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Name Location Musicians Union Member Child Protection Training Qualifications Verified Memberships Training
Premium Members
Mr Paul McBretney DipABRSM Member of ISM NORWICH, Norfolk Qualifications Verified
NR18 0XP
With over 40 years experience in piano teaching you can be sure to receive knowledgeable and enthusiastic tuition. Piano teaching is now changing. Until very recently, piano tuition had changed little since the piano was invented more than 200 years ago. Lessons were all about scales, sight reading, endless exercises and aural training. No wonder so many youngsters gave up as soon as they could. Doing your daily piano practice was like taking medicine!, But in recent years, technology has not only been developed to help us, but has become affordable too. Most people now have access to an iPad and most of my pupils use a digital piano. The apps I use make practicing the piano fun, and nothing like it used to be. Also, it has been shown that using these digital resources can dramatically speed up the learning process. Pupils practise at home with these apps get instant assessment of notes played on their screen. This enables rapid correct learning and prevents wrong notes from being practised into the memory. Please visit my website for more information: ,
Ms Adriene Ellis GTCL LTCL SgFlPf ARCMSg Bury St Edmunds , Newmarket, SUFFOLK Qualifications Verified
IP29 4HU
All Styles in singing flute piano , fun, relaxed, technique for effective interpretation in performance :-, Opera, -pinacle of vocal acrobatics-, Musical Theatre, Pop, Song writing etc
Mr John Chillingworth Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
IP31 3HS
Cello, Organ, Piano, Theory, Composition, Arranging, Conducting
Classical Music, Musicals
Mr pete davies Suffolk Musicians Union Member
drums [kit]
all kit drumming, snare rudiments, jazz styles, rock/reggae, swing
Mrs Allyson Dobie-Oxley Suffolk
IP28 8JB
Opera, Classical including language songs (all major languages taught), musical theatre, rock, jazz, folk. Applied Bel Canto technique and voice production
Mr John Kirk Larters Lane, Middlewood Green
IP14 5HB
Classical Guitar, Piano, Tenor Horn
Classical, Popular
Standard Members
Mrs Nicola Absolum Norfolk
IP24 1FF
Piano, classical and popular. Music Theory grades 1-5.
Classical and popular.
Miss Laura Brownsell Norfolk
IP24 2UH
Violin (beginners to advanced), Music Theory (beginners to intermediate)
Mr Tom Simpson Suffolk
IP27 0HP
Classical to modern except jazz
Mr James Delarre thetford, Suffolk
IP27 0QG
Folk, country bluegrass, classical
Mrs Jodie Seymour Norfolk
Singing , Voice, Songwriting
All styles including: Pop / Rock / Blues / Jazz & Musical theatre. , Songwriters looking to perform their own material. I also give songwriting tuition & guidance., For detailed information and testimonials regarding Singing lessons at Singers Cottage please go to or email me at singerscottage[at]
Mr Phil Chapman Thetford, Norfolk
IP25 6QH
Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar, Bass guitar
Rock, Acoustic, Folk
Mrs Marion Bird Norwich, Norfolk
NR16 2TB
All styles but mainly Classical taught. , Children and adults welcome. , Theory Grades 1-5 taught., Please see my biography and testimonials for further details.
Mrs Linda Brunning Suffolk
IP28 7LD
Mrs Debby Jones Norfolk
IP25 6UG
Violin , Flute , Piano & keyboards, Recorder , Guitar (acoustic & classical), Ukulele, Theory (upto & including Grade 5
Miss Elizabeth George Suffolk, Suffolk
IP32 6AY
Flute, Alto Saxophone
Flute: Classical, Baroque, Modern, Jazz, Saxophone: Classical, Beginner Jazz, Modern , , ABRSM grades or just for fun!
