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Name Location Musicians Union Member Child Protection Training Qualifications Verified Memberships Training
Premium Members
Mr Joshua Horsey BA (Hons), PGDE, MISM Ivyleaf Farm, Langport Road, Somerton Musicians Union Member Child Protection Training Qualifications Verified
TA11 6RT
Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ukulele, Vocals / Voice Training, Composition & Music Arranging, Music Theory, GCSE & A Level Music Consultant, For my full Teaching Specification please visit my website @
Acoustic Guitar, Up to Diploma Level, Acoustic Blues & Jazz, Folk, Ragtime, Fingerstyle, Flatpicking, Chords & Rhythm Playing, , Classical Guitar, Up to Diploma Level, Classical & Romantic, Pre-Classical, 20th Century, Classical Pedagogy, , Electric Guitar, Up to Grade 6, Rock, Electric Blues & Jazz, Pop Music, Lead Improvisation, Chords & Rhythm Playing, , Bass, Up to Grade 5, Rock, Blues & Jazz, Funk, Pop Music, Improvisation, Fretless (Upright), Slap, , Ukulele, Up to Grade 5, Pop Music, Folk, Fingerstyle , Chords & Rhythm Playing, , Vocals/Voice Training, Up to Grade 8, Singing Technique, Classical & Popular Music Styles, , Music Theory & Literacy, Up to Grade 8, Classical & Popular Music Syllabus, , Music Reading , Treble & Bass Clef, , Composition, All Musical Styles, Use of Appropriate Compositional Technology, , Music Arranging, All Musical Styles, Use of Appropriate Technology, , For more detail please visit my website @
Standard Members
Mr Richard Dunn Dorset
Double Bass, Electric Bass Guitar
Classical, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Blues, Soul, Reggae
Mr Haydn Stevens Somerset, Somerset Musicians Union Member
BA11 5HL
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Pop, Rock, Funk, Blues, Motown, Disco
Mr Jon Pickard Somerset, Somerset
BA10 0HY
Guitar, Piano
Classical / Spanish, Fingerstyles
Mr Mike Taylor Somerset
BA10 0HL
Electric guitar (Lead/ Rhythm/ Slide), Acoustic guitar (Strumming/ Fingerpicking/ Slide)
I teach all modern styles but love blues, funk and rock. Get in contact with me if you have any questions!
Mr Dean Carter Dorset
Guitar, Bass
Mr Will Jenkinson Dorset
DT11 8JQ
Guitar (rock)
Rock, Metal, Reggae
Mr Denian Arcoleo Somerset
Classical Guitar
Classical - to post diploma level, rock, bass
Mr Bruce Treasure Wiltshire Musicians Union Member
BA12 8JG
guitar and drums
Mr Thomas Hiscocks Wiltshire Musicians Union Member
BA12 9NE
Voice, Ukulele , Guitar
All styles
Mr Al Summers Wiltshire Musicians Union Member
BA12 9AN
Classical guitar., Slide guitar., Composition., Theory., Improvisation., Mandolin., Tutor training & consultancy.
Classical., Early., Contemporary., Jazz., Avant Garde., Blues., Teacher training., Consultancy., Music leader training.
Mr James Sawyer Blandford Forum, Dorset
DT11 8BS
Guitar:, Classical , Acoustic , Electric , Bass
Classical, Rock, Pop, Blues
Mr James Hollingsworth Somerset Musicians Union Member
Guitar, Bass, Singing, Harmonica (Blues Harp), Music Theory, Live Sound/effects, Recording
Many styles taught.
Mr Alex Bett Dorset Musicians Union Member
Classical Guitar - Up to Grade 8, Acoustic Guitar - Up to Grade 8, Electric Guitar - Up to Grade 7, Ukulele - Up to Grade 5
Can teach most styles but specialise in:, Classical / Spanish / Latin, Folk / County
Mr Dominic Conway Somerset
BA11 3HE
Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Mandolin, Banjo.
Folk, Rock, Jazz, Gypsy Jazz, Funk, Blues, Alternative.
Mr Pat Jenkins Somerset
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
All styles of Metal and Rock!
Miss Jane Taylor Somerset
Voice , Acoustic guitar, Piano
Blues, Jazz, Opera , Pop, Gospel
Mr Stephen Sykes Somerset
Soprano Cornet, Bb Cornet, Trumpet, Flugelhorn, French Horn, Tenor Horn, Baritone, Euphonium, Tenor Trombone, Bass Trombone, Eb Tuba, Bb Tuba, Guitar
Classical, Orchestral, Jazz, Rock and Pop
Mr David Snelling Wiltshire
BA13 3LU
Guitar - Classical, Acoustic, Ukulele, Mandolin
Classical Guitar - specializing in Baroque/Renaissance period, Acoustic Guitar - folk/contemporary rhythm style
Mr Brian Foster Wiltshire
BA13 3NZ
Guitar, Bass and Drums
Jazz, Rock, Blues, Fusion
Mrs Mairwen Guard MBE Wiltshire
BA13 3JW
ukulele, guitalele, acoustic guitar, piano accordion, autoharp, zither
I am flexible for genre and style and specialize in working out songs and instrumentals for either group or solo playing according to what is required.
