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Private Teachers

Name Location Musicians Union Member Child Protection Training Qualifications Verified Memberships Training
Premium Members
Mrs Sarah Williamson Cheshire, Cheshire
SK10 5JT
Singing, Vocal Teaching
Classical, Opera, Musical Theatre, Pop, Jazz, Folk, ABRSM exam entries
Miss Rosie Faulkner Cheshire
Classical Singing
Classical Singing
Ms Charlotte Day Macclesfield, Cheshire Musicians Union Member
SK11 8UE
Singing, Vocals
Modern/Commercial including:, , Pop, Alternative, Rock, Soul, Jazz
Dr Laura Bowler Cheshire
Piano- Classical, Pop., S/A/T Saxophones-Jazz,Classical, Voice- Classical,Musical Theatre, Jazz, Theory
Classical, Jazz, Pop, Musical Theatre , Composition
Standard Members
Mrs Erin Brassfield Bourke Cheshire, Cheshire Musicians Union Member Child Protection Training
SK11 7DJ
Singing, Guitar, Piano, Songwriting
Folk, Rock, Alternative, Classical
Mr Adam Slater Cheshire
Clarinet, Piano, Saxophone, Music theory
Ms Mana Shibata Cheshire
Oboe, Recorder (Beginner), Music Theory (up to Grade 5)
Online lessons available
Mr Darren Lloyd
SK10 5RD
Trumpet, Violin
Classical, Jazz, Improvisation
Miss Fiona Asbury Greater London
Saxophone, Flute, Music Theory ABRSM
Saxophone, Flute, Music Theory ABRSM
Mr Derek Grier Cross Street, Macclesfield
SK11 7PG
Computer music (Reason, Cubase),, Music Theory, Music Composition (Dance, Popular), Guitar, Drums.
Popular, Rock, Funk, Dance
Miss Beverley Mayers Cheshire
Piano, Clarinet, Music Theory (to Grade 5)
Mrs Angela Aiken Cheshire
SK11 7BB
Cello, Piano
Miss J Harding Cheshire
SK10 2HJ
Clarinet , Saxophone
Mrs Sally Smith Cheshire
SK10 5BP
Mrs Sally Smith Bollington, Macclesfield
SK10 5BP
Ms Elisabeth Wagner Cheshire, Cheshire Musicians Union Member
SK10 3ED
violin , piano
Mr Guillaume Trionfo Cheshire Musicians Union Member
Jazz, Pop, Rock, Contemporary.
Mrs Zoe Goode Cheshire
SK10 5LW
Flute, Piano, Music Theory
Mrs Liz Jarratt Macclesfield, Cheshire
SK10 5GG
Flute, Saxophone, Theory
Mrs Lisa Tulk BMusHonsRNCM Cheshire
SK10 3SF
Saxophone, Piano, Clarinet, Flute, Voice, Theory, Ensemble and Choir coaching
Classical Jazz All Styles
Mr Phil Searle Cheshire
SK10 2PD
Clarinet , Piano, Saxophone , Music Theory
Mr Daniel Gloor Cheshire
SK11 8NA
Piano, Guitar
Pop, Rock, Indie, Classical, Folk, Electronic
Mr Paul White Cheshire
SK10 3BA
Piano and Keyboard lessons. All styles taught in the comfort of your own home.
Mr Ben Simnett Cheshire
SK10 1QX
Clarinet, Saxophone , piano, Theory, GCSE and A Level Music
Students learn and appreciate a wide variety of styles. Encouraged to take graded exams where appropriate.
Mr Phil Searle Cheshire
SK10 2PD
Clarinet, Piano, Saxophone, Music Theory
Ms Ally Burrows Cheshire
SK11 8AX
Piano flute classical guitar electric guitar music theory
Classical, rock and pop.
Miss Amanda Scott Cheshire
SK10 3AN
Piano, Flute, Theory
Classical, Jazz
Mrs Pam Dooley Cheshire
SK10 5BD
Classical Piano
Mr Tony Berriman Macclesfield
SK10 3DA
Electric, Acoustic, Blues, Rock, Pop, Funk, Folk
Mr Martin Roper Cheshire
Organ (Gd 1-Diploma), Piano(Gd 1-8), Clarinet (Gd 1-8), Theory(Gd 1-8), GCSE & A level
Piano, Clarinet, Organ, Theory, GCSE, A level
Mr Mike Watson Cheshire
SK11 8PZ
Guitar, Keyboard, Piano
Rock, Pop, Classical, Jazz
Mrs Nicola Bright Cheshire Musicians Union Member
Violin, Viola
Mrs Nicola Jay Crooks Cheshire
SK11 8QE
Voice, Flute
Musical Theatre (LAMDA Musical Theatre exams offered), Pop (Trinity Rock&Pop exams offered)
Ms Fiona Corston Cheshire
SK10 1AU
Classical, Cross-over
Mr Ben Ward Cheshire
SK11 0HU
Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Flute
Any style and Genre, inc. Improvisation.
Mr Ben Beer Cheshire Musicians Union Member
SK11 6TA
Classical, Pop, Rock, Theatre
Mr Gabriel Richter Cheshire
SK11 7NR
Piano , Guitar, German (in singing), Music Production
Classical, Jazz, Pop, Rock/Alternative, Electronic
Ms Rosie Douglas Macclesfield, Cheshire
SK10 5LX
Piano, Vocal
Classical,Jazz and popular styles
Mrs Nicola Crooks Cheshire
Pop, Musical Theatre