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Join The Incorporated Society of Musicians!

The Incorporated Society of Musicians is the UK�s professional body for musicians.

We champion the importance of music and protect the rights of those working within music through a range of services, campaigns, support and practical advice. We offer peace of mind with our high quality legal expertise, casework and comprehensive insurance and are proud of the assistance we have given our members since 1882. We are also subject association for music.
We are a wholly independent non profit-making organisation. Without political interference or financial imperatives we express robust and authoritative views which champion both music and professional musicians.

All music teachers can join the ISM
We serve the whole of the music profession through our responsive staff team, many of whom trained as musicians so understand the issues affecting professional musicians. Our services are recognised as being the best in the field. They include:

� legal advice from our dedicated in-house legal team
� comprehensive insurance cover which includes �10 million of public and employer�s liability insurance
� legal expenses insurance
� 24 hour legal, tax and counselling helplines

Full details about membership and joining the ISM can be found online here.

For parents and students - confirmed professionalism

All ISM members confirm their professional status when they join the society, which is a unique requirement amongst music membership organisations.
All ISM members have a degree-level qualification in music, or regularly work for professional music organisations, or have provided references from colleagues in the field. This means that you can rest assured that you are working with a proven music professional when you have lessons with an ISM member.