Mr Tom Harman Suffolk
IP32 6RR
Piano, Violin, Clarinet, Cello, Flute
Mrs Steph Richardson Diss, Norfolk
IP22 2JT
Mrs Steph Richardson Norfolk
IP22 2JT
Flute, Music Theory
Mr Nigel Tuffs Suffolk
IP32 7JP
Classical Guitar, Steel Strung Acoustic, Electric Guitar
Classical, All Forms of Rock
Mr Graeme Hopson MMus BMus MISM Suffolk
IP32 6PP
piano, singing, keyboard, music theory, arranging, composition
Classical music & opera, Musical theatre, Easy listening, Jazz, Pop
Mrs Alice Cottrell Suffolk
IP32 6PU
Recorder, Pianoforte, Double Bass
Tuition is Available for the following:, , Recorder, Pianoforte / Piano Keyboard, Double Bass, Music Theory, Musical History, Aural Classes
Mrs Kate Wolton Norfolk, Suffolk
Specialising in music theory and supporting tests, Clarinet, Saxophone , All recorders
Classical, Traditional
Mr Nicholas May Suffolk
IP33 1JU
Computer Music Composition, Logic Pro , Music Production
Film Music, Game Music, Trance , House , Dubstep , Chillout , Ambient
Miss Alice Levey Suffolk
IP31 3TD
Voice , Music Theory
Classical, Musical Theatre, Pop
Miss Jennie Francis Suffolk
IP33 1HA
Flute (beginner to advanced), Theory (all grades), Recorder (beginner to early grades), GCSE and A level tuition, Composition tuition
Classical, Folk, Others - pop and simple jazz
Mr Kevin de Freitas Cambridgeshire
IP32 7DB
Guitar [Classical; Rock and Jazz], Bass Guitar[ Rock and Jazz], Electric Piano; Synth; [Rock and Jazz]
Classical Guitar; Jazz and Rock
Mr Joseph Scanlan Suffolk
IP33 3JA
Guitar: electric, acoustic, classical, bass, all styles - Mandola and Dulcimer, singing. , Ukulele
Introduction to all styles including;, folk, rock, classical, , blues, , jazz, aural training, finger styles, plectrum styles, notation and music theory and tablature.
Mr Joseph (Joe) Scanlan Suffolk
IP33 3JA
Guitar, ukulele, mandola, mandolin.
Mr Tomas Frankson Suffolk
IP33 1RH
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar , Vocals, Piano & Keyboard, Bass Guitar , Mandolin& Ukulele, Songwriting & Arranging , Recording & Sound Production
All styles welcome.
Mr DB Di Blasio Suffolk
IP33 3PH
Piano, Organ, Theory, Accompanist including Choirs and Dance, Aural Coaching
Mrs Elaine Dalzell Suffolk
Saxophone, Flute, Music Theory
Mr Keith O'Gorman Norfolk
NR16 2GA
Piano, Keyboard, Vocals, Theory
classical/jazz/contemporary, solos and duets, theory and aural, rhythmic development
Miss Afrika Green Suffolk Musicians Union Member
Drums and Percussion
Funk, Latin, Jazz, Rock
Mrs Geraldine Evans Norfolk, Norfolk
NR17 1JH
flute, Clarinet, Saxophone.
Classical-Jazz,ABRSM exams to Diploma., Ensemble coaching
Mrs Jane Clamp Norfolk
IP25 7AN
Piano, Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Theory
Ms Clare Mellor Suffolk Musicians Union Member
IP33 2DU
Flute, Piccolo
Mainly "classical" i.e not Jazz. My training is of the French School of Flute playing.
Mrs Ros Pitcher Beyton, Suffolk
IP30 9AB
Mr Juan Ramirez Little Green, Burgate, Diss
IP22 1QQ
flamenco guitar
Mrs Sue Simington Winfarthing Road, Shelfanger, Diss
IP22 2EQ
Oboe, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Bassoon, Piano
Mr Neil Starling Norwich, Norfolk
Piano, Electronic Keyboard, Music Theory, GCSE/A-Level Music coaching
Classical, jazz, Christian worship songs etc.
