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Name Location Musicians Union Member Child Protection Training Qualifications Verified Memberships Training
Premium Members
Mr Robert Saudek Great Salkeld
CA11 9LW
Mrs Kate Saudek Great Salkeld, Penrith
CA11 9LW
Flute and Violin
Miss Katharine May Great Salkeld, Penrith
Harpsichord and piano
Ms Kate Halsall Cumbria Musicians Union Member
Piano, keyboard, harmonium
Classical, Contemporary Classical, Improvisation, Experimental, Solo and Chamber coaching
Mrs Dawn Smart Penrith, Cumbria
CA10 1AW
Piano, Clarinet, Saxophone, Oboe, Flute, Guitar, Ukulele, Violin
All styles
Mrs Anna Jackson Hexham, Northumberland
NE47 6HR
Violin, Piano
I teach both classical and traditional music
Standard Members
Mr Garry Linsley Cumbria Musicians Union Member
CA10 1TN
Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet
jazz, classical, popular, folk, improvisation, theory
Mr Paul Bloomfield Bishop Auckland
DL13 1NU
Guitar (acoustic and electric), Piano (all styles), Bass guitar
All styles covered except classical (nylon strung) guitar repertoire.
Ms Mary Hitch Brampton Cumbria, Cumbria
Singing, piano (to grade 5)
Classical, , Musical Theatre, Folk, Pop/Rock
Mr Michael Sanderson Penrith, Cumbria
CA11 9ND
voice, violin classical /folk
classical, music theatre
Mrs Katharine Bowness Cumbria
CA10 1UA
Piano, Violin, Theory
Mr Daniel Verry Carlisle, Penrith
Classical Guitar, Electric guitar, Acoustic guitar
Classical guitar from beginners to advanced tuition., Electric guitar all round teaching available.
Mrs Susan Hutt Cumbria
CA16 6UT
violin, classical, violin, folk
Ms Jilly Jarman Cumbria, Cumbria Musicians Union Member
CA11 8TU
Piano, Voice, Bands, Arranging/composition
Western Classical, Jazz, World/Roots music
Mr Howard Stephenson Bowscar , Penrith
CA11 9NW
Drums, Guitar, Bass, Recording
All styles of Drumming
Ms Ella Jarman-Pinto BMus (Hons) Cumbria Musicians Union Member
Composition, Singing, Music Theory
Mr Allwyn Fernandes Cumbria
CA11 7DA
Mr John Finnon Northumberland, Northumberland
NE46 3AF
Cello, Guitar (classical)
Classical with elements of folk
Mrs Jane Bagot Calthwaite, Penrith
CA11 9QW
Piano, Clarinet, Saxophone
Classical, Jazz (beginner/intermediate)
Miss Sophie speed Windmill Hill, Northumberland
NE46 3EE
Soprano saxophone, Alto saxophone, Tenor saxophone, Baritone saxophone, Clarinet, Bass clarinet
Jazz, Classical, Theory
Mr Paul Richard Davies Hexham, Northumberland
NE46 1UE
Piano - from beginner to 'Entry' diplomas, Keyboard from beginner to Grade 8, Classical organ beginners to Grade 6, Popular Organ (Spinnet) from beginners to Grade 6, Theory from Grade 1 to Grade 8
Classical to Jazz Styles
Mrs Susan Fullelove (Jordan) Cumbria
Piano, Voice
Classical , Rock and pop, Musical Theatre
Mr Steve Gray Hexham, Northumberland
NE46 4PW
Mandolin, Mountain Dulcimer, Songwriting
Celtic, Northumbrian, folk.
Mr Marc Bryant Northumberland
NE44 6HY
Organ, Piano, Music Theory
Ms Amelia Loulli Cumbria
Piano, Keyboard, Theory of music
All styles of piano taught from classical to contemporary, including music theory.
Miss Katie Doherty County Durham, Tyne and Wear
voice all levels, piano (beginners only), song writing all levels
singing, folk, blues, pop
Mr Andy Webster Brampton, Cumbria
Brass, Ukulele and singing specialist
I can teach all styles
Mr Andrew Webster Brampton, Cumbria
All genres catered for
Mr Peter Smith Bishop Auckland, County Durham
DL13 2DB
Guitar, Bass guitar. electric and acoustic
Tuition of all styles of playing on electric and acoustic guitar and bass guitar. also setup and repairs of guitars and basses at very low rates, tuition rates are £10-£17 per hour (depending on distance when call out required to location of student) For tuition and instrument set-ups/repairs e-mail [email protected] or call 0n 01388 517775 or 07522119894
Mr Nicholas Butters Brampton, Cumbria
Classical,jazz/improvisation, also musical theatre, classical and pop vocal coaching for actors/singers
Mrs Becky Rudd Cumbria, Cumbria
CA11 8UN
Ms ANNA BRADLEY Dipton Mill, Hexham
NE46 1XY
Classical, Jazz, Modern, All others!
