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Ealing Junior Music School
Ealing Junior Music School…


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Music Resources, Support & Advi…
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Private Teachers

Name Location Musicians Union Member Child Protection Training Qualifications Verified Memberships Training
Premium Members
Mrs Alice Brown Greater London
Singing , Voice
All styles Welcome, Pop, Soul, Jazz, R&B, Gospel, Blues, Country, Musical Theatre
Mr Matt Fishwick Hertfordshire
Drum Kit/Snare Drum
Trinity Grades/ABRSM/Rock/Jazz/Big Band/Soul/Rudimental
Mr Sangbin Jung Watford, Hertfordshire
WD18 0JP
Mr James Layton Hertfordshire
Violin , Viola, Acoustic Guitar (RGT), Electric Guitar (Rock School), Music Theory (including preparation for ABRSM Grade 5), 11+ Music Aptitude Test, Composition
Classical, Contemporary Classical, Pop/Rock, Folk, , Exam Boards-, ABRSM, Trinity, Rock School, RGT
Mr Adrian Silver Hertfordshire
WD24 4DU
Piano, Keyboards, Synthesizer/electronic music
Classical, Popular, Folk, Blues/Boogie, Theory, Electronic music techniques
Standard Members
Miss Lisa Lloyd-Owen Greater London Child Protection Training
Saxophone, Clarinet, Music Theory, Flute
Classical, Pop, Jazz, Contemporary
Mr rasel jean-baptiste Hertfordshire
WD18 0QB
guitar,bass,guitar,drums ,pucussion.vocal
jazz,reggea,rock blues rythem blules flok pop ect
Mr Luke WHICKER Hertfordshire
WD25 0AG
Guitar. Bass. Drums. Vocals. Keyboard. Piano. Violin. Trumpet.
Mrs Ivelina Dusheva-Martial Hertfordshire Musicians Union Member
WD17 2PS
I teach Cello, Piano and Vocals., , Other subjects in my school:, Violin, Viola, Vocals, Saxophone, Drums, Flute, Guitar, Music Theory (group sessions available), Orchestra, Composition, 11+ Music Aptitude Test group sessions..., We also have a Performance Arts Club - Acting/Drama, Singing, Contemporary dance and Ballet., , Preparation for:, Music Theory Exams, ABRSM and Trinity Exams, 11+ Aptitude Test Exams, GCSE's, Collage/Conservatory entrances
Classical, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Folk, Film Music...
Mr Edwin Pitt Mansfield Bmus, LRSM Hertfordshire Musicians Union Member
WD24 5AW
Singing (Classical, Musical Theatre), Voice, Vocal Training, Theory, Aural Support (Grades 1-8), Scholarship Training, Audition Preparation
Classical, Musical Theatre
Mr Jamie Wall Hertfordshire
Trumpet, Cornet, Flugel Horn
All Styles
Miss Anya Blue Robins Hertfordshire
WD23 2TS
Violin, piano and music theory
Mr David Silver Hertfordshire
WD17 4PX
Piano Accordion, D/G Melodeon
Light classical and folk
Miss Jessie Tang Hertfordshire
Piano, Theory, Guitar (beginners to intermediate)
Classical , Contemporary Christian Worship , Pop, World Music
Mr Timothy Egan BMus (hons) Hertfordshire
WD24 6NF
Mr Philip Lee Hertfordshire
WD25 7GA
'Classical', Baroque, Jazz
Mr Pierre Audiger Hertfordshire
WD23 2HN
classical, Pop
Mr Ryan Ho Hertfordshire
WD17 3HG
Miss Rachel Fulgoni Herts, Hertfordshire Musicians Union Member
WD23 2DU
Violin, Piano, Keyboard, Theory, 11 plus Music Aptitude Tests, , ONLINE TEACHING AVAILABLE via Zoom, Skype and Whatsapp
Classical, Pop, Rock, Jazz
Miss Pip Hodge Hertfordshire
WD24 7FQ
Piano, Guitar, Singing, Flute, Ukulele
Pop/Rock/Country, Classical
Mr Alex Roth Hertfordshire
Guitar, music theory, composition, song-writing.
