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Name Location Musicians Union Member Child Protection Training Qualifications Verified Memberships Training
Premium Members
Miss Naomi Lee Schulke Sussex (East) Musicians Union Member
BN43 5WL
Classical, Musical Theatre, Pop, Rock
Mr Oliver Moore Worthing
BN11 3JN
Trumpet, Cornet, Flugelhorn
Modern, Classical, Musicals, Pop
Miss Daisy Durrant Sussex (West)
BN43 5HY
Piano,, Theory
Miss Victoria Wilson Sussex (West) Musicians Union Member
Piano, Theory
Classical, Jazz, Blues, Easy listening, Theory
Mrs Joan Stephenson West Sussex, Sussex (West)
BN11 2LY
Classical, Pop, Contemporary, Film, Musical Theatre, Jazz
Mr Mark Stephenson Sussex (West)
BN11 2LY
Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, harmonica, vocals.
Rock, Pop, Jazz, Blues, Acoustic, Electric.
Miss holly OCallaghan Sussex (West)
BN11 1TU
Singing, Vocals and performance
Specialise in:, Vocal technique: Correct terminology, posture, diction, articulation and expression is taught. , , Musical theatre , Rock & Pop/contemporary , Stage performance , Audition Preparation, Folk/country , , Other genres include:, Classical, Jazz , , All students have the opportunity to take part in Festivals and competitive singing, specialist workshops and ensemble training as well as other annual performances. , , EMAIL: [email protected], FACEBOOK:, voiceandperformance.singout, , Please check junk mail for emails from this site
Mr Richard Durrant Sussex (West) Musicians Union Member
BN43 5HY
Classical Guitar,, Guitars (including Tenor Guitar),, Ukulele (re-entrant & 5th tuned),, Composition, , Music production and notation., Career advice and musical guidance.
Genre is your choice not mine. The key is to leave your options open., I use a simple, relaxed classical technique as a starting point.
Miss Lucy Ballard West Sussex Musicians Union Member
BN15 8RL
Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Clarinet Bb, Piano
Classical to blues/jazz/rock/latin., For fun as well as scholarship/bursary preparation., One to ones and ensembles, Music theory
Standard Members
Ms Anne Lanch Worthing, Sussex (West)
BN13 3AB
Violin, Piano
Classical, Jazz
Ms Jean McCreery West Sussex, Sussex (East) Musicians Union Member
BN11 3BY
Recorder, Piano, Theory, Aural
Classical, Early Music
Mr David Cash Sussex (West) Musicians Union Member
BN14 8DW
Piano, Keyboards
Piano/keyboards, Pop/rock/jazz
Mrs Laura Lloyd Sussex (West)
BN13 2DE
Saxophone, alto and tenor mainly.
Mrs Hazel Child Sussex (West) Musicians Union Member
Piano, Small and lever Harp, Flute and general woodwind.
Classical, modern,, folk and popular music., Includes improvisation based learning and harmonising.
Mr Nick Weiland Sussex (West)
BN11 4QD
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar and beginner bass.
Blues, Rock, Country, Jazz, Funk, Pop
Mr Rory Innerd Sussex (West)
BN14 8BA
Violin, guitar, piano, mandolin, bass
Folk, world music, contemporary, pop, rock, jazz,
Mr Louis Forte Sussex (West)
BN14 9LD
Blues, Funk, Rock, Acoustic, Metal
Mr Charlie Sharpe Shoreham-By-Sea
BN43 5DE
Ms Silvia Crastan Sussex (West)
BN11 2LN
Violin, classical
Miss lucinda bristow Worthing, Sussex (West)
BN11 2RN
Acoustic guitar , Electric guitar
Blues, jazz, folk, rock, pop, song writing
Mr Jon Gorf West Sussex, Sussex (West)
BN14 8AW
Trombone (Tenor) , Trombone (Alto)
Classical , Brass Band , Big Band
Mr Jim Taylor Sussex (West)
BN15 9NU
Electric Piano\Keyboard
Jazz Keyboard Coaching
Mrs Elizabeth Ryder-Weldon Sussex (West) Musicians Union Member
BN15 0NT
Voice/Singing, Saxophone, Recorder, Music Theory
Miss Lucy Dorman Sussex, Sussex (West)
BN11 2ER
Classical, jazz, pop, anything you want to learn! Check out for videos of students pieces
Miss Katharine Adams Worthing Musicians Union Member
BN14 9BQ
Violin, Viola
All syles
Mrs Anne Whiteside Sussex (West) Musicians Union Member
Flute, Piano, Keyboard
Modern/Pop, Classical, Jazz
Mrs Swetha Stejskal Sussex (West)
BN11 5NE
Piano, Theory
Classical mostly but encourage all different styles.
