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Bonners Music Academy
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Name Location Musicians Union Member Child Protection Training Qualifications Verified Memberships Training
Premium Members
Ms Lubov Simon Sussex (East)
BN10 8LT
classic, jazz, improvisation, composition
Mrs Lisa Skelly Sussex (East)
BN25 2BD
Singing, Vocals, Songwriting
*FIRST LESSON HALF PRICE*, , I teach vocals to suit a broad range of music genres including pop, rock, soul, gospel, country, folk and ska., , In lessons, I cover vocal health and technique, ear training, range and register development, dynamic and control, confidence and overcoming stage fright, phrasing and diction, adapting to styles and genres, vocal flexibility, performance technique and more. , , I have a wealth of experience as a singing teacher and professional singer. I have taught private 1-2-1 classes for 10 years, as well as teaching at various theatre stage schools. From my experience as a session singer, song writer and performer, I can also offer industry advice., , I do also offer songwriting lessons. I have years of experience writing production music for use in film, TV and radio. I love the creative process of building a song from scratch. Singer/ songwriters can alternate between singing and songwriting lessons if they would like guidance with both.
Standard Members
Mr Mark Revell East Sussex, Sussex (East)
BN25 1TP
Mr Ted Richardson Sussex (East)
BN25 2HZ
Saxophone, Guitar, keyboard/piano
Mr Andrew Gilbert Sussex (East)
Piano, Electronic Organ, Electronic Keyboard, Music Theory, Music Technology
Piano, Organ, Electronic Keyboard, Music theory, Computer-based music making
Mrs Lidia Attwell Sussex (East)
BN10 8PU
Violin, Piano, Music Theory
Mr Andrew Gilbert Sussex (East)
Piano, Organ, Electronic Keyboard, Music Theory, Music Technology
Classical, Modern, Jazz
Miss Carrie Higgs Sussex (East)
- Singing (pop/rock), - Classical Guitar, - Flute, - Music Theory (Grades 1-5)
Pop / Rock / Commercial / Classical
Mr Ted Richardson Sussex (East)
BN25 2HZ
Saxophone, guitar, drums, piano/keyboard
Miss Charlotte Fry Sussex (East)
BN25 2BA
Oboe, Flute, Music Theory
Mr Keith Markwick Sussex (East)
BN10 7RQ
Guitar, Lead, Rhythm, Electric, Acoustic, Classical
Electric, Acoustic, Rock/Metal, Pop/Contemporary, Indie, Funk, Blues, Country, Folk, Classical, Theory, Improvisation, Soloing
Miss C Jenkins Sussex (East)
Rock, , Pop, Soul , Jazz , Funk
Mr Chris Ford East Sussex, Sussex (East)
Drums, Drumkit, Djembe
Rock, Jazz, Chart Reading, Click track
Mr Mike Cross Sussex (East)
Drums, Drum Kit, D'jembe, Guitar
Rock, Pop, Funk, Soul, Reggae, Metal, Dance
Mr David Osborne Sussex (East)
Drums/ percussion
Latin, Rock, Funk, Hip hop, Jazz, Jungle, Electronic styles on acoustic kit
Mr Andre Emond Sussex (East)
BN10 7QR
Saxophones Alto, Tenor, Soprano, Flute
Mrs Charlotte Wicks East Sussex, Sussex (East)
BN25 3QD
Voice, classical, operatic and Musical theatre.
Classical, , operatic,, musical theatre.
Mrs Zoe Clay Sussex (East)
BN25 2RG
Clarinet, Saxophone, Flute, Piano, Theory.
Clarinet, Saxophone, Flute, Piano, Theory. All ages & levels welcome. All styles taught.
Mr Matt Hobson Sussex (East)
BN25 2AS
Drum Kit, percussion
All genre's and styles for drum kit. jazz, big band, funk, rock, pop & latin. As well as reading, theory and technique,
Mr Stuart Wagstaff Sussex (East)
BN25 1JJ
Bass Guitar
Rock, Pop, Jazz,
Miss Ami Evans Sussex (East)
BN25 4EU
Singing teacher of all genres and styles.
Miss Carol Rowlands Sussex (East)
BN25 2AA
Singing voice
Singing teaching/coaching classical, ballads, pop etc -
Mr Andrew Haveron Sussex (East)
Piano, Gcse music
Mr Chris Oswell Sussex (East)
BN10 7JF
Jazz, Funk, Blues, Rock n roll, Electronic
Mr Sebastian Jager Sussex, Sussex (East)
BN25 1HU
Jazz, Improvisation, Classical, Modern, Contemporary