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This game will make you an expert on note values, come rain or shine.

Weather Wise is a game to help you improve your knowledge of rhythm and time signatures.

To start, choose a level: Eezy Peezy or Virtuoso

Then the game begins. You will see a flashcard with a bar of music. The sum of the note values in this bar will not match the time signature – there is a note value missing. You will see 3 clouds, each raining a different note value.

You must get Weather Wise and work out which cloud is raining the missing note value from the bar of music. When you have worked it out, move Ted the Weatherman using the cursor keys so that he is positioned under the correct cloud and click 'go' (or hit the space bar). If you have guessed correctly you get 10 points and the next flashcard will appear. If you get it wrong you get absolutely nothing (but we will tell you what the answer should have been).

After 90 seconds of hard work for your brain the game will come to an end and you will be told how well (or badly) you did. Then you must play again to improve your score! On Eezy Peezy level the answer will only be a quaver, crotchet, minim or semibreve. On Virtuoso level the answer could be as above but with the additional possibility of semiquaver, dotted quaver, dotted crotchet and dotted minim (we like to tie your brain in knots!).