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Private Teachers

Name Location Musicians Union Member Child Protection Training Qualifications Verified Memberships Training
Premium Members
Mr Alasdair Fischbach Yorkshire (West) Musicians Union Member
LS29 8TY
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar, Music Theory, Songwriting, Improvisation, Musicianship
Rock, Metal, Jazz, Blues, Pop, Acoustic Fingerstyle, Percussive guitar, Classical
Standard Members
Miss Sharon Selman Haworth
BD22 8LL
I teach piano and singing
Classical /opera ,lieder ,musical theatre ,pop and Rock singing , Specialising in bel canto technique, Piano classical and popular contemporary music
Ms Sally Robinson Yorkshire (West)
BD15 0EB
Miss Catherine Embleton Yorkshire (West) Musicians Union Member
BD20 6BX
Clarinet, Saxophone, Online teaching available
Mr Thomas Hardaker Yorkshire (North) Musicians Union Member
BD20 7LP
Button Accordion, Piano Accordion, Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
Folk, Classical, Rock
Miss Ruth Nielsen Yorkshire (West)
Piano - popular styles, Vocals - folk, pop, jazz, blues
Folk, pop, jazz, blues
Yorkshire Music School Yorkshire Music School Victoria Road
BD18 3LA
Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Drums, Vocals, Bass. Music Theory and GCSE
All Styles
Mr Stuart Julian Kaplan Yorkshire (West) Musicians Union Member
BD20 6SH
Drum Kit
All contemporary styles taught by experienced qualified teacher in comfortable soundproof studio. Recreational and examination studies.
Ms Sally Robinson Bradford, Yorkshire (West)
BD15 0EB
Mr Gerry McDonald Yorkshire (West)
BD21 4SB
oboe, flute, recorder, clarinet
Mrs Elisabeth Verhoven Yorkshire (West)
flute, Saxophone, Clarinet
Mrs Pauline Elliott Yorkshire (West)
LS29 9QW
classical piano
Mr Daniel Lappin Yorkshire (West)
Mrs Sally Leeming West Yorkshire
BD16 3LH
Singing - young singers to Grade 5, Kodály Musicianship
Mrs Catherine Radcliffe Bingley, Yorkshire (West)
BD16 4JG
Classical/Popular piano
Mrs Philippa Jennings Yorkshire (North)
BD20 0DB
Cello, Piano (beginners), Theory, Composition
Classical, Contemporary
Ms Fiona Smith Shipley, Yorkshire (West)
BD18 3HP
Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Contemporary
Mrs Karen Stockdale Keighley
BD20 5LS
Classical, Contemporary
Mrs Helen Miller Bradford, Yorkshire (West)
BD13 4DG
Piano, Flute
Variety of Styles and Genres, ABRSM or Trinity examinations, Composition and Improvisation
Miss Zoe Carroll Yorkshire (West)
BD20 9PE
Cello, Violin, Viola, Double Bass
Ms Claire Bergman Keighley, Yorkshire (West)
BD20 6QE
Piano, Violin, Voice, Music Theory
Classical, Pop, Improvisation
Mr Noel Hartley West Yorkshire, Yorkshire (West)
BD22 8RD
Drum Kit, I teach in my home studio in Haworth which features two kits and recording facilities., My syllabus includes tuition in: Reading, Rudiments, Technique, Dynamics, Stylistic awareness and much more, Exams are accomodated for those students who would like to take them
Rock, Pop, Indie, Blues, Orchestral, Latin, And many more!!
Mr Mark Nevison Yorkshire (West)
BD20 7EH
Guitar, Bass Guitar
Rock, Pop, Punk, Classical, Folk
Mr Christopher Adsett Bingley, Yorkshire (West)
BD16 4HB
Tenor Saxophone, Alto Saxophone
Jazz, Classical
Mr Jim Atkinson Bradford, West Yorkshire
BD18 3HA
Piano Keyboard
First Lesson Free, , I am a teacher offering lessons in the area. With almost 30 years experience with the piano I am able to offer custom lessons tailored to your exact needs., , For all ages and abilities, , For pleasure of for fun, , (01274) 580507
Mrs Rosemary Pettitt Yorkshire (West)
BD22 0HY
Classical, Jazz, Popular
Ms Beverley Beirne Yorkshire (West)
LS29 9LU
Vocal Coach, singing, singing teacher
Jazz, Pop, Folk, Song writers
Miss Eileen Murray Yorkshire (North)
BD20 5RF
Singing, Flute, Piano
All genres
Miss Kathryn Walker Keighley, Yorkshire (West)
BD20 5DP
Singing, Voice, Music Theory
All genres
Mr Yorkshire Music School Victoria Road, Saltaire
BD18 3LA
Piano, Keyboard, Guitar (acoustic and electric) Bass, Drums, Vocals, Ukulele and Band Course
All Genres and Styles
Mr Jamie Deakin Yorkshire (West)
BD18 4LG