Ms Alexandra King Sussex (West)
BN43 5EJ
Classical harpist
Mr Michael Barham Sussex (West)
BN14 7DA
Mrs Candice Lloyd West Sussex, Sussex (West)
BN13 1DN
Piano, Keyboard
Mr Jamie Bowden West Sussex
BN11 1TR
Piano/Keyboards , Guitar (Acoustic and Electric)
Contemporary Styles: Pop, Rock, Blues
Mrs Elizabeth Newington Sussex (West)
BN14 7QH
Cello: Beginners to Advanced, Music Theory: Beginners, Grades I to VIII, Piano - Beginners, Grade I to Grade V, A Level and GCSE Music tutoring
All styles taught
Miss Lori Standen Sussex (West) Musicians Union Member
BN43 5JS
Vocals for all ages and abilities, Piano for beginners
Contemporary music:, Pop, Rock, Basic Classical, Musical, Blues , Soul, R&B, Dance, , Songwriting., Covers., Originals., Self Interpretations of covers.
Mr Chris Webber Sussex (West) Musicians Union Member
BN43 5JS
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Music Theory
Rock, Blues, Metal, Pop, Folk, Fingerstyle
Mrs Jade Woodhouse Sussex (West)
BN43 5PE
Mr Michael Paul Worthing, Sussex (West) Musicians Union Member
BN11 1XB
Bass Guitar/ Guitar
Bass Guitar, Guitar all styles
Mrs Sophie Jesson Sussex (West)
BN43 5FR
Violin, Viola, Theory
Classical, Folk
Mr George Imbert Worthing, Sussex (West)
I am able to teach styles using tab, standard notation as well as aural training based teaching, helping to suit many styles of learning. , , I cover many genres from rock to funk, jazz to Flamenco.
Mr Andy Hedges West Sussex, Sussex (West)
BN11 4RX
Pop , rock , jazz , blues, theory
Mrs Margaret Priest Worthing, Sussex (West)
BN11 2SJ
Classical, Jazz, Popular, Rock, Blues, Folk
Mr Peter Newberry Sussex (West)
BN11 2NF
Mr Daniel Cartwright near Worthing and Shoreham-by-Sea, Sussex (West)
BN15 0NP
Saxophone (all sizes)
Jazz, Classical, Rock, , See for more details
Miss Alice Schooley Sussex (West)
BN11 4NF
Clarinet, Recorder, Saxophone
All ages including adults
Miss Sarah Lewis Worthing, Sussex (West)
BN11 3DW
Classical, Folk
Mr David Bennett Sussex (West)
BN13 1AB
Piano,, Keyboards,, Acoustic Guitar,, Electric Guitar,, Songwriting,, Music Theory
Blues, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Contemporary,
Dr Artemis Papadaki Sussex (West)
BN15 0PT
Flute, Recorder, Piano
Mr Mitch Jenkins Sussex (West)
BN11 1JY
Singing, Vocal Coaching, Directing, Acting, Speech
Varying musical styles, to suit you and to advance, strengthen, control,enjoy and understand your voice.