Mr Ed Pendrous Brampton, Cumbria
Mr Stuart Stokell BA(Hons), LVCM (Hons), LTCL, ALCM, FSCO Cumbria
Voice, Piano, Public Speaking, Audition and exam preparation
Voice- Light classical, Golden Age and Modern Musical Theatre, Jazz., Piano - All styles
Mrs Naomi Baker Cumbria
CA11 7XA
Clarinet and Piano
Classical, Jazz and Pop
Mr Geoff Bartholomew Cumbria Musicians Union Member
Trumpet, Brass, Cornet, French Horn, Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba, Tenor Horn, Baritone
Classical, Jazz
Mr Andrew Roze Cumbria
CA11 7AR
Electric/Acoustic Guitar, Ukulele
For guitar I cover rock, pop, metal, folk and Blues. Technique is also covered. It's all about having fun! For the ukulele all aspects are covered, from traditional to modern., I also do repairs guitar, bass, Ukulele and Banjo. I have certification confirming my completion of courses. My prices are very competitive to other , services available, please call me to discuss what issues you have with your instrument.
Mr Jonathan Kearney Northumberland
NE46 3JE
Classically trained pianist and guitarist. Have played in a few different groups, touring UK and Europe extensively and appearing on shows on BBC 6 music and Jools Holland. Adept at playing by ear, improvising and composition. Can teach theory too. Good understanding of lots of styles of music, chord progressions/modulations and how they work together. Can teach any style really- blues, ragtime, jazz, folk, classical, pop, rock. Can teach fingerpicking style guitar. Big fan of songwriters such as Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Shane Macgowan, Kurt Cobain, Beatles and others. I am very attentive and have great attention to detail. I try to tailor lessons to each individual student. This is try to make sure you are getting the most out of it that you could be and to try to make sure so you feel passionate, compelled and engaged with the material.
Classical, folk, blues, rock, pop, grunge.
Mr Robert Laws Northumberland, Northumberland
NE46 3RL
Piano, Theory
Mainly classical
Ms Anne Stephens Northumberland, Northumberland
NE46 3LA
Piano, Singing, Various Accompaniment Work
Classical, Jazz, Modern, Instrumental, Baroque , Any styles welcome
Mr Ian Southby Northumberland
NE46 3DZ
Guitar, electric and acoustic. Specialise in flamenco and classical but all styles covered.
flamenco , classical , funk , rock , pop , folk
Mr Ben Monypenny Northumberland, Northumberland
NE46 3DZ
Violin / Fiddle, Viola
Folk, Celtic and local, Bluegrass / Old Time, Klezmer, Balkan and Gypsy, Jazz / Blues, Classical, Just about anything really!
Mrs Kathryn Walker Northumberland
NE46 3EN
Piano, Flute, Music Theory
Mr David Jones Penrith, Cumbria
CA10 3EX
Piano, Flute, Organ, Singing, Theory
Mr Michael Dunwell Northumberland
NE46 4SN
Rock, Indie, Alternative
Ms Roz Sluman Carlisle, Cumbria Musicians Union Member
Saxophone, Flute
Classical Reading, Jazz Reading, Jazz Improvisation, Rock Styles, Pop Styles
Mr Ben Squire Northumberland
NE46 1LQ
Electric Bass Guitar
All Modern Bass styles
Mr Paul Richard Davies Eastwood Grange Road, Northumberland
NE46 1UE
Piano - from beginner to 'Entry' diplomas, Keyboard from beginner to Grade 8, Classical organ beginners to Grade 6 , Popular Organ (Spinnet)from beginners to Grade 6, Theory from Grade 1 to Grade 8
Classic to Jazz styles
Mr paul Richard Davies Northumberland
NE46 1UE
Mrs Ruth de la Mare Cumbria
CA11 0HB
Mr Josiah de la Mare Cumbria
CA11 0HB
Mr Lee Barnham Carlisle, Cumbria
All genres are covered.