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Name Location Musicians Union Member Child Protection Training Qualifications Verified Memberships Training
Premium Members
Ms Ursula Salter Devon, Devon
TQ13 7BT
Classical, Jazzy, fun,exams if required, not compulsory, up to the individual.Grade 5 theory as required.Lots of teaching experience to make learning a joy.
Standard Members
Mrs Anneke Freeland Woodland, Ashburton
TQ13 7LP
Classical and Musical Theatre
Mr Phill Eccleston Buckfastleigh, Devon
TQ11 0BU
Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Classical, Vocal
AcousticGuitar, Pop, Classical, Rockschool electric guitar grades.
Mr Richard Gonski Devon
TQ13 7JF
Theory, Aural Training, Coaching, Composition, Orchestration, Electronic and Electroacoustic music
Theory (all grades), Aural Training, Orchestration and Composition, Coaching, Conducting
Mr Ryan Hamilton Devon
TQ11 0AB
Guitar (Acoustic), Ukulele
Songwriting, Singer/Songwriter, Fingerstyle, Acoustic, Pop, Recording/Arranging
Mrs Theresa J Scoble Devon
Piano, Music Theory
Mrs Sarah MacAlpine Devon
TQ13 7JY
Mrs Rachel Miller-Gonski Devon Musicians Union Member
TQ13 7EJ
Piano, Flute, Recorder, Saxophone, Children's Recorder Consort groups, Ensembles for Adults - Medieval Group and Recorder Consort
Classical, Jazz, Folk, Medieval, Contemporary Classical
Mr andrew dickinson Devon, Devon
TQ11 0AB
Bass, Music Production
Jazz, Blues, Funk, Soul, Rock , Pop
Mr Norman Robertson Devon
TQ11 0AA
Rock, Pop, Contemporary & Musical Theatre
Mr Steve Dow Totnes, Buckfastleigh)
TQ13 7DT
Jazz, Blues, Bossa Nova, Pop, Lapslide
Mr Andy Williamson Devon Musicians Union Member
TQ13 7QS
Saxophone, Voice
Jazz, Classical, Theory, Blues, Soul, Funk