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Name Location Musicians Union Member Child Protection Training Qualifications Verified Memberships Training
Mr John Maksinski Ardley, Bicester
OX27 7NS
Viola, Violin, Cello, Guitar, Double Bass
Ms Jane Rainey Bicester, Oxfordshire Musicians Union Member
OX27 8DF
Cello - classical, Online lessons via Zoom available to bring music into your home and continue learning
Ms Karisa Kalva Oxfordshire
OX26 1BS
Piano , Violin, Cello
Miss Emily Nash Northampton
Early Years Music,, Ukulele,, Cello
Mr Neil Davison Towcester
NN12 7PR
Cello , Steel pan , Class music
Mr Daniel O'Brien Warwickshire
Cello , Piano
Classical. One to one tuition.
Mr Peter Wilson Princethorpe
CV23 9QF
Miss Tori Rushton Warwickshire Musicians Union Member
CV37 6LT
Cello, Double bass, Guitar, Bass guitar
Classical, Pop/rock, Jazz
Ms Rachel Shakespeare Southam Musicians Union Member
CV47 2TW
Classical, Pop
Miss Vicky Cannell Warwickshire
Violin - all levels, VIola - beginners, Cello - beginners, Music Theory - all levels
Classical, Baroque, Romantic, Modern, Musical Theatre, Popular Music
Mr Matthew Forbes Newbold-on-Stour, Warwickshire Musicians Union Member
Cello, Ukulele, Guitar, Double bass, Bass guitar, Mandolin, 5-string banjo, Tenor banjo, Harmonica (blues and chromatic), Music Theory, Practical musicianship
Classical, Improvisation, folk, jazz, pop&rock, bluegrass, blues
Ms Rebecca Mills Warwickshire
CV37 6DN
Voice, Cello, Piano, Music Theory, , All levels
Mrs Tamara Szeker Northamptonshire
I have been a cello teacher for more than 6 years and I adore working with children and young people, teaching them music! I like their sincerity and their flexibility by which they are able to improve so much. I am living in Northampton now, and I am willing to travel 30 mins in or near Northampton.