Mr Luke Pettit Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk Musicians Union Member
IP30 0TW
Drum Kit
Pop, Rock, Funk, Fusion, Jazz, Latin, Folk, Gospel, Swing, Indie, Musical Theatre, Punk, Reggae, Soul, Ska
Mr Adrian Kitchen DISS, Norfolk
IP22 4LW
Mrs Tina Phillips
IP30 0UL
Piano, Keyboard, Music Theory
Pop/Chart Music, Classical, Examination Music
Mr Simon Phillips Little Whelnetham
IP30 0UL
Piano, Music Technology, Logic Pro X
MUSIC PRODUCTION, MUSIC TECHNOLOGY, Classical, Popular Music, Examination Music
Ms Sally Jo Suffolk
IP30 9RJ
Violin, Fiddle, Viola
Lessons are a lot of fun and styles include classical, blues, folk, rock, pop
Mr Matt Furness Norwich Musicians Union Member
Rock, Blues, Jazz, Soul
Miss Erin Brown Newmarket, Bury St Edmunds
Folk Fiddle
Irish Folk Fiddle, English Folk Fiddle, Scottish Folk Fiddle, Beginner intermediate & advanced session tunes (all instruments)
Mrs Mandy Slater Norfolk
PE37 7LZ
Piano, Flute, Clarinet
Miss Sophie Duchesne Suffolk
IP29 4ST
Flute and Saxophone (tenor and alto)
Classical and Jazz.
Mrs Samantha Coultas Norfolk
NR18 9FG
Singing, Music Theatre, Pop Vocals, Flute, Beginner Piano, Music Theory
All genres/styles
Mr Massimo (Max) Redaelli Norfolk
NR18 0NR
Piano, Harpsichord, Viola da gamba, Music Theory, Composition
All styles from baroque to contemporary.
Ms Mary Howard Norfolk, Norfolk
NR18 0PR
I am classically trained and perform locally as a classical chamber pianist. I teach from a creative music making perspective, involving all styles in the beginning grades and classical in the more advanced grades.
Mrs Jenny Chapman Suffolk
IP14 5RJ
Piano and Violin and Theory of music
Mainly classical with a little blues / jazz / contemporary
Mr Alessandro Cortello Newmarket, Suffolk
Classical Singing, Piano
Classical Singing, Classical Piano
Mrs Christina de Jong Cleyndert SUFFOLK, Cambridgeshire
Mrs Jo Morgan Surrey
Piano, Saxophone
classical & other styles
Miss Victoria Ellis Norfolk, Norfolk
NR19 1AG
Flute, Saxophone, Piccolo, Piano, Clarinet
Classical, Modern
Miss Sarah Gallop Suffolk
IP14 4BN
Singing, Flute, Piano, Theory
Classical, Opera, Lieder, Chamber Music
Ms Alice Haylock Suffolk
Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Piano, Music Theory
Classical, Pop, Jazz
Mrs Helen Clement-Smith Suffolk, Suffolk
IP14 2AU
Violin, Viola
Classical/ Pop
Mr Dan Veall - Professional Musician and Bass Tutor Norfolk Musicians Union Member
Electric Bass, Acoustic Bass
My studio is equipped with the latest recording gear and tuition material including iPad, iPhone and desktop computer applications. , , I offer tailored flexible tuition to inspire and grow your potential as a musician., , I have over 20 years of experience both on stage and in the studio., , My 1-2-1 workshops include:, , Learning your instrument and itÂs role in a wide range of musical genres., , Upkeep and servicing of all your kit, including repairs and routine cleaning., , Upgrading and purchasing the right kit for your needs with expert advice., , Learn how to play other instruments you are likely to come in to contact with when playing in a band or performance., , Soft and key skills such as communication and confidence., , Band skills  Working with others on stage, in the studio and within the industry., , Recording and performance techniques and advice on what kit to purchase and how to use it effectively., , Learn how to use industry standard professional recording and music tools., , IT Support and technical back up., , Electronics and electrical advice., , Tailored and fun workshops to explore and enjoy the knowledge you have learnt right from lesson one.
