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Mr Alex Morris Hereford, Herefordshire
Electric guitar, Electric bass, Singing, Drums, Home recording/music production
Rock, heavy metal, blues, folk; classical
Mr Harry Sutton Herefordshire
Acoustic Guitar , Electric Guitar , Bass Guitar, Trumpet, Music Theory, GCSE Music Revision, Music Technology, Music Production, Sound Engineering, Recording, Session Playing
Prof Peter Goodall Herefordshire
12, 6 , nylon, steel, acoustic and electric guitars, Bass guitar, double bass, cello, Keyboards, Drums and percussion, Production, recording techniques and engineering, Publishing, Agency and Management, Arranging and composition
I teach and coach all styles, given my experience and background
Mr SIMON TITTLEY St Owens Cross, Hereford
Guitar, Bass, Record Production, web design, Apple Mac tuition
ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS ARE WELCOME - LET ME GET YOU STARTED ON GUITAR OR BASS NOW ! , , All modern pop/rock/blues/jazz guitar & bass styles., , Music theory, guitar and bass technique, reading and writing music, recording skills and career development for aspiring professionals., , Professional studio with experienced producer/engineer and access to top UK/USA session players. Guide price from £ 399.00 per song... , , Mastering facilities - we have an exclusive deal with a quality US mastering studio in Florida - great work at reasonable prices. , , We can also prepare CD artwork and oversee production of your CD at Nimbus Records., , Also professional web sites built and serviced for musicians/bands/artists/media companies., , Call (01989) 730 484 for full details.