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Kevin Bowyer

An interview with Kevin Bowyer, international organ recitalist, tutor and past winner of the St Albans' International Organ Competition.

When I first approached international concert organist, Kevin Bowyer to see if he would agree to an interview with MusicTeachers Online, I happened to mention two very important words, beer and curry. "Good idea!" he said, "where and when?" I knew that the old adage of 'the way to a man's heart…', in this instance slightly modified, would put this intensely modest man in a position where he would be prepared to talk about himself, rather than pondering on his pupils' progress or reciting memorable quotes ranging from The Goons' Show to James Joyce and Samuel Beckett.

Kevin Bowyer
Kevin Bowyer

Kevin leads an extraordinary life that often takes him away from his family in Hertfordshire to venues across Europe, the Americas and the Far East. In addition to a busy concert schedule, Kevin is renowned as a teacher, visiting his pupils on their home turf, which on occasion even requires him staying overnight; if he can get an hotel room, fine, but there have been instances where he has slept in his car.

He owes his first forays into music to his intense dislike of a boy he knew when a child. "When I was very small, every Wednesday evening, I had a friend come round by the name of Martin, who I couldn't stand. I think he used to come round because our mums were friends, so I used to have to put up with this boy every Wednesday after school. One day, I heard from another one of my friends that he had joined a choir and that practise took place on Wednesday, so I went and joined as well to get away from this boy. Therefore I owe my entire miserable existence to this child."

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