Mrs Geraldine Bullimore Norfolk
NR18 0FR
Piano, and Singing Grade 8 voice
I teach students who may like to take exams or just for their interest. We explore all types of music.
Mr Jonathan Cushion Norfolk
NR18 0WT
French Horn, Trumpet, Cornet, Flugel Horn, Trombone, Tuba, Guitar, Bass Guitar
Classical, Jazz
Miss Katharine Hallam Dereham
Cello , Piano
Mrs Hannah Mulholland Cambridgeshire
Violin, Piano, Theory, Music tuition
Mrs Julie Foreman Norfolk, Norfolk
IP24 2ZF
Piano inc. jazz, Singing, Recorder, Double Bass, Saxophone
Piano, , singing, recorder, , saxophone, , double-bass, , music theory , aural
Mrs Charlotte McVeigh Norfolk
Clarinet & Saxophone
Sorry, I cannot teach Jazz to an advanced level.
Mr Oliver Nolan Brandon (near Thetford), Suffolk
IP27 0AU
Guitar (Acoustic and Electric)
Acoustic , Funk Soul RnB, Rock and Blues, Reggae , Spanish
Mr Benjamin Carprenter Suffolk
IP27 0NH
Jazz, Blues, Rock, Pop
Miss Elie Rees Suffolk
IP27 0QG
Singing, guitar, flute
Pop, Jazz, Folk, Country
Mr Richard Firth-Godbehere Suffolk
IP31 1EX
Guitar, Bass Guitar
Rock, Blues, Funk, Metal, Jazz
Mr Richard Firth-Godbehere Suffolk
IP31 1EX
Guitar, Bass
Blues, Jazz, Rock, Pop , Soul, R n B, Funk, Metal (all kinds)
Miss Lydia Pearce BA (Hons) Norfolk
NR16 2TN
Saxophone(s), Clarinet, Flute, Voice
classical/jazz/contemporary, solos and duets, theory, rhythmic development
Miss Sophie Bowes Norfolk
IP22 2JB
Flute , Piccolo
Miss Louise Sjostedt Great Barton, Bury st Edmunds
IP31 2PZ
Singing, Voice, Vocal
Mr Phil Marshall near Mildenhall, Suffolk Musicians Union Member
IP28 6PU
saxophone (all types - soprano, alto, tenor, baritone)
Jazz, Blues, Funk, Jazz grades
Miss Rachel Canham Suffolk, Suffolk
IP31 2QH
Flute, Recorder
Classical, Folk
Ms Jacinta Wright Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
IP31 2LS
pianoforte, accompanying
Relaxed and supportive lessons aiming for enjoyment in the pleasure of learning
Mr Carl Chapman Suffolk Musicians Union Member
IP31 2PB
Rock, Pop, soul, screamo, punk, Indie , RnB, much more
Mr Elliott Mann Foulden, Thetford
Trumpet, Drums, Music Theory, A level music and GCSE Music Tuition , Songwriting , composing and arranging
Classical/Orchestral, Baroque/Early music , Brass band , Jazz, Contemporary, Folk, Rock/Pop
Miss Charlotte Coulson Holywell Row , Mildenhall
IP28 8NB
Piano, Theory
Classical, Contemporary , Jazz
Mr Lewis Blythe Suffolk
IP31 1TH
Classically trained
Mr Phil Starling Thetford, Norfolk
IP25 6DA
Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Rock, Blues, Funk, Jazz, Gospel, Pop, Country, Disco, Latin
Mr Matt Carter Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
IP31 1TF
Piano, Keyboard
Jazz and blues, Pop/rock, Classical, Jazz improvisation
Mr Jack Brown Musicians Union Member
IP28 6DA
Drum Kit, Bass Guitar
Rock, Pop, Blues, Electronic, Funk, Soul, Motown, Jazz, Swing, Disco
Miss Charlotte Coulson Suffolk, Suffolk
