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Name Location Musicians Union Member Child Protection Training Qualifications Verified Memberships Training
Premium Members
Miss Mairi Armstrong Dunfermline, Fife
Classical, Opera, Lieder, French Song, Musical Theatre, Folk, Popular
Mr Rich Hamer Fife Musicians Union Member
KY12 7QP
Any style, Any level., Guitar (standard 6-string), Guitar (7-string)
Mr Liam O'Hare Fife
Piano, Theory
Ms Catherine Baker Fife Musicians Union Member
Singing, , Piano, Theory
Musical Theatre, Jazz, Pop, Classical
Ms Carol - Anne Petherick Fife
KY11 8RH
Voice / singing, Beginners Piano.
Classical/ Opera, Jazz, Pop, Music Theatre
Standard Members
Miss Clare Haddow Fife
Trumpet, Cornet, Flugel horn, French or tenor horn, Baritone horn, Euphonium, Trombone, Tuba
I have many years experience of teaching trumpet, cornet, french horn, tenor horn, baritone, euphonium, trombone and tuba in treble, bass and tenor clefs where applicable. I can prepare pupils for the current SQA exam system and Trinity/ABRSM exams. Music Theory lessons are also available.
Mr Peter Barnett Fife
KY11 3LH
Mr Sean Robertson Dunfermline, Fife
KY11 3HL
Guitar, Beginner, Guitar, Intermediate, , Bass Guitar, Beginner
Rock, Blues, Jazz, Reggae, Metal, Alternative
Mrs Emma Trowbridge Fife Musicians Union Member
KY11 2RR
Mrs Moira Anthony Fife
KY11 8NE
Violin and Viola
All styles,classic,Scottish and modern
Mr Ian Clyne Fife
KY11 3AB
Bass Guitar
Soul, Disco, Rock, Funk and their later adaptations.
Mr Cameron Sinclair Fife
KY12 8YJ
Guitar, Piano, Bass Guitar
Rock, Indie, Funk, Blues, Metal, Shoegaze, Progressive Metal, Country, Psychedelic rock, Ambient guitar.
Mrs Elena Bannatyne Edinburgh, Lothian
EH30 9ST
Piano, Vocal
Mr Robert Anthony Fife
KY11 8NE
All Brass Instruments
classical to modern. All styles
Miss Mia Oudeh Fife
KY11 8TS
Piano, Singing
Mrs Fiona Miller Fife, Fife
KY11 8JB
Piano and theory of music
Teaches to read music, any genre interest welcomed.
Mrs Fiona Young Fife
Piano , Composition , Music Theory
Ms Lindsay Proven (near Inverkeithing and Dunfermline), Fife
KY11 2RF
Piano (ages 3 years +)
Miss Rachel Robinson Fife
KY11 8FG
Violin, Piano
Mr Murray McFarlane Fife
KY11 4QF
All brass instruments (principally Trumpet), This includes trombone as well as all valved istruments.
All genres and styles., Theory tuition is also provided.
Mr Laurence MacDonald Fife
KY12 0BN
Guitar , Ukulele
Folk, Country, Blues, Rock, Pop and old-style Jazz (not Classical/Spanish) and including techniques in finger picking and lead/melody guitar.
Mrs Yumi Robertson Fife
KY11 4YX
Piano, Theory
Classical , Popular
KY11 8GB
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Contempary Rock/Pop, Rythym
Miss Amanda Li Dunfermline, Fife
KY11 4TE
Voice (Singing), Piano, Music Theory
Classical , Bel Canto, Musical Theatre
Mr Adam Bond Thomson Fife
KY12 8DW
Mrs Prashanthi Hutton Fife
KY11 1PF
Miss Jane Webster Fife
KY11 4SZ
Piano , Cello
Mr William Tanton Fife, Scotland
KY11 8QG
Drum Kit
Pop, Rock, Funk, Jazz, Swing, Hip Hop, Classic Rock, Classic Pop, Ska, Reggae, Prog Rock, Blues, Light Rock, Heavy Rock.
Mr alexander hudson DUNFERLINE, Fife
KY11 4PA
guitar electric and acoustic
most types of popular music including rock folk and blues.
Mr Steve Harper Fife Musicians Union Member
KY11 4SH
Snare Drum, Drum Kit
Scottish Snare Drumming, Pop/Rock/Jazz Drum Kit
Mr Nic Holson Fife Musicians Union Member
KY12 7EB
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Rock, Pop, Blues, Country, Jazz, Metal, Folk
Mr Pawel Piwowar MA Fife
KY11 8JQ
Clarinet - all levels, Recorder - all levels, Music Theory, Voice emission
Classical, Folk
Miss Marieme Corlett Fife
KY11 2HN
My name is Marieme Corlett. I am a graduate of BA (Hons) Popular Music at the Ian Tomlin School of Music, Edinburgh Napier University. I have Merits in Performance, Jazz Improvisation and my principal study instrument is the Bass Guitar. I am also a session bassist for Banana Row Music services which means I have played for numerous weddings and functions around Scotland. I have played at venues around Fife and Edinburgh in original bands and tribute acts. I am passionate about Guitar and I have played guitar throughout my education. Music and I will give lessons based around your personal learning style and requirements.
Bass: Jazz, Motown, Funk, Blues, Progressive Rock, Rockabilly., Guitar: Funk, Pop, Classical, Rock, Blues
Mr Robert Kirk Fife
KY11 4SQ
Bass guitar
Funk, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Bluegrass, Slapping, Tapping, Double thumping, Harmonics
Mr Tony Duffy Fife
KY12 0AT
Acoustic Fingerpicking, Electric Rock/Pop/Blues. Slide and alternate tunings.