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In last month's Organists’ Supplement Kevin Bowyer offered interpretation notes on three pieces that are set by the Royal College of Oganists for their Associateship exams. This month, in an interactive article, he offers advice on the performance of two Bach works from the same syllabus. Using the magnificent Hradetzky organ of Royal Northern College of Music, he offers practical advice on interpretation and suggests appropriate registrations for the RCO instrument at Holborn.

Kevin Bowyer is internationally recognised as a leading recitalist and teacher; he currently divides his time between performing and teaching for the St. Giles Organ School and the Royal Northern College of Music.

The musical examples presented along with the text may be either streamed or downloaded as Mp3 files for later use. If you wish to stream the examples, you will need Real Player to listen to the musical examples. Click on the highlighted text to download. If you wish to play back the tracks at a later date, it will be necessary for you to have a compatible player, such as the Windows Media Player. This is available free from Microsoft's website.

JS Bach: Organ Chorale Wenn wir in höchsten Nöten sein BWV 641
Edition: Bärenreiter 5056

Wenn wir in höchsten Nöten sein ‘When we are in deepest need’ is a setting of a well-known Lenten hymn from Bach’s monumental Orgelbüchlein, a collection of 46 chorale preludes that are organised according to their place within the liturgical calendar. An ornamental chorale in which the accompaniment is also drawn from the chorale melody, it survives in two Bach harmonisations; neither comes from a particular source.

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