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Private Teachers

Name Location Musicians Union Member Child Protection Training Qualifications Verified Memberships Training
Premium Members
Dr Heidi Kuehne Lothian
EH11 1HX
Mr Graham Dickson Lothian Qualifications Verified
EH11 1NW
Flute, Piano, Music Theory
Classical, Improvisation, Soundtrack
Mrs Suzanne McKinnon Lothian
EH12 8AY
Violin, Viola, Piano, Flute, Recorder, Music Theory
Ms Helen Gaunt Lothian
Mainly classical
Mr Adam Kilgour BMus (Hons) Lothian Qualifications Verified
EH10 4JE
Piano, Music Theory
Classical, Jazz
Standard Members
Mr Andrew Carvel Lothian
Piano, Recorder, Saxophone, Clarinet, Music Theory
Classical, Baroque, Contemporary, Jazz, Traditional
Miss Jennifer Gillespie Lothian
Voice , Flute , Piano
Musical Theatre, Classical, Pop, Jazz, , Audition Preparation, Music Theory, SQA Music Tuition
Mr James Grossart Lothian
EH12 7HZ
Drum kit, Tuned percussion
All styles
Mrs Suzanne Bell Lothian
EH10 5DG
Voice, Piano, Academic Music-history, theory etc.
Learn to sing making informed choices in a friendly environment using music that suits the individual. Exams, auditions, or singing for pleasure, all are welcome.
Mr Gilmour Macleod Lothian
EH13 9AY
classical jazz
Miss Tania Nazare Edinburgh, Lothian
Voice, Music Theory, Preparation for graded exams (ABRSM, Trinity)
Classical, Musical Theatre, Pop/Rock
Ms Kirsty Main MMus, BMus (Hons), MISM Lothian
Violin, Viola
Classical, Contemporary, Early Music, ABRSM grades, Music Theory (Grades 1-5)
Miss Freya Rae Central Musicians Union Member
EH11 1PF
Flute/Whistle/Fiddle/Music Theory. Experienced in ASL settings. PVG Checked
Scottish/Irish Traditional Music. Grade exams. Music Theory
Mr Marco Sollazzo Lothian
EH11 1UJ
Jazz/Rock/Funk/Pop , World/Makam modal Music/ Ethnic, Classical
Miss Julia Somerville Lothian
EH14 1HE
Scottish Harp (clarsach) , Concert Harp, Piano, Singing, Theory Tuition
All styles of music  Scottish/Irish Traditional, Jazz, Contemporary, Classical
Mr William Hoang Lothian
EH11 1RE
Mr Justin Nash Lothian
Piano, Organ
Classical, Jazz and Modern
Mrs Ann Janetta Scott Lothian
EH12 5TL
Classical, Rock/pop/jazz, Musical theatre, Scottish
Miss Toni McVey Edinburgh, Central
Drum kit - Professional Musician , , Previously studied at the Junior Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
Funk. Jazz. Rock. Pop. Folk. Country. Electronic. Hip-hop.
Ms Zuzanna Olbrys Lothian
Classical to pop
Mr Christopher McVinnie Lothian
EH14 3GA
Classical, Improvisation, Popular Music, Jazz, Musicianship
Mrs Natalia Perry Colinton, Lothian
EH13 0HZ
classical, , popular, , jazz, , blues, traditional
Mr Fraser Kelman Edinburgh
Oboe, Piano, Theory, Cor Anglais, Reed Making, Chamber Music
Ms Janet Noakes Edinburgh, Lothian
EH13 0DQ
Piano, Music theory, Musicianship
Classical, Contemporary, Popular
Miss Bridget Kelly Edinburgh, Lothian
EH10 4DF
Piano teacher
With over 15 years of teaching experience I work on a variety of styles with pupils of all ages, from 7 upwards. Adult learners are always welcome and I do have more availability during mornings than the after school slots., , I teach all levels to grade 8, using both the ABRSM and Trinity syllabuses. I am currently interested in starting to use the rock and pop syllabus also so if you would like to try that then do let me know. I also teach theory to grade 5 for those who are interested., , Some pupils, particularly adults, prefer not to go down the exam route and they can use a variety of books and pieces to develop technique and styles. Everyone's taste is different and the aim is to learn to play music that you enjoy., , I teach from my home in Bruntsfield. If you are interested in lessons do give me a call or drop me an e mail.
