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Private Accompanists

Name Location Musicians Union Member Child Protection Training Qualifications Verified Memberships Training
Mr Harry Thomson Scotland, Lothian
EH11 1FE
Piano , Keyboards , Music Theory , Conducting
Classical , Jazz, Musical Theatre , Pop/Rock
Mr Grigory Matyunin Edinburgh, Central
EH14 5EE
Piano, Singing, Music Theory
Classical, Romantic, Musical Theatre, Baroque, Choral, Traditional, Popular
Miss Rebecca Cole Edinburgh, Lothian Musicians Union Member
EH11 1RE
Piano (including beginners & adults)
Classical, Pop , Jazz , Modern
Mr Gilmour Macleod Lothian
EH13 9AY
classical jazz
Mrs Ann Janetta Scott Lothian
EH12 5TL
Classical, Rock/pop/jazz, Musical theatre, Scottish
Mr Danielo Olivera Lothian
EH10 5BQ
==Understanding and practice of Flamenco music through:, -Compas (mastering the different flamenco styles or "palos", using hands by clapping; or understand the so called "flamenco clapping technique")., -Singing (some techniques, lyrics and "palos" (different styles of songs in flamenco terminology)., -Percussion: basic concepts and technique of the cajon flamenco and all of the material explained in "Compas"., -Guitar (flamenco notions, techniques, cords, "palos flamencos", other styles, jamming and improvisation)
Flamenco Music -understanding the different styles in Flamenco and Latin music and practice them- Also investigate their possible Fusion with other styles.
Prof Paul Brennan Edinburgh Child Protection Training
EH10 5QN
piano, guitar, singing
Classical, Popular, Jazz, Blues, Rock, World, Country, Choir, RnB, Rap, Dance, Bossa Nova, Flamenco,,
Mr Jonah Stead Lothian Musicians Union Member
EH14 1QF
Guitar, Bass
Rock, Blues, Jazz, Pop, Folk, Acoustic, Hard Rock, Indie, Grunge
Mr Robin Novak Edinburgh, Lothian
EH14 2RX
piano, guitar
popular songs (Beatles, Queen, Aerosmith, Bryan Adams, Bon ovi, Elvis Presley, etc.)
Mr John Wallace Edinburgh, Lothian
EH10 6AF
Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Rock , Blues, Jazz, Country, Indie, Contemporary
Mrs Show-Hwa Cheng Lothian
EH10 5TG
Ms Helen Gaunt Edinburgh, Lothian
Mainly classical
Mr Douglas Anderson Lothian
EH14 1SB
General Piano genre/styles
Mrs Daniella SH Cheng Greenbank, Lothian
EH10 5TG
Classical, Modern
Mr Justin Nash Lothian
EH11 1AH
Piano, Organ
Classical and Jazz
Mr Drew Crichton Lothian
EH11 2JN
Piano , Music Theory