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Private Teachers

Name Location Musicians Union Member Child Protection Training Qualifications Verified Memberships Training
Premium Members
Ms Christine Garratt Oxfordshire
Flute, Recorder, Baroque flute, Music Theory, Beginner piano (children only)
Mrs Marianna Hanischne Szentesi
Classical Music, Kodaly Method, Music Theory
Mrs Charlotte Storrs Abingdon
OX14 4LZ
violin, viola
Mainly classical., Some folk or jazz pieces for fun or exams.
Mr Andrew John Knowles Abingdon, Oxfordshire
OX14 5DW
Piano, Harpsichord, Organ, Improvisation, Theory, Composition
Classical, Jazz, Folk, Modern, Plainsong, All styles of improvisation
Ms Julia Howson Abingdon
OX13 6EB
Singing & Vocal technique, LAMDA Musical Theatre or Solo Acting exams
Musical Theatre, Classical, Pop, Jazz. Audition technique. Experienced professional. DBS cleared.
Standard Members
Mrs Marianne Gottfeldt Abingdon, Oxfordshire
OX14 2AA
Mrs Victoria Tustain Oxfordshire
OX14 4UA
Piano, Keyboard
Classical Modern Piano, Yamaha Course, Music Theory ABRSM
Miss Lucy Carr Abingdon, Greater London
OX14 1NN
Recorder - All abilities , Flute - All abilities, Cello - Beginner to Intermediate, Music Theory , GCSE Music
Mr Just Hagerty Oxfordshire
OX14 2PA
Rock, Pop
Ms Dorothy Shaw Oxon, Oxfordshire Musicians Union Member
OX14 2PX
Piano, Keyboard
Jazz, Popular, Classical
Mr Paul Booker Oxfordshire
OX14 1GQ
Drum Kit, Bass ( including fretless ), Guitar, Theory to Grade 5
Mr Jonathan (Jonty) Slade Oxfordshire
OX44 9NX
Flute, Baroque flute
Classical, Baroque
Miss Claudia Martin Oxfordshire
OX14 5EB
Piano , Flute, Classical Singing, Violin
Mr Alvin Tam Oxfordshire
Piano, Violin, Music Theory (Grade 5 ABRSM exams)
Classical, Pop
Mr Ryan Robinson BMus (Hons.) Oxfordshire Musicians Union Member
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Electric / Acoustic, Rock / Pop
Miss Helen Gillespie Oxfordshire
Classical, Irish Folk, Music Theory
Mrs Irma Schoonhoven Abingdon, Oxfordshire
Violin & Piano
Mr David Nicholas Oxfordshire
OX14 3UX
Piano (Grades 1-8), Singing (Grades 1-5), Guitar/Bass (Beginner), Keyboards
Classical, Jazz, Pop/Rock, Soul/Hip Hop
Miss Helene Dinsdale Oxfordshire
OX11 6BN
Violin, Piano, Music Theory
Happy to teach a variety of styles - whatever you're interested in!
OX14 1XJ
Violin, Viola, Music Theory
All Styles
Ms Josie Towle-Jones DipABRSM LRSM Oxfordshire
OX14 4GA
Piano, Violin, Viola, Organ, Trombone
Miss Ramune Jasinskaite Oxfordshire
OX14 1JZ
Saxophone, Piano
Jazz, Scandinavian, Imrpovisation, Contemporary, Odd rythms, Composition
Miss Lucie Smitkova Oxfordshire
OX14 3XH
classical music,accompanying for singers or solo musician
Mr Nigel Powell Oxfordshire
OX14 5BZ
Drumkit, Percussion
Mrs Anne Andrew Oxfordshire
OX14 3TE
Flute - children and adults up to Grade 8, Recorder - children and adults up to Grade 8, Piano - children and adults beginners, Theory - children and adults (either as part of instrumental lessons or separate lessons)
Mr Oliver Daniel Nicholls Matrix Arts Centre, Sutton Courtenay Musicians Union Member
OX14 4UA
Piano, Saxophone
Any style
Mr Israel Perez Oxfordshire
Cajon, Bongos, Darbuka, Djembe, Congas, Pailas, Dum Dums, Zurdo, Pandeiro and most of Brazilian Samba Instruments, many small percussion Instruments such as Maracas, Guiro, Cow Bell, etc... And Indian Tabla.
