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Premium Members
Mrs Lauren Scott (online lessons available) Cheshire Musicians Union Member Child Protection Training
CW11 4NB
DBS checked, , pedal harp & lever harp tuition, , ABRSM/Trinity grade system or, non-grade system with emphasis on learning repertoire , , Adults & children, , Please note that you will need to have a harp before having lessons from me! , , You can hire a small lever harp (folk/clarsach) for a couple of months (usually with an option to buy if you like that harp), and I'm always happy to advise students on buying second hand harps., , My recommendations of good small lever harps are Pilgrim Clarsach from a Camac lever harp (from either or ) or a Salvi or Lyon & Healy Lever Harps, , I recommend these small harps is that not only are they good instruments, which means you will enjoy playing them, they keep their value well and second hand ones are sought after. Please do not buy a cheap harp from ebay!, , If the harp is less than £1000 it's probably not a good harp :-(, , More information about getting a harp can be found here
Dr Jonathan Savage Zan Industrial Park, Wheelock, Cheshire
CW11 4QH
Piano, Keyboard, Drums, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Vocal, General Musicianship, Music Theory
All genres and styles covered from classical to jazz, blues, popular music or anything else that interests you!
Standard Members
Mrs Sarah Hall (DIPLCM)TD Cheshire Musicians Union Member Child Protection Training Qualifications Verified
CW11 4PD
Keyboards , Piano, Theory and Aural Tuition
Pop, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Classical
Ms Tessa Newton Cheshire
CW11 1JX
Violin, Piano
Traditional classical violin and piano training.
Mr Nick Birch Cheshire
Cornet, Tenor Horn, Trombone, Euphonium, Baritone Horn, Tuba, Brass
Brass Band, Jazz
Ms Sarah Helsby Hughes Cheshire
singing, voice
opera, music theatre
Mr Charles Skelhorn Sandbach, Cheshire
CW11 3RQ
Drum Kit, , Percussion (Bodhran Irish drum) Djembe.
Rock, Metal, Funk, Jazz, Breakbeats, Drum n Bass
Mr Ian Raisbeck Cheshire
CW11 4EY
trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn, trombone, tenor horn, french horn, baritone, euphonium, tuba, piano (beginner only)
Miss Charlotte Gibson Cheshire
CW11 2JY
Musical theatre, pop, jazz, contemporary.
Mr Thomas Hancock Cheshire
CW11 3FZ
Soprano Cornet, Cornet, Trumpet, Bugle, Flugelhorn, Eb Tenor Horn, Baritone Horn, Euphonium, Tenor Trombone, Eb / Bb Tuba
Brass, Brass Band, Classical, Jazz
Miss Sophie Bell Smallwood, Sandbach
CW11 2UW
French Horn, Music Theory, Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone , Trumpet/Cornet, Tenor Horn