Drums, Drum kit
Rock, Latin, Jazz, Indie
Miss Katherine Williams Bingley, Yorkshire (West)
BD16 1RB
Clarinet, Saxophone, Flute, Piano
Classical, Jazz, Funk
Ms kim guizzetti Keighley, Yorkshire (West)
BD22 0TA
Flute, piano
All genres/styles
Mr Joe Dimuantes Yorkshire (West)
BD20 6EH
Drums, Bass, Guitar
Rock, Pop, Ska, Reggae, Metal
Mr Robert Sudall Yorkshire (West)
Piano and organ
Piano - classical and jazz, Organ, Theory
Mrs Anne Smithies Bradford
BD16 4BZ
piano & keyboard
Miss Charlotte Jones Yorkshire (West)
LS29 8TN
Music Theatre, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Classical
Mr Jannetta Paul Yorkshire (West)
BD22 6LP
Piano, electronic keyboard, electric piano, synthesizors, electric organ
Classical, pop, soul, rock, funk, improvisation and soloing techniques, live performance specialist
Mrs Heloisa Gaspar Yorkshire (North)
Mrs Lucy Deakin Shipley, Bradford
BD18 4LG
Cello - classical or folk styles
Classical, Folk, Contemporary
Mr Warren Fyffe Yorkshire (West)
BD16 2JH
Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar
Blues , Rock, Metal, Modern pop
Mr Hugh Bradley Bradford, Yorkshire (West) Musicians Union Member
BD16 1NS
Bass guitar , Bass guitar fretless , Double bass, Guitar , Mandolin, Tenor banjo, Flute (Boehm), Pennywhistle
Folk, Blues, Rock, Popular
Miss Lauren Stafford Keighley, Yorkshire (West)
BD20 0LQ
Flute, Saxophone, Clarinet, Music Theory
Mr christian saggese denholme
BD13 4JJ
classical guitar, electric guitar, electric bass, mandolin
classical, rock, jazz, experimental, contemporary
Mr lewis haynes Yorkshire (West)
BD15 0EF
piano, theory
all genre's
Mr Chris Marks Yorkshire (West)
BD20 5LS
Electric, Classical, Steel strung Acoustic and Bass Guitars.
Electric, Classical, Steel strung Acoustic and Bass Guitars in all styles, including Blues, Rock, Jazz, Classical, Metal, Pop, Latin, Flamenco, Folk, Country, Top 20, M.O.R., Soul, Reggae, and their fusion as well as the distinct elements and techniques of Improvisation, Music Theory, Music Reading, Composition, Fingerstyle, Slide, Tapping, Slap etc.
Ms Claire Bergman Keighley, West Yorkshire
BD20 6QE
Piano, Violin, Voice, Music Theory (ABRSM), GCSE Music (support), AÂíLevel Music (support), Tuition for small groups
Classical, Pop, Improvisation
Miss Sarah Lamb Yorkshire (West)
BD18 4LU
Clarinet (Beginner to Advanced), Saxophone (Beginner to Advanced), Theory (Beginner to Advanced)
classical and contemporary
Miss Claire Allen Yorkshire (West)
BD16 2HD
Trumpet, Cornet, Horn, Euphonium, Tuba
Brass specialist.
Mrs Pauline Elliott Yorkshire (West)
LS29 9QW
Classical piano, Theory tuition
Mr Steve Jannetta, Drumminskool Yorkshire (West)
For the benefit and total convenience of my students I carry out most of my teaching in your own home, on your own equipment, although I can also provide drum kits on hire if required. I will travel within a 20 mile radius of Bradford Centre. Please visit for further details of my services. All styles covered depending on student interests. I cover reading, rudiments and groove playing, and use Rock School syllabus for exams and advancement. (100% pass rate)
Ms Karen Davidson Yorkshire (West)
BD22 7HN
Percussion , Basic keyboard
Early Years and Key Stage 1 music foundation classes
Mr Paul Jannetta Yorkshire (West)
BD15 0AQ
Piano, electronic keyboard, synthesizers and electric organ
Classical, Jazz,Soul, Rock, Pop, Funk, Disco. I have plenty of experience in live performance so if you are an advanced student and are looking to develop soloing techniques, chord progressions and song writing then I can assist
Mrs Emma Bradnum Bradford, Yorkshire (West)
Voice, Performance Coaching, Workshops for groups and choirs, Audition preparation
Musical Theatre, Pop, Rock, Folk, Jazz, Soul
Mrs Becs Leighton Yorkshire (West)
BD16 4ER
Piano, Flute, Music Theory
Piano , Flute, Music Theory , Classical, Jazz, Pop, Improvisation, Composition, Lead sheet playing, Score reading
Miss Emi Hall Yorkshire (West)
BD16 2NN
Pop, Acoustic, RnB, Hip Hop, 80's, 90's , Pop Ballads
Mr Craig Sutcliffe Yorkshire (West)
Piano, Organ & Music Theory
All styles catered for, from Classical & Opera, to Musicals & Pop.