Ms Emily Mitchell Shoreham-by-Sea, Sussex (West)
Cello, Piano
Mrs Lorna Denman Sussex (West)
BN14 7EA
Classical, ABRSM Theory
Mr J Barker Sussex (West)
BN43 6LL
Drum Kit
Jazz, Rock, Pop, Funk, Soul, Blues, Latin
Mr Ross Martin West Sussex
BN43 5RZ
electric, acoustic, rock, blues, folk, pop, etc etc
Mr Peter Loxham Walker West Sussex, Sussex (West)
BN13 1BA
Mr Mike Calleja West Sussex, Sussex (West)
BN43 5QB
Piano, Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Double Bass
I enjoy and appreciate all styles!
Mrs Angela Magor Worthing, West Sussex
BN11 5SW
piano, singing
Mr Max Bidgood West Sussex, Sussex (West) Musicians Union Member
BN13 1DB
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Music Theory
Rock, Pop, Blues, Both Contemporary and Alternative.
Ms Amelia Regnante Worthing, West Sussex
BN11 1PW
Singing Lessons, Vocal coaching, Audition Technique, Performance Skills
Theatre, Classical, Pop, Rock, Opera, Folk, Country
Mrs Sofya Fotiyadi Sussex (East)
BN14 8HL
Piano classical/jazz/Morden, Keyboard.
Classical piano/ Jazz, Morden, Pop/ Rock.
Mrs Kathryn Kay Sussex (West)
BN11 4LL
Dalcroze Eurhythmics, Violin, Viola, Piano, Music Theory, Music Listening
All ages, beginner to diploma, Holistic teaching. Theory, appreciation and musicianship embedded into every lesson
Mr Stevie Watts Mobile Piano/Organ lessons Sussex (West) Musicians Union Member
Piano , Hammond organ , Electronic keyboard
Popular, Blues, Soul, Rock, Jazz grades 1-5
Mr Martijn van Galen Sussex (West)
BN43 5DQ
Trumpet, Jazz Improvisation, Jazz Composition/Arranging
Mr Brian Dallimore Sussex (West)
Fun, engaging lessons for children and adults of all ages and abilities. Lessons tailored to suit individual needs of each student and designed to develop all areas of musicality alongside essential piano and keyboard skills.
Mr Thomas Rhodes Sussex (East)
BN15 9XD
Classical guitar, Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar, Music theory
Classical guitar, Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar
Ms Anne Ansell Worthing, Sussex (West)
BN14 8QA
Piano, Music Theory
Mr Andy Gibson Sussex (West)
BN43 6LB
Pro Tools , Reaper, with SWS Extensions, Fmod - Audio for Games middleware, Wwise - Audio for Games middleware.
Post Production for film, recording, musical, broadcast and games.
Mr Simon Brewin Sussex (West)
BN11 4AS
Guitar, Electric bass, Keyboards, Harmonica
Blues, Funk, Jazz, Rock
Mr Stephen Gladman Sussex (West)
BN15 0DU
Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass, Recording Techniques
All styles of guitar playing taught,Rock,Blues,Country,Heavy Metal etc. I can also help with songwriting and song arrangement and teach techniques for recording.
Mr Steve Chapman Sussex (West)
BN13 1DF
Electric Guitar Lead/Rythm
Rock and Pop
Mrs Erin Harte - Stovell Sussex (West)
Mr Rodrigo Furtado Sussex (East)
Drum-Kit, Congas, djembe
world fusion rhythms, Afro-beat, Jazz , Rock , Funk
Miss Megan Westcott West Sussex, Sussex (West)
BN43 5YB
Piano beginner to post grade 8, Music Theory - grades 1-6.
Classical, Pop, Beginners, Children, Adults
Mr chris windross Sussex (West)
BN11 4NR
Guitar-electric/acoustic, Guitar-classical, Bass
Blues, Rock, Pop, Classical