IP28 7GB
Violin , Guitar, Piano, Theory
Miss Chelsea Haward BMus (Hons) MA Suffolk
IP32 6LR
Piano, Music theory, Composition, GCSE + A Level Music
Classical, Pop, Musical Theatre, Jazz, Choral
Mr Robert Glover Banham, near Diss, Attleborough, Kenninghall, Garboldisham
NR16 2HL
Piano, Music Theory
Classical, Jazz, Contemporary
Mr Tim Parsons Suffolk Musicians Union Member
Pop, Rock, Blues, Ska, Jazz
Mr Kieran Hoggett Suffolk
IP33 1SX
Guitar (Electric & Acoustic), Bass Guitar
Indie, Classic Rock, Blues
Ms Claire Hollocks Suffolk, Suffolk
IP33 3ZG
Cello, Piano
Classical (Cello and piano), Popular (Piano)
Mr Pete Cunningham Norfolk
IP22 1DT
Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Melodeon
Traditional,, folk,, blues,, bluegrass, , rock , country
Mrs Nina pakenham Suffolk
IP33 1AG
Violin, Viola, Piano, Voice
Mr Michael Clifford Suffolk
IP33 1SW
Flute, Saxophones, Irish flute and whistles, Performance
Classical, Jazz and blues reading and improvising, Irish flute and whistle
Mr Julian Wiggins Suffolk
IP32 7LN
Soprano, Alto, Tenor Saxophone, A and Bb Clarinet, Flute, World Music Flutes
Jazz, Pop, Rock, Classical, World Music
Mrs Ann Harvey Suffolk
IP33 3BE
Flute, Recorder, Whistles
Classical, Folk
Mr Cameron Mathers Suffolk
IP33 1XX
Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar , Bass Guitar
Classical Guitar, Spanish Guitar, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, , Music Theory, , Grades 1-8, GCSE & A-Level, , , Classical/Spanish Guitar - Experience in teaching and performing a wide range of Classical guitar music, which has included Bach Lute Suites, Romantic music of Sor to William Walton, and everything in-between. Lessons can be completely casual, or geared towards technique development, repertoire building, concert preparations, examination preparation. All needs are catered for and personal centered lessons are developed through this.
Mrs Jessamy Skrimshire Suffolk
Violin and Viola
Classical Violin and Viola
Mr Rico Southee Suffolk
Electric Solid Body Guitar, Electric Chambered 8 String Guitar, Electric Acoustic Classical Guitar, Electric Acoustic Jazz Guitar, Electric Acoustic Steel String Guitar, Electric Acoustic Blues Guitar
Jazz, Latin Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Jazz Rock, Fingerstyle/Classical, Soul, Blues, Blues Rock
Mrs Heidi Parsons Suffolk, Suffolk Musicians Union Member
IP33 3EW
Classical - individual lessons, Classical - chamber coaching
Mr Daniel Nicolas-Pezaro Bury st Edmunds, Suffolk
IP33 3RX
Guitar (electric and acoustic)
rock, metal, folk, classical, pop, other
Mr myke clifford Suffolk, Suffolk
IP33 1QU
sax, flute
Classical flute and sax, Jazz Sax and flute
Mr Alex Reed Norfolk
NR17 2DD
Piano, Sax
Miss Charlotte Evans BA Hons (Oxon) Norfolk
NR17 1JH
Oboe (Beginner - Gd 8+), Saxophone (Beginner - Gd 5)
Classical oboe of all standards, classical saxophone for beginners.