All styles:, Jazz, Classical, Rock, Improvisation, Composition, Notation, Theory
Mr Kyle Parke St Albans
Drum Kit (All Genres), Music Production
All grades 1-8 Rockschool and Trinity Guildhall,, Pop, , Rock, , Soul, , Jazz, , Funk, , Metal, , Double Bass Drumming, , Drum soloing, , Techniques, , Sight Reading, , Music Production, , Recording Drums, , How to play in a band.
Mrs Janet Hiller Hertfordshire, Hertfordshire
Violin, Piano
Classical, Baroque, Folk, Jazz
Mr Courtney Brown Hertfordshire
WD24 5HR
Bass Trombone, Tenor Trombone, Tuba, Trumpet
classical, pop, basic jazz
Mr Steven Goossens Greater London
WD23 2AS
Jazz, Funk, Pop, Rock, Metal, Latin
Mr Steven Goossens Herefordshire
WD23 2AS
Drums, Percussion , Ukulele, Piano
All styles, Rock, Pop, Latin, Jazz, Funk
Mr PAVEL MARKOV (PGDip RCM, BMus Hons RCS) Kensington, Chelsea, Knightsbridge, Marylebone, Paddington, Shepherd's Bush, Clerkenwell)
Piano, Music Theory
Mr Dan Playford Greater London
Trumpet, Piano, Guitar, Music Theory, Flute
Mr Vlad Dan Hertfordshire
WD23 2HW
Pop, Blues, Soul, Gospel, Musical Theatre
Mr David Degen Herts
WD18 7LU
Piano, , Cello, , Vocal, , Theory, Aural, Guitar
Classical, jazz, pop. 1-2-1 Home visits. Small groups. Exam entry upon request (ABRSM board)., Use of music technology - apps, MIDI, multimedia. Supply accompaniment for vocal instrumental, dance class, performance, examination.
Mr Bill Brown Watford, Hertfordshire
WD24 7PG
jazz, blues, country,rock,classical
Mr Alan Johnson Hertfordshire
GUITAR, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Piano , Music Production, Drums
Contempory, Rock, Singing, vocals, Acoustic, Singer Songwriter, Music Production , Recording, Piano, Keyboards , Beginners, Music Production
Mr Brian Robertson Watford, Hertfordshire
WD24 4AU
Mr Jonathan Ballard Hertfordshire
WD24 6DJ
Mr Jamie Oram Watford, Herts
WD25 9NJ
Drums, Guitar
Rock/Pop, Swing
Mr Jacob Ziemba Hertfordshire
WD18 0ND
electric guitar
Rock - all techniques, Arpeggio, Legato, Tapping,Sweep picking etc.., based on guitarists like Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani,John Petrucci,Michael Romeo... Check me out at
Miss Helen Dunn Herts, Hertfordshire
WD25 9AR
Piano, Keyboard, Brass, Theory
ABRSM grades 1 to 8, Piano/Keyboard/Brass/Theory
Miss Esther Moors Hertfordshire
WD23 2JD
Clarinet, Piano
Ms Emma Goss Hertfordshire
Classical Guitar, Rockabilly Double Bass, Electric Bass, Music theory
Classical guitar, Music theory
Miss Sadie Brown Hertfordshire
WD25 7LY
Flute, Saxophone
Miss Georgia Inett Hertfordshire
Singing , music theory
Classical , Music theatre, Pop, Rock
Miss Francesca Barritt Hertfordshire
WD17 2QH
Mrs Esta Benjamin-Daley Hertfordshire
WD25 7DF
Piano, Singing
Grades 1-5 Piano (Classical), Grades 1-8 Singing (Trinity Board) Jazz, Pop, Soul, Gospel +, Singing for pleasure
Miss Rositsa Dusheva Hertfordshire
WD24 4ES
Mr Michael Chillingworth Greater London
Saxophone, Clarinet
Jazz, Classical, Pop, Any other styles
Mr Lewis Rowlands BMus (hons) LRAM Hertfordshire
Trombone specialist, Teaches all brass instruments, Tuba, Trumpet, French Horn
classical, popular
Mr Simon James Herts, Hertfordshire
WD18 7DZ
Drums, Electric Guitar
Mr James Rowland Greater London
Singing., Music Theory., GCSE/A level tutoring.
