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Mr Ken Leigh Cheshire
Classic Rock/Pop/Prog/Metal/Punk/R&B/Funk/Soul, World Music e.g. Reggae, Samba, Afro-Cuban/‘Latin’Styles, Reading (Traditional & Interpretive Big Band Charts), Advanced Coordination/Independence, Hand Percussion (as applied to above), Traditional Afro Cuban/Brazilian Styles/North,West & South African, e.g. Clave concepts & bell patterns, tumbadores (congas) bongo, tambourim, tambourine, caixia, guiro, shekere, pandeiro, cahon, djembe, darbuka etc., Electronic drums and percussion instruments & triggering , Classical/Concert snare/tenor/bass drum technique, American Drum Corp style rudimental,, Moeller, finger style, matched grips: French, Swiss, German, Trad American., Advanced Stick control and foot/pedal technique. , Rhythmic instruction for all instruments , Transcription service contact for rates
Mr Ash Hogg Stockport
Drums, Steel pans, Percussion
Rock, Pop, Funk, Reggae, Calypso, Jazz, Swing, Hip-hop, Soul, Blues, Metal