Mr Doug Darnell Suffolk
IP33 2DG
Bb brass instruments, trumpet register
Ms Nicola Butler Suffolk
Violin, Theory, Aural, Piano, Musicianship
Mr Daniel Hughes Suffolk
IP30 0ER
Guitar, Bass, Banjo, Ukulele
classical, blues, jazz, indie, rock, folk
Mr Damian Penfold Suffolk
IP28 6NY
Conducting, General Musicianship
Mrs Alex Bartholomew Suffolk
IP30 9HD
Violin, Piano and Music Theory
Miss Rebecca Rush Norfolk
IP22 5RB
Mr joel kurta Suffolk
IP29 5LZ
Drum Kit
Ms Helen Lyons ATCL MISM Suffolk
IP30 9BX
Clarinet, Saxophone, Piano
Miss Katrina Loaker Norfolk
PE33 9TA
Modern, Pop,Classical,Gradings
Mrs Susan Goode Norfolk
Piano, Organ, Aural Training, Music Theory
Mainly classical music but also cater for different styles.
Mrs Hannah Totman Newmarket, Suffolk
Voice, Piano, Flute
Vocal coaching, Breathing exercises, Musical / Jazz / pop / contemporary / opera repertoire., chance to star in showcases in and around suffolk., instrumental lessons in Piano and flute also given.
Miss Bethanie Harrison Shipdham, Thetford
IP25 7PQ
Mr Josh Harrison Norfolk
IP25 7PQ
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Folk, Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz
Ms Jane Moulton Ely, Cambs
Voice, Piano (Beginners Only)
Pop, Contemporary, Soul, Rock, Blues, Folk, Musical Theatre, Karaoke
Mrs Margaret Bennett Newmarket
Singing and piano
Classical and music theatre.
Miss Taylor Daynes Suffolk
Classical Guitar, Piano, Violin
Mr Ian Tofte Norfolk
IP22 4PQ
I teach Bluegrass 5 string banjo and Guitar from Beginners through to advanced stage performers.
Mrs Jenny Roche Suffolk Musicians Union Member
IP23 8DB
Mr Dave Taylor Norfolk Musicians Union Member
Jazz Sax, Sax, Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Trumpet - to grade 5
Classical, Jazz, Blues, Big Band
Mrs Amanda Slater Norfolk
PE37 7LZ
Piano. flute. recorder. clarinet. sousaphone. violin
Mrs Mandy Slater Norfolk
PE37 7LZ
Piano, Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone, Violin
Ms Katie Pringle Suffolk
IP29 5QU
Singing, Voice, Piano
Classical, Modern, Opera, Light opera, Operetta, Oratorio, Songs from the Shows/Films, Preparation for ABRSM exams
Mr Dirk Forsdyke Suffolk Musicians Union Member
IP14 3JA
Rock , Pop , Funk , Disco , Latin , Blues , Jazz
Mr Dirk Forsdyke Suffolk Musicians Union Member
IP14 3JA
Rock, Pop, Funk, Blues, Latin
Mr Jacen Bruce Ely, Cambs
Rhythm guitar and picking acoustic and electric
Miss Nicola Brazier Suffolk Musicians Union Member
IP30 0PS
Piano, Cello
Classical, Musical Theatre, Eclectic
Mrs Marion Lodder Boenisch Norfolk
PE32 2DP
Singing Voice
All voices - technique,classical & light music,preparation for auditions,Assoc.Bd.exams etc.
Mrs Lucy Ames Norfolk
NR15 2DZ
Cello, Theory, Examination Support (GCSE A level)
Classical., ABRSM Grades
Mr Mark Gibson Eye, Suffolk
IP23 7AS
Trumpets (All), Cornet, Flugelhorn
Classical, Commercial, Lead
Miss Gemma Bates Suffolk
IP14 5SE
I leave it up to the individual to decide the type of music they want to learn.
