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In association with WW.Norton & Co., we are pleased to offer as our May Competition prize Claude V Palisca's sixth edition of A History of Western Music, the Norton Anthologies of Western Music, both printed and recorded, and the accompanying listening and study guides. Known affectionately throughout the world as "Grout", this is a resource that has been influential to students the world over. With the extra resources, this is an invaluable companion to music for both students and music lovers.

To win, simply visit Norton's website by clicking on the highlighted text above and answer the following questions:

  1. Who edited To Stretch Our Ears: Readings in American Music?
  2. Which orchestra features on the Norton CD ROM of Britten's A Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra?
  3. At which university is Robert Spaethling, editor and translator of Mozart's Letters, Mozart's Life, professor emeritus?

Answers, as usual, should be addressed to [email protected], and should include your full name, address and telephone numbers.

Click here to view competition rules.

Click here to read this month's review article of A History of Western Music will not pass onto any third party either the names or addresses of competition entrants. Your privacy is guaranteed.

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