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Private Accompanists

Name Location Musicians Union Member Child Protection Training Qualifications Verified Memberships Training
Premium Members
Mr Tom Gilkes Latteridge, Bristol and Avon
BS37 9TN
Drums, Percussion
All styles
Standard Members
Miss Hajnalka Deak Bristol, Bristol and Avon Qualifications Verified
- piano, - piano accompaniment: exams and choirs , - keyboard, - music theory, - SEN sessions: keyboard, singing, general musicianship
Classical style
Mr Jack Knowles Bristol and Avon
BS32 0EG
Guitar, Bass, Music Theory
Rock , Heavy Metal, Simple Jazz theory (chords arpeggios etc.), Blues
Mrs Erika Scaiff Bristol, Bristol and Avon
BS16 1HN
Classical, Popular, Modern
Dr Matthew Goh LTCL Bristol and Avon
BS34 8GD
Mr Richard Wills Gloucestershire
BS16 1SD
Classical Piano
Classical, Theory
Mrs Lianne Hood Bristol and Avon
BS34 5DE
Classical piano, Music Theory
Mr Paul Woolley Bristol, Bristol and Avon
BS16 6HD
Teaching: Classical piano repertoire plus a range of contemporary pieces - pop/musical theatre/film and TV etc, , Accompaniment: As an expert sight-reader, I can play anything providing I have the dots!
Mr Kerry Warren Bristol, Bristol and Avon
Drums, Drum kit, Bass guitar
Pop, Rock, Metal, Punk, Indie, , Funk, Soul, Hiphop, RnB, Jazz, Blues, , Reggae, Dub, Ska, Ragga, Jungle, Drum n Bass
Mr Tim Baker Bristol and Avon
Rock, Metal, Funk, Blues, Jazz, Folk
Mr Richard O'Brien Gloucestershire
BS16 6NR
Electric Bass Guitar, Jazz composition, Electric Guitar, Jazz Theory
Jazz, Funk, Blues, Soul, Rock, Pop
Mr Jonathan Darley Bristol, Bristol and Avon Musicians Union Member
Guitar, Vocals
Rock, Folk, Indie, Blues, Pop
Miss Paula Silvestre Bristol and Avon
BS10 5SR
Classical, jazz, contemporary, gypsy jazz, blues.
Mr Richard Hunt (Travelling Teacher) Bristol Musicians Union Member
BS32 4NU
Electric guitar, Acoustic guitar
Acoustic, Blues, Rock, Pop, Contemporary
Mr Steve Twyning Bristol Child Protection Training
Guitar, Music Theory
Blues, Rock, Metal
Mr David Beale Bristol and Avon
Classical Piano, Classical and Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar
Classical Piano and Guitar, Rock/Pop
Mr Peter Fletcher Bristol, Bristol and Avon
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Blues, Rock, Metal, Reggae, Funk, Indie, Jazz, Acoustic