Mr Jimmy Grossart Central Musicians Union Member
EH12 7HZ
Drum kit and tuned percussion
Professional drummer with over 30 years teaching and playing experience in drum kit and tuned percussion., All styles taught., All ages., Introductory lesson free.
Mr Tim Cais Lothian
EH11 1GW
Mr John Denno Central
EH10 5QE
Trumpet, Cornet, Flugel, Tenor Horn, Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba, Music theory
Classical, Jazz, Folk, Pop
Mr Stewart Maclennan Lothian
EH13 0JB
Acoustic Steel, Electric, Classical or Nylon Strung Guitar
I teach acoustic or electric guitar; folk, blues, classical, and rock.
Mr Thom McGuire Edinburgh, Lothian
EH10 4EL
Piano, Keyboard, Guitar
Classical, Contemporary, Modern, Jazz, Romantic, Baroque,
Miss Jacqueline Norrie Lothian
EH11 1QU
Mr Gavin Grealy Lothian
EH11 1EW
Guitar, Acoustic, Electric and Bass
Pop, Rock, Jazz, Folk, Funk, Metal etc.
Mr Daniel García Fernández Lothian
EH11 1TE
Mr Gareth Burnett Lothian
EH14 1HE
Drum Kit, Percussion
Rock, Pop, Latin, African, Dance, Orchestral, Musicals/Show
Mr Ian Smith Lothian Musicians Union Member
EH12 6PA
Guitar, Bass Guitar
All styles of guitar and bass.
Miss Michaela Warnock, BMus (Hons) Lothian
EH11 1RB
Piano, Keyboard
Ms Mari Aino Elina Raekallio Lothian
Pop & Musical Theatre, CCM (Contemporary Commercial Music)
Mr Drew Crichton Morningside, Edinburgh
EH10 5AG
Classical, Romantic, Contemporary
Mr Allan MacDonald Lothian
EH10 5RE
Bodhran, Drum Kit, Percussion.
Scottish Traditional, Folk, Irish, Celtic , Jazz
Miss Emma Devine Edinburgh
EH11 2DG
Voice, Trumpet
Specialise in Classical singing , Pop/Rock , Musical Theatre, Jazz, Choral singing
Ms Gillian Turnbull Lothian
EH12 5QF
Mr Robin Novak Edinburgh, Lothian
EH14 2RX
piano, guitar
popular songs (Beatles, Queen, Aerosmith, Bryan Adams, Bon ovi, Elvis Presley, etc.)
Miss Ashton McConnell Lothian
EH11 1UF
Clarinet (Beginner - Grade 8); ABRSM Music Theory (Beginner - Grade 5)
Mr Harry Thomson Scotland, Lothian
EH11 1FE
Piano , Keyboards , Music Theory , Conducting
Classical , Jazz, Musical Theatre , Pop/Rock
Mrs Rocio Banyuls Lothian
EH11 1JB
Saxophone (all)
Classical, Jazz
Miss Gemma McAdam Lothian
Saxophone, Recorder, Music Theory and composition.
Saxophone + Recorder any standard, any stlye. Music Theory and composition tutorials availiable. An extra charge of £5 is added if you wish me to travel.
Ms Catherine McKelvie Lothian
EH12 5EL
Clarinet, Piano/Keyboard
Mr James Ross Edinburgh, Lothian
EH10 5HW
Piano, Accordion
Piano, Scottish Music
Mr Kenneth Ross Edinburgh, Lothian
EH10 5NH
Piano, Music Theory
Classical, General
Miss Sian Hawksley Edinburgh, Lothian
EH14 1XQ
Pop, Classical
Mr John Wallace Edinburgh, Lothian
EH10 6AF
Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Rock , Blues, Jazz, Country, Indie, Contemporary
Mr Jonathan Green Lothian
EH10 4QR
Trumpet, Guitar
Classical, Jazz, Rock, Funk, Blues, Improvisation
Ms fiona lynch Edinburgh, Lothian
EH10 4PX
comptempory pop /jazz/ traditional
Mr Rich Arthurs Lothian
EH10 5DD
Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Music Theory, Music Technology
All styles and Genres.