Mrs Hannah Fitches Cambridgeshire
Classical, modern and jazz styles
Mr Lewis Andrews Suffolk
IP14 3EQ
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Music Production
All styles and genres
Miss Katie Vaughan Norfolk
NR18 9AU
Mrs Maggie Vincent Suffolk
IP14 3DN
Ms Hilary Hayes Suffolk
Violin, Viola, Mandolin, Beginner Keyboard
Classical, folk, bluegrass
Mrs Anne Hallam Norfolk
NR18 0NZ
Bassoon, Piano
Bassoon - grades or for fun, Piano - children or adults
Miss Katharine Hallam Norfolk
NR18 0NZ
Cello , Piano
Mrs Rebecca Coulter Norfolk
NR18 0DF
Violin, Piano
Mr Stephen Kemp Norfolk
NR19 1TQ
All brass instrtuments, Trumpet, Cornet, Flugelhorn, Tenor Horn, Baritone, Euphonium, Trombone, Tuba
Ms Louise Barton Norfolk
NR18 9LX
All Styles.
NR18 0NU
Drums, Drum Kit, Classical Percussion, World Percussion
Mrs Jenny Surridge Cambridgeshire
Flute, Singing, Piano, Theory
Mrs Sian Hornby Ely
Voice/Singing, Piano, Oboe, Music Theory
Classical, Musical Theatre
Mr Vincent Jewell Suffolk
IP14 1RB
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
All contemporary styles covered,, Rock , Pop, Jazz, Blues, Funk , as well as theory and composition/arranging.
Mrs Christina Lewis Suffolk
IP14 1PW
Classical Piano, Accompanist
Mr Stephen Achilleos Cambridgeshire
Alto/Tenor Saxophone
Teaching players of all skills and ages, even if you've never picked up an instrument before! Flexible, friendly lessons available.
Mr PJ Belcher Suffolk, UK
IP14 5AW
Electric Guitar, Drums, Keyboard, Bass Guitar
Pop, Rock/Metal, Blues, Contemporary
Mrs Kathryn Cocks Suffolk, Suffolk
Opera, Classical, Lieder, Bel Canto, Musical theatre, Pop, Rock and Folk
Mrs Olivia Sophie Volynkina BA MA Cambridgeshire
Violin, Viola, Music theory grade 1 - 5 help
Classical, Romantic,
Mr Darryl John Hannan Norfolk
NR18 0XP
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Rock, Blues, Metal, Pop
Mr Graham Fraser Suffolk
Guitar, Bass Guitar
Rock, Jazz, Blues, Country/Rockabilly, Fingerstyle & Funk.
Mr Leo Thornely Forncett St Mary
NR16 1JG
Electric/Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Baritone Guitar
A variety of styles - please contact to discuss. , , Rock, Classical, Folk/Fingerstyle,, Contemporary, Alternative and experimental, , I offer lessons in the comfort & convenience of the students own home., , Tailored flexible tuition to help you reach your potential as a musician., , Band skills, guitar set-up.
Mrs Caroline Dearing Stowmarket, Suffolk
IP14 5DD
Cello, Classroom Music (KS 2/3 Specialism), Music Technology , Choral Director / Vocal Coach
Classical Cello, Music Technology - any popular style, Choral - classical, religious, popular
Mrs Catherine McKeowan Norfolk
PE33 9JR
Piano , Music theory
Miss Isabella Marshall Cambridgeshire
IP29 4ED
Mr Peter Wadl Cambridgeshire
Piano, Theory
Mr Kim Ashton Cambridgeshire, Cambridgeshire
Oboe, Baroque Oboe
Mrs Emily Ashton Cambridgeshire
Piano, Cello, Theory
Miss Michaela Allen Suffolk
Piano, vocals, music theory
Classical, Popular
Ms Anne Atkinson Suffolk
Violin, Viola, Piano, Keyboard, Theory
Mr Patrick Smith Ely, Cambridgeshire
Rock, Jazz, Blues
Mr Robin Nash Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
IP29 4DH
Guitar - electric, acoustic