Mr Stephen Butler Somerset, Somerset
BA21 3JB
Accustic, , rock , blues , jazz
Mr Luke Belcher Yeovil
BA20 2FL
Guitar, , Bass, , Double Bass (Jazz)
Rock,, Jazz, , Funk,, Reggae,, Pop, , Blues
Mr Simon Rushbrook Dorset
Double Bass, Bass Guitar
Jazz, Classical, Blues, Rock, Funk
Mr Matthew Clark Somerset
BA22 9HY
Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar
Theory, Celtic, History, Folk, Baroque, Renaissance, Metal, Folk, Blues, Country, Medieval, Alternate tunings, World Music, Classical, Contemporary
Mr Daniel Sowerby Wiltshire
Guitar - Electric and Acoustic
Guitar - Electric & Acoustic Grades. Or for Fun! Rock/blues/funk and all other major contemporary styles.
Mr stephen glover Wimborne Minster, Dorset
BH21 7HG
Drum Kit, Guitar,, Electric Bass, piano/keyboard, Saxophone, clarinet, trombone
Rock, Pop, Classical
Mrs Samantha Wilkes Somerset
Piano, Keyboard, Vocal, Guitar (Beginner), Theory, Composition
Classical, Popular, Jazz, Contemporary
Mr Ron Phelan Somerset
BA22 8TX
Double Bass, Electric bass, Guitar, Ukulele
Jazz, Classical, Funk, Folk, Balkan, Tango, Latin, West African
Mr Ben Angel Bristol and Avon
Guitar (main), Piano/ vocals
Mr Emile Baird Kington Magna, Dorset
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Rock, Blues, Jazz, Indie, Funk
Mr Saul Newbury Somerset
Mr Kingsley McGregor Wiltshire Musicians Union Member
BA12 7SA
Piano, Guitar, Ukulele
Pop, Rock, Blues, Soul, Boogie Woogie, Indie, Country, Acoustic
Mr Paul Rayner Wiltshire
BA12 7BB
Classical, Acoustic, Bass, Rock, Jazz
Mr Barratt Giles Somerset
BA11 1AB
Guitar, Logic Pro X
Blues, Jazz, Soul, Latin, Rock, Folk.
Mr John Watts Dorset
DT11 7PY
Blues, rock and funk
Mr Paul Francis Dorset
DT11 7PX
Electric & Upright Bass Guitar/Guitar Beginners only
Rock Funk Jazz Pop World Music
Mr Richard Monks Frome
BA11 2ED
Piano, Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drum Kit, Ukulele
Classical, Jazz, Popular
Mr Tim Goode Somerset
BA11 2TP
Vocals / Voice, Guitar, Music Theory
Mr Guitarbitz Guitar Shop Commerce Park, Frome
BA11 2RY
Guitar, Ukulele, Banjo, Dobro, Mandolin, Bass, Acoustic, Classical
All Genres
Mr David Passmore Warminster, Wiltshire
BA12 0RA
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Blues, Rock, Metal, Pop, Latin, Acoustic
Mr Bryan Phillips Dorset, Dorset
DT11 0BA
flamenco guitar, classical guitar
Mr Phill Atkins Somerset
BA21 5AT
Acoustic and Electric Guitar
Rock, Pop & Folk
Mr Shaun Michael Cosgrove St Johns School Room Hall, Somerset
BA20 1HE
Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Arranging, Production
Acoustic, Blues, Jazz, Metal, Rock, Soul, Funk, Reggae, Folk, Theory, Sight Reading, Aural Perception, Song Writing
Mrs Kate Milek Dorset
BH21 7HL
lute, classical/ acoustic guitar, piano/ keyboard, theory of music
classical, acoustic, early music, chamber music
Mr Robert Chapman Wiltshire
BA14 0SJ
Electric & Acoustic Guitar
Rock, Blues, Funk
Mr Oliver Keen Dorset
BH21 5QH
Bass Guitar, Computer music, Piano, Accordion
Music Technology, , Recording, , Production, , Microphones, , Songwriting,, Bass Guitar,, Band Musicianship,
Mr Alex Beck Bristol and Avon
Electric Rock
Mr Johnny Butten Somerset
TA11 7NR
5 string banjo, guitar, fiddle, mandolin
Bluegrass, Country, Folk.
Mr Gordon Sullivan Wiltshire
BA14 0DT
Piano - classical rock jazz pop. beg - advanced, , Guitar - rock pop - intermediate (not classical)
Classical, Grades , Rock , Pop , Jazz , Bues, Theatre
Mr Thomas Corneill Somerset
Vocal, Voice, Singing, Guitar, Piano
Pop, Rock, R&B, Folk and most most other styles.
Mr George Minhinnick Dorset
Electric Guitar, French Horn, Trumpet
All Contemporary Guitar Styles, Orchestral and Solo performance repertoire