Flamenco and Flamenco Fusion, Brazilian music, Latin, African, Arabic, Jazz, Blues, Rock, almost any kind of Style
Miss Pervin Shahin Abingdon
OX14 4JW
Harp, Piano
All styles from Baroque to Jazz. I teach all levels following the ABRSM syllabus from Grade 1 to Diploma level. On the other hand, I have many students who don't want to follow the exam system and who are happy to
Mr simon murdoch Oxford, Oxfordshire
OX14 5TN
Mrs Rebecca Ramsurn Wiltshire
OX13 6PW
Voice (Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Tenor, Bass), 'Cello, Music Theory, GCSE music tuition
Classical, Operatic, Musical Theatre
Mr Craig Pinder Oxfordshire
OX11 7EQ
Trumpet/Cornet, Flugle, Eb horn, Baritone, Euphonium, Tuba
Brass and music theory lessons
Mr Robin Marriott Oxfordshire
OX13 6BA
ABRSM Exam, Just for pleasure most styles
Mr Chris Raggatt Appleford-on-Thames, Abingdon, OXON
OX14 4PA
Drum kit, Guitar, Bass Guitar
Rock, Jazz, Acoustic, Pop, Heavy Metal
Miss Judith Nichol Oxfordshire
OX14 4ER
Singing, Music Theory
Classical or musical theatre style.
Ms Sally Anne Mott Oxfordshire
OX14 4HL
piano, general musicianship
classical and populas
Ms Mandy Morris Oxfordshire
OX14 5LQ
Successful Grade 5 Music Theory Music Teaching in 3 locations in Oxford, and one in Abingdon., Classes are 1 hour at 5-6pm or 6-7pm weekdays., All tuition is in group of no more than 10 in a classroom environment with a qualified Music Teacher of Theory and A Level., We focus on getting your child through Grade 5 Theory so that they can progress to higher grades., We teach both ABRSM and Trinity College Syllabi., Please email or call Mandy to book your child's place starting in April 2017!
Ms Antonia King (Matrix Music School) Sutton Courtenay, Oxfordshire
OX14 4UA
Yamaha Music School teacher, Piano
The course includes a real variety of musical styles
Mr Mark Wiseman Oxfordshire
Soprano, , alto and , tenor saxophones.
I specialise in getting students started and into the air, through a disciplined approach stressing good tone, ear training and sight-reading. It's a very successful method! I am more than happy to advise on set ups, mouthpieces, reeds etc., I only play the saxophones, (well, keyboards a bit...) so really know the instrument.
Miss Samantha Morgan Oxon, Oxfordshire
OX14 5JG
Classical, Music Theory, 'cello Ensemble
Dr Cedric Ploix (PhD, MA, BA) Abingdon
OX14 3JF
Mr Ross Phipps Manor Farm, Church Street, Appleford on Thames
OX14 4PA
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Ukelele
All styles catered for
Mr Matthew Gardner Oxon, Oxfordshire Musicians Union Member
OX14 5RQ
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar
Rock, Funk, Blues, Jazz, Folk, Pop
Mr Michal Bredik Oxfordshire
OX14 3XH
clarinet,bassclarinet,saxophones soprane-alt-tenor,recorder,easy accompaniment with guitar or piano for singing...
classical music,chamber music,jazz,advice,practice,intonation skills...
Mr Osman Tack Abingdon Oxford, Oxfordshire
OX13 5QF
Piano, Violin, Music Theory
Mr Ben Heaney Oxfordshire Musicians Union Member
OX14 1PW
electric violin, digital violin, acoustic violin, general music education
classical, folk, jazz, dance, rock, pop, punk, electro, experimental, electronic
Mr Henry Webster Oxfordshire
OX13 6BW
Violin, Folk Fiddle
I teach Classical Violin to those grades 4-8. I am also willing to move to jazz and folk styles if you are interested., First lesson is 1/2 price.
Ms Serenna Wagner Oxfordshire
OX13 6RD
Singing, Piano, Violin, Flute, Theory
Opera, Classical, Music theatre
Mr Stephen Rees Oxfordshire
OX14 5EY
All musical styles covered including pop, rock, folk, jazz, blues, classical, country.
Miss Anna Shackleton Abingdon
OX14 4UA
Classical, and any other a student wishes to explore!
Miss Enikõ Nagy Oxfordshire
OX14 4UA
Piano, Music theory
classical, , improvisation, , playing by ear, , favourites
Miss Amelia Williams Oxfordshire
Cello, Performance preparation
Mr Glyn Rowlands Abingdon, Oxford
Piano, Drums, Guitar, Ukulele
Mr Ian Barlow Oxfordshire, Oxfordshire
OX11 7FE
Trumpet, Cornet, Tenor Horn, Trombone, Baritone, Euphonium, Tuba, French Horn
Brass band, Military/Concert Band, Orchestral, Jazz
Mr Paul Davidson Oxford, Oxfordshire
Drumkit, Drums
Rock, Pop, Latin, Funk, Electronic, Jazz and everything inbetween.