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Name Location Musicians Union Member Child Protection Training Qualifications Verified Memberships Training
Premium Members
Mrs Janet Payne Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
CB24 9NJ
Oboe/Cor Anglais
All styles
Mr Steven Hales Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
CB24 3DD
Singing Lessons
Singing lessons for popular music, Learn a vocal technique that will allow you to sing with feeling and emotion. I'll show you how to relax and gain more confidence by using breath control and resonance from the head and chest to make a singing technique that you can trust to repeat a performance time and time again. Bad days will be a thing of the past. If you just want to have fun and record a song or want to record a demo I can help you there too. If you're not sure about anything to do with your singing just contact me for a no obligation free assessment. Just an informal chat.
Mr Steven Levitt Cambridge, Cambridgeshire Musicians Union Member
Piano and Keyboards
Classical Piano and beginner Keyboards
Dr Richard Smith Willingham, Cambridge
CB24 5JA
Piano, Theory, Aural Training
Classical, Jazz and pop repertoire
Mrs Olga Elbourn Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
CB25 9GS
Standard Members
Mr Harry Pendred Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
CB24 9JU
Violin , Piano , Music Theory
Mr Steve Lockwood Cambridgshire, Cambridgeshire
CB24 5UT
Harmonica , Vocals
All genres on harmonica, Blues, pop, folk & rock vocals
Mr Neil Kohler Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
CB24 9LL
Piano/ keyboard
Mrs Yukie Smith (Sunahata) Cambridgeshire
mainly classical
Miss Olivia Nunn Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
Piano, Music theory
Mr David Music Teacher Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
CB24 3BG
Guitars + Various Instruments programmed in MIDI
Most modern styles taught., Rock, Blues, Metal, Acoustic
Mrs Susan Bolt Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
CB24 6YU
Piano, Violin
Classical, , Leisure or exams!
Miss Natalia Brodaczewska Girton, Cambridgeshire
Miss Kim McConnachie Cambridgeshire
Vocals, piano and guitar
Miss Alonso Cambridgeshire
CB24 9PE
Piano, Theory
Classical, Pop, others...
Mr Jim Vallis Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
CB25 9FA
Drum kit
Rock/Pop, Funk
Mr Tomasz Ziobro Cambridgeshire
CB24 3EQ
Bass Guitar
All styles
Mr Peter Chang-Hornby Cambridgeshire
CB24 6AY
Piano (Beginners - Lower Intermediate) free trial lessons
Mr Ismael Sanchez Hernandez Cambridgeshire
CB24 6XL
Bass Guitar (all levels), Guitar (beginners/Intermediate)
Funk, Soul , Jazz, Rock , Folk, , Pop, Latin, Neo-Soul, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Improvised Music
Mrs Jessica Lawrence-Hares Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
CB24 6DY
Voice, Singing
Classical, Musical Theatre
Mr Danny Allin Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
CB24 9PP
Drums / Drum Kit, Guitar
Ms Karen Humphrey
CB24 8UQ
Flute, Recorder-beginners only
Mrs sheanna ashman cambridge, Cambridgeshire
CB24 6AD
Mrs Jennifer Dobson Cambridge
CB24 9JL
Bassoon, Piano, Clarinet, Saxophone, Music Theory
Mr Chris Lilley Cambridgeshire
CB24 6ZG
Traditional Fiddle , Some Classical
Miss Rohan Platts Cambridge, Cambridgeshire Musicians Union Member
CB24 5JT
Mr Michael Maddocks Cambridgeshire
Trumpet, Piano, Brass, Bassoon, Theory
Classical, Jazz, Pop
Mr Gary Cates Cambridgeshire
CB24 5HD
drums, percussion
rock, pop, jazz, blues
Mrs Anne-Marie Daniels Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
Beginners to Advanced Practical Piano, Beginners to Intermediate Music Theory, Experienced in classical music