh Rhianon Coggins Hest Bank, Warton , Kendal
Voice, Singing
Musical theatre, Classical, Pop Music
Standard Members
Mr Richard Strange Cumbria
LA18 4AG
Ukulele up to grade 5, Mandolin up to grade 5, Violin up to grade 5, Classical Guitar up to diploma, Bass Guitar up to grade 8, Electric guitar up to grade 8, Acoustic Guitar up to grade 8, Recorder beginners, Composition, Music Theory
Classical, Folk, Blues, Rock, Jazz
Miss Rebecca Chesher Cumbria, Cumbria
LA18 4EU
Clarinet - Beginner up to Advanced, Alto Saxophone, Flute, Singing, Theory
All styles
Mr Paul Bryden Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria
LA14 5NQ
Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar
Mr Christopher Noblin Cumbria
Clarinet, Piano (beginner-intermediate), Theory, Harmony & Composition
Classical, Jazz & Pop
Dr Andrew Sproxton Barrow in Furness, Cumbria
LA13 9AW
Kit Percussion , Guitar
All styles
Miss Faye Lewis Cumbria
Saxophone , Clarinet, Flute
Mrs Deborah Milledge Cumbria
Classical music performance, Musical theatre performance, Jazz and quality pop style performance, Preparation for grade exams, diplomas and auditions as appropriate
Mr Richard Butler MBE Ulverston
LA12 8EA
All brass instruments
All genres covered.
Miss Jody Moore Cumbria
CA19 1UG
French horn, Eb Tenor horn, Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, All brass, cornet , tenor horn
Any genre
Dr Stephen J. Wood Cumbria
Classical, Jazz, Contemporary Classical, Composition/Arranging
Mrs Louise Harlow Seascale, Cumbria
CA20 1BG
Piano, Music theory
Classical, Jazz, Contemporary classical
Mr John Howarth Cumbria
LA23 3HT
Clarinet, Piano, Theory
Ms Lorna Kelly Cumbria
LA23 1DF
Voice training has been my life's work. I can help you with vocal problems and inspire you to release your true voice. My repertoire is Lieder, Art Songs, Opera, Operetta, Oratorio, Sacred and crossover styles from the musical genre. I prefer to teach mature students, over the age of 16 but not exclusively and am happy to take singers who feel they need to brush up their technique as well.
All classical styles and some crossover classical/musical.
Mrs Andee Robinson Morecambe, Lancashire Musicians Union Member
Singing, Music Theory
Pop, Music Theatre
Mr David Mahon Lancashire
Violin, Music Theory to Grade 5
Mr Frank Perkins Cumbria
LA23 1NU
Classical Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Classical Guitar Repertoire , Renaissance Lute Music to Modern Romantic Guitar, Ragtime, Blues, DADGAD, Spanish & South American Romantic.
Mr Adrian Boardman Morecambe, Lancashire
Cornet, Trumpet, Trombone, Tenor Horn, French Horn, Baritone, Euphonium, Tuba, Brass
Classical, Jazz, Pop, Brass Band, , An experienced brass tutor & musician with knowledge and ability in many different musical styles including jazz, classical and brass band. I teach the full range of brass instruments and can cater the tuition specifically to the aspiration and style of the individual., , I have a 100% success rate in preparing and entering pupils for practical examinations and can teach one-to-one or in groups. I place a high emphasis on musicianship and musicality and encourage my students to embrace the many different musical genres. As a musician I play professionally in jazz and function bands, musical theatre and I recently formed an 18-piece professional jazz orchestra which I lead and direct. I have played and competed at the highest level in Brass Bands and enjoyed tours in Europe and USA.
