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Name Location Musicians Union Member Child Protection Training Qualifications Verified Memberships Training
Premium Members
Mr Giacomo Sinatra Lothian
EH13 9QJ
Ms Kirstie Mclanaghan Lothian
EH14 5QN
Traditional Scottish fiddle. Technique and ornamentation. Tension free playing. Learn by ear or with sheet music. Tutorial videos and sheet music provided after each lesson to help with private practice.
Traditional Scottish fiddle music.
Miss Alexandra Georgiadi Lothian
EH13 0AT
Piano, Keyboard
Music Theory, Composition , Recording, Classical , Contemporary , Jazz, Rock, Country
Standard Members
Mr James Grossart Lothian
EH12 7HZ
Drum kit, Tuned percussion
All styles
Mr Grigory Matyunin Edinburgh, Central
EH14 5EE
Piano, Singing, Music Theory
Classical, Romantic, Musical Theatre, Baroque, Choral, Traditional, Popular
Mr Gilmour Macleod Lothian
EH13 9AY
classical jazz
Mr Phillip Wood Edinburgh, Lothian
French Horn Specialist., All other brass taught and mentored to grade 8 standard., Conducting, Orchestration, Harmony, Theory
Classical, Wind Band, Brass Band, Folk, Orchestral, Big Band/Show Band
Ms Rhona Finlay Edinburgh, Lothian
EH13 0BU
Miss Julia Somerville Lothian
EH14 1HE
Scottish Harp (clarsach) , Concert Harp, Piano, Singing, Theory Tuition
All styles of music  Scottish/Irish Traditional, Jazz, Contemporary, Classical
Mrs Ann Janetta Scott Lothian
EH12 5TL
Classical, Rock/pop/jazz, Musical theatre, Scottish
Mr Euan Corstorphine Lothian
EH13 9PW
Classical Guitar, Guitar
Classical, Pop, Rock
Ms Janet Noakes Edinburgh, Lothian
EH13 0DQ
Piano, Music theory, Musicianship
Classical, Contemporary, Popular
Mr Jimmy Grossart Central Musicians Union Member
EH12 7HZ
Drum kit and tuned percussion
Professional drummer with over 30 years teaching and playing experience in drum kit and tuned percussion., All styles taught., All ages., Introductory lesson free.
Mrs Hannah Ho Central
Piano, Music theory .
Mrs Suzanne McKinnon Lothian
EH12 8AY
Violin, Piano, Music Theory
Mr Stewart Maclennan Lothian
EH13 0JB
Acoustic Steel, Electric, Classical or Nylon Strung Guitar
I teach acoustic or electric guitar; folk, blues, classical, and rock.
Mr Gareth Burnett Lothian
EH14 1HE
Drum Kit, Percussion
Rock, Pop, Latin, African, Dance, Orchestral, Musicals/Show
Mr Ian Smith Lothian Musicians Union Member
EH12 6PA
Guitar, Bass Guitar
All styles of guitar and bass.
Mr Robin Novak Edinburgh, Lothian
EH14 2RX
piano, guitar
popular songs (Beatles, Queen, Aerosmith, Bryan Adams, Bon ovi, Elvis Presley, etc.)
Mr Jonah Stead Lothian Musicians Union Member
EH14 1QF
Guitar, Bass
Rock, Blues, Jazz, Pop, Folk, Acoustic, Hard Rock, Indie, Grunge
Ms Katherine Perlo Lothian
EH14 5DJ
piano, theory
classical, basic jazz
Miss Sian Hawksley Edinburgh, Lothian
EH14 1XQ
Pop, Classical
Mr Kieran Lambie Lothian
EH12 9AL
Various Styles:, Classical, Romantic, Folk, Blues, Video Game Music, Rock, Metal, Jazz
Mr Daniel Schlordt Lothian
EH14 1PG
Vocal Anatomy, Vocal Technique , Vocal Health, Musical Theatre Rep, Singing, Acting Through Song
Musical Theatre, Pop, Jazz
Mr Douglas Anderson Lothian
EH14 1SB
General Piano genre/styles
Ms Jessica Beeston Lothian, Lothian Musicians Union Member
EH12 8SB
Violin and Viola
Miss Sharon Dowsett Lothian
EH14 1LP
Flute, Piccolo, Music Theory
Any style, Theory
Mr Matt Molloy Lothian
EH13 9DG
All styles.
Mr Dara Stewart
EH12 7ST
Electric Bass, Double Bass, Music Theory
Classical, Jazz, Contemporary, Pop, Funk, Rockshool, ABRSM
Mr Stewart Maclennan Lothian
EH13 0JB
I teach all styles of guitar on electric, steel, and nylon strung guitar.
Pop, Rock, Blues, Folk, Classical
Mrs Jane Osmani-Pearce Lothian
EH13 0DD