Miss Caoimh McLaughlin Lothian
EH10 4EW
Mr Phillip Wood Edinburgh, Lothian
French Horn Specialist., All other brass taught and mentored to grade 8 standard., Conducting, Orchestration, Harmony, Theory
Classical, Wind Band, Brass Band, Folk, Orchestral, Big Band/Show Band
Ms Rhona Finlay Edinburgh, Lothian
EH13 0BU
Mr Adam Muir Lothian
EH10 4ER
Guitar, Acoustic, Electric, Bass
Fingerstyle, Rock/blues, Jazz, Singer/Songwriter, & more
Miss L Matusak Lothian
Piano/ Keyboard/ Recorder/ Voice/ Kodaly singing games., , Theory , , National 3/4/5 Material
- Fun!, , - Current working knowledge of Music requirements within Educational settings. , , - A creative and tailored approach.
Mr Kieran Lambie Lothian
EH12 9AL
Various Styles:, Classical, Romantic, Folk, Blues, Video Game Music, Rock, Metal, Jazz
Miss Joanna Park Lothian
EH10 4NJ
Classical (Baroque to Contemporary)., Typical lessons are geared towards ABRSM exams (scales, exam pieces, sight reading and aural practice), but we can also try out duets, film music and any favourite songs to keep the lessons fun!
Mr Daniel Schlordt Lothian
EH14 1PG
Vocal Anatomy, Vocal Technique , Vocal Health, Musical Theatre Rep, Singing, Acting Through Song
Musical Theatre, Pop, Jazz
Mr Phelim Plant-O'Toole Edinburgh, Lothian
EH11 1QN
Classical, Popular
Miss Cally Evans Lothian
EH11 1HU
Violin: Beginner, Violin: Intermediate, Violin: Advanced, , Keyboard: Beginner
I mostly teach from a classical background of violin repertoire. However, I am definitely open to exploring a variety of styles with my students., , I have experience in Scottish folk music as well, and encourage students to explore this music should they wish to.
Miss Jennifer Concannon Lothian
EH11 1DU
Rock , Pop, Indie, Folk, Jazz, Musical Theatre
Dr Daniel Clark Lothian
EH10 5HT
classical, flamenco
Mrs Show-Hwa Cheng Lothian
EH10 5TG
Mr Douglas Anderson Lothian
EH14 1SB
General Piano genre/styles
Mr Euan Meikle BMus (Hons) Lothian
EH11 1TZ
Experienced Tutor in: Trumpet, Cornet, Flugelhorn, Trombone, Eb Tenor Horn, Euphonium, Baritone, Tuba
All Styles and Genres,, Classical to jazz,, A variety will be covered, developed and moulded to provide a personal learning environment.
Mr Jake Woodward Lothian
EH11 1ER
Pop, Rock, Blues, Metal, Acoustic, Shred
Miss Aishling Samson Lothian
EH10 4AL
Voice, Music Theory (up to Grade 5)
Classical , Pop, Music Theatre, Open to many others with enquiry
Ms Jessica Beeston Lothian, Lothian Musicians Union Member
EH12 8SB
Violin and Viola
Mr Ru Stewart Lothian
EH12 5LA
Drums, Percussion
Pop, Rock, Latin, Funk, Blues, Electronic, Drum n Bass, Hip Hop, Classical, Folk
Miss Tess Catherine Moran Lothian
EH11 2JN
Violin, Piano, Music Theory
Classical, Scottish/Folk
Miss Laura McFarlane Lothian
Flute, Piccolo, Music Theory
Classical, Baroque, Popular
Mr Ian Fraser Lothian
EH11 1JH
Miss Sharon Dowsett Lothian
EH14 1LP
Flute, Piccolo, Music Theory
Any style, Theory
Mr Matt Molloy Lothian
EH13 9DG
All styles.