Ms Deirdre Ward
Violin, Viola, Chamber Music Coaching
Classical , Adults and children , DBS certified,
Mrs Janet Pinder-Emery Cumbria
LA22 9EJ
Violin, Viola, Aural & Theory ABRSM, Tension-reduction/ prevention for all instrumentalists & singers: Alexander Technique
Mostly classical, with good technical foundation for any style of music
Mr Mark Guntrip Cumbria
LA16 7DL
trombone, piano
Mrs Victoria Heard Cumbria
Saxophone (soprano, alto, tenor, baritone), Piano, Clarinet, Music Theory
Classical, Jazz, Blues, Folk
Mr Alan Towse KIrkby-in-Furness, Cumbria
LA17 7XY
Violin, Flute
Classical , Traditional, Recreational , Examination
Mrs Zina Myakicheff Preston Cumbria
LA15 8AA
Piano ABRSM grades and Theory, Rockschool Piano, Exams optional, Band member, Rehearsal pianist for groups
Mr James Taylor Cumbria
LA14 4RA
Guitar, Mandolin
Folk, Traditional
Miss Emma Howarth Lindal, Ulverston, Cumbria
LA12 0LX
Tenor Saxohone, Alto saxophone
Miss Becki Fishwick Cumbria Musicians Union Member
LA14 5PJ
Pop, Soul, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Rock n roll, Rnb , Indie, Alternative, Musicals
Mr Simon McCullough Cumbria
LA14 5QQ
Brass Instrumental (Trumpet/Cornet Specialist), , Â Baritone , Â Cornet/Trumpet, Â Euphonium, Â Soprano , Â Tenor Horn, Â Tuba
Classical, Latin, Pop/Rock, Swing
Mr Phil Duxbury Cumbria, Cumbria
LA14 5HH
Mrs Justine Blackburn BA Hons Music Cumbria
flute, saxophone (all types), Clarinet, Bass clarinet, Recorder, Theory
All genres
Ms Lesley Harris The Great Hall, Victoria Hall, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria Musicians Union Member
LA14 1BX
Drums, Bass, Vocals, Guitar (electric/acoustic), Keyboard/Piano
Rock and Pop
Mrs Louise Tyson-Kellett Cumbria
LA14 3QW
Flute, Saxophone, Clarinet, Piano, Theory
All Woodwind and Piano tuition plus theory, specialising in Flute. Also guitar. Saxophone clarinet bassoon oboe. All styles with all exam boards.
Ms Jan Kewish Cumbria
LA13 0RL
Singing, Piano, Theory and GCSE and AS and A2 back up
Mr David cartmel cumbria, Cumbria
LA12 7ES
Guitar, Piano, Keyboard
Rock, Classical , Acoustic, metal, Jazz, Country
Ms Zina Myakicheff Preston Cumbria
LA12 0EE
Piano, Music Theory, beginners Clarinet
Ms Kirsten Taylor Cumbria, Cumbria Musicians Union Member
Singing, Voice, Guitar, Piano
SONG BIRDS, Community Singing Groups, Improvisation Groups, Therapeutic Music Groups, 1to1 on application, Jazz, Pop, Blues, Folk, World, Traditional, Improvisation, Ear Training, Vocal health & technique
Mr Alan Fitzgerald Cumbria
LA12 9DX
Guitar, Hand drums, Percussion, Technology
Flamenco , Classical, Acoustic, Popular
Mrs sharon ritchie penny bridge, nr ulverston cumbria
LA12 7RQ
Ms Kathryn Lucius Roosebeck, Ulverston
LA12 0RF
Classical. Musical Theatre. Contemporary.
Mr Phillip Andrews Cumbria
LA23 3AP
Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals
Mr Robin May Cumbria, Cumbria
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Blues,, Rock,, Jazz, - All contemporary styles
Mr Natalija Japerte Cumbria
LA23 2JW
Accordion, Piano, Theory
Mrs Rose East ARNSIDE, Cumbria
Piano/keyboard and woodwind
Classical and popular., Clarinet, flute and piano/keyboard.
Mrs Judith Jones Cumbria
CA21 2YG
Singing, voice, contemporary styles including rock, pop and musical theatre.
rock, pop, musical theatre