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In Association with Oxford University Press, we are pleased to offer as a competition prize three copies of your choice from the Master Musicians series. Currently consting of twenty six volumes, with titles that range from Bach to Wagner, each is written to fulfill the needs of the serious music scholar, yet also to remain accessible to music lovers.

To enter, all you have to do is access OUP’s website (click on the link above) and answer the following questions:

  1. Roughly how many years ago was the first Master Musicians, Beethoven, published?
  2. What two works are mentioned in the description of Michael Kennedy’s Strauss?
  3. Who is the most contemporary composer to be covered in the Master Musicians Series?

Answers, as usual should be addressed to [email protected], and should include your full name, address and telephone numbers.

The winner will be asked to make a choice after the closing of the competition.

Click here to view the competition rules. will not pass onto any third party either the names or addresses of competition entrants. Your privacy is guaranteed.

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