Bell canto (classical), , musical theatre, , popular music.
Miss Emily Bannister Hertfordshire
Recorder,, Clarinet,, Piano,, Music Theory,, GCSE Music: listening and composition, A level Music: listening and harmony
Mr Elia Hertfordshire
WD17 2PY
Drum kit, snare drum., Sheets reading and music notation.
Pop, rock, reggae, jazz and other
Mr Ricky Shome Hertfordshire
WD25 7GB
Miss Ji Hee Ahn Hertfordshire
WD25 0HB
Cello, , Piano, , Musicianship including Music Theory and 11+ Music aptitude test preparation.
Mr Luke Whicker Hertfordshire
WD24 4PT
Via Groove Music we offer Guitar, Keyboard, Bass, Drums, Vocals, Trumpet, Band Coaching, Song writing and more.
Mrs S Lipman Hertfordshire
WD17 4EN
I am able to provide tuition in Piano, Violin and Voice up to Grade 8 with any exam board if you are interested in taking examinations either in classical or more popular styles. , , I have a range of experience in all 3 instrumental disciplines.
Classical, Pop, Jazz, Contemporary., , I have experience in teaching ABRSM (Associated Board for the Royal School on Music), Trinity Exams, Trinity Rock and Pop, ABRSM Musical Theatre and ABRSM Jazz (beginner)
Mr Wayne Hau Greater London
Saxophone (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone), Clarinet, Flute , Music Theory
Classical, Contemporary, Pop
Miss Connie Jackson Hertfordshire
Musical theatre , Pop
Mr Tony Boyle Hertfordshire, Hertfordshire
WD24 5NG
Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar
Rock, Blues, Acoustic, Jazz, Fingerstyle, Grades, Theory, Sight Reading
Mr Ryan Hunt Hertfordshire
bass guitar
rock, pop, all styles, with good theory to back up your lessons
Mr Ryan Smith Hertfordshire
Double Bass
Miss Joanne Butcher Hertfordshire Qualifications Verified
WD17 4JG
Piano, Music Theory
classical, popular, film music, songs, light jazz
Miss Abigail Smith Hertfordshire
Singing Tuition, Vocal Technique, Coaching and Interpretation , Theory
Classical , ABRSM Grades, Musical Theatre , Popular
Miss Kirstin Oliver Herefordshire
Flautist. , Tutoring for GCSE and above assess on all instruments and boards
GCSE, A level, BTEC, Music Theory, , All Exam Boards Boards
Miss Kirstin Oliver Hertfordshire
Music Technology - cubase,Logic, Reason studio state of the art. , Flute, Piccolo.
GCSE - A2 music & Music Technology ( all syllabus) , BTEC Music, Music Technology, Performing arts (drama, music, dance) Level 2-3. , Music Theory. , Flute tution.
Mrs Izabella Gaczynska-Assani Watford, Hertfordshire
WD24 4AU
Violin, Piano,cello,guitar,trumpet, 11+ Music Aptitude test and Music Practical Assessment, Kindergarten(music group classes for children 2-5 years old)
I teach using colourstrings method based on colours and fun. This is very succesful method form Finland working with movable DO. Due to the music lessons I introduced whole range of music activities:, -rhythmical exercises( clapping, singing, playing), -playing a variety of different music, -helping pupils to make their own music and rhythm, This encourage them to use their natural creativity and talent., I prepare children for 11+ Music Aptitude test and practical assessment, Please note that all individual lessons come with theory classes.,
Mr Joey Fox Hertfordshire
Guitar (electric/acoustic)
I specialise in rock and blues, however I am knowledgable in most genres (excluding classical music).
Mr Jacob Ziemba Hertfordshire
WD18 0ND
Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar
Rock, Pop, Fingerstyle, Metal