Mrs Daniella SH Cheng Greenbank, Lothian
EH10 5TG
Classical, Modern
Mrs Louise Blinstone Edinburgh, Central
EH14 1AJ
Classical and , pupil lead styles
Miss Agata Wygnanska BA (Hons) Central
EH11 2JP
Piano, Music Theory
Classically trained, Will teach all other styles
Mr Callum Bateman Edinburgh, Lothian
EH10 5AG
Drum Kit, Percussion
Jazz, Latin, Rock, Folk, Pop, Reggae, Blues, Country
Mr Matthew Snyder UK, Lothian
EH11 2QS
Piano, Keyboards, Music Production, Pro Tools, Sound Design
Jazz, Improvisation, Production, Sound Design
Mr Brian Macleod Lothian
Various styles, including:, pop, rock, gospel/Christian, Latin, funk, jazz
Mr Dara Stewart Musicians Union Member
EH12 7ST
Electric Bass, Double Bass, Music Theory
Classical, Jazz, Contemporary, Pop, Funk, Rockshool, ABRSM
Ms Laurel Ayton thurm Lothian
EH10 4PQ
Flute, Cello, Recorder
Classical, Folk, Traditional
Ms Aimee Harris Central
EH12 5LE
Violin, Viola, Piano, Harp
Classical, Improv
Ms Claire Campbell Polwarth, Lothian
EH10 4PE
Fiddle - Beginner to advanced, Violin - Beginner to intermediate, Piano - Beginner to intermediate, Songwriting and musical creativity
Folk Fiddle, Classical piano, Songwriting
Ms Emily Smith Edinburgh Musicians Union Member
EH11 1DY
Piano, Violin
Classical, Pop, Traditional
Mr Graeme Armstrong Edinburgh
EH11 1QU
Guitar, Tenor Banjo, Tenor Guitar, Mandolin
Folk and Traditional, Rock, Pop
Miss Rowan Hodgson Lothian
EH11 1LA
Oboe, Flute, Piano
Classical, romantic, contemporary, Preparation for ABRSM exams and/or just learning to play
Miss Michelle Burke Lothian
EH10 5HW
Mrs Laure Hann (MA, LRAM) Lothian
Horn:, Beginners to grade 8, , Music Theory:, Beginners to grade 8, , I welcome students of all ages
Classical music from all periods, , Private lessons, , Group lessons, , Sectionals, , Chamber music coaching
Mr Scott Brown Central
EH12 5LQ
Guitar, popular, rock/blues, etc
Mr John Pfaff Lothian
EH11 1UJ
Piano, Keyboard
Improvisation, Romantic, Classic, Harmony, Song Accompaniment, Rock, Pop, Tango Argentino, , Now accepting new students!, , *Beginners welcome!, *PVG certified on request, *I also offer lessons in your own home , *Study with one of the finest German classical pianist in Edinburgh, *20 Years of experience with all ages and all skill levels, *Improvisation, Romantic, harmony and counterpoint, *Tango, Baroque, Romantic, Improvisation, Chopin, Mendelssohn, Tango, etc., *Rock, Pop
Mrs Fiona Lund (née McLean) Lothian
EH10 5UN
All brass including:, Trumpet, French horn, Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba, Music theory, Piano
Mr Stewart Maclennan Lothian
EH13 0JB
I teach all styles of guitar on electric, steel, and nylon strung guitar.
Pop, Rock, Blues, Folk, Classical
Mrs Juliette Philogene Lothian
Piano, Theory, Accompaniment
Classical, Blues , Popular, Contemporary
Ms Lizzie Robertson Lothian
EH10 4AJ
Violin, Piano
Mr Danielo Olivera Lothian
EH10 5BQ
==Understanding and practice of Flamenco music through:, -Compas (mastering the different flamenco styles or "palos", using hands by clapping; or understand the so called "flamenco clapping technique")., -Singing (some techniques, lyrics and "palos" (different styles of songs in flamenco terminology)., -Percussion: basic concepts and technique of the cajon flamenco and all of the material explained in "Compas"., -Guitar (flamenco notions, techniques, cords, "palos flamencos", other styles, jamming and improvisation)
Flamenco Music -understanding the different styles in Flamenco and Latin music and practice them- Also investigate their possible Fusion with other styles.
Miss Suzanne Gibson Fife
EH12 5LJ
Music Theory
Mr Callum Barton Lothian
EH11 1BT
Piano, Music theory
Classical , Rock , Pop , Jazz , Movie soundtracks
Miss Alexandra Pinwill Lothian
EH11 1EB
Classical, Folk, Improvisation
Mr Gregor Forbes Lothian
Piano, Composition, Conducting, Music theory, Aural Skills, Musicology
Classical, Contemporary Classical, Jazz, Theory, aural, Composition
Mr Drew Crichton Lothian
EH11 2JN
Piano , Music Theory
Mr Georgi Boev Lothian
EH11 2AA
French horn, , Piano, , Trumpet
Classical, Jazz, Pop
Mrs Hannah Ho Central
Piano, Music theory .
Miss Hannah-Louise Stewart Dalry, Edinburgh
EH11 2EH
Violin , Viola , Piano
Classical, Pop & Jazz, Light Traditional/fiddle
Mrs Kirby Kelman Lothian
EH11 1FD
Voice - from beginner to advanced, Theory and Musicianship - up to Grade 5